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Twin Flame

Twin Flame Ascension | 10:10 Master Portal.



Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most excessive. We come ahead now on this second of your time at the wings of the great equinox gateway.

Dearest ones, a lot of you will be aware that huge and profound shifts are presently taking region within the old 3D paradigm. systems and institutions that have held humanity entrapped in old frequencies that did not match humanity’s divine capability are now crumbling before our very eyes.

Please realize that this is now shifting, and many of you may begin to notice significant shifts inside your societal institutions and antique paradigm structures from this second on, which will begin to reflect the new frequencies of unity recognition and unconditional love and acceptance for all beings.

We feel it is important at this point that we inform you that indeed humanity has already handed over the threshold from vintage earth to new earth and after a completely long dawn of the Aquarius age please believe us whilst we say we are now getting into the very early hours of the morning of the Aquarius age, And this can symbolically and physically arrive on 21st of December winter solstice 2020 wherein Jupiter enters Aquarius at 0 degrees.

that is the real term all of the ancient indigenous calendars were relating to when they ended all their long count calendars in this Ascension period from 2012 to 2020.

Our galactic star family knew very well of this current term that we’re in dearest ones, And this expertise changed into depicted on many of the historical web sites such as the great Pyramids of Giza as well as in all of the Sumerian tablets.

The ancient cultures knew that as Earth actions along her 26000 yr cycle, known as the precession of the equinoxes, humanity’s consciousness would shift from being identified as a 3D attention being, and would ultimately reach its full ability as a divine Christed angelic Avatar humanoid being.

Dearest brothers and sisters, as we have stated over and over in our Ascension reports, the planet is being bombarded by means of photonic light particles, and please understand that these new light codes which are pouring in are clearly unprecedented and keep a structural patterning, unlike some thing the earth has ever known.

these light codes keep specific patternings that interlock specifically with humanity’s dna , in order to ship forth instructions specially to the hitherto dormant dna strands to activate wake up and come out in their dormant state.

That which is known as “the event” is drawing closer and nearer now, and really very soon lots of you’ll be wished by the souls in your family and community who will experience this very very exciting phenomenon….

once this occurs and for the term main up to the cosmic event, Please realize that your closing task is to prioritize stabilizing your vibration in the 5th dimensional frequency bandwidth, so that your presence may really be the exact medicine that all of your brothers and sisters need proper now.

while we technique life in a stabilized 5th dimensional vibration, we unconsciously give all who come into our field permission to truely and deeply relax into the vibration of their own true self…….Please realize really this is the greatest present you could offer your brothers and sisters. and will help them to attune and stabilize in 5th dimensional frequencies themselves.

things are certainly no longer as they appear dearest ones as collectively we are en masses watching the expiration and dissolution of 3D timelines and the effective emergence of 5D timelines, these are the most exciting instances for people to be alive and realize that in our lifetime, the ones of us drawn to these words are destined to be at the front line of this huge galactic and planetary shift.

The energies are now rising closer to the 1010 master Ascension portal in this date I Jen am being guided to facilitate a global transmission.

in this transmission, we can do an angelic takeover of the moon matrix. it is widely known that the moon was brought to the Earth from another star device and for all the ones that are psychically aware it’s far glaringly obvious that the moon has been taken over with the aid of nefarious energetics.

it’s been decreed by the best forces of light that we do a fourth-dimensional takeover of the moon matrix, working again with the elemental beings of nature the fairies and the unicorns and the ascended angelic beings who have been specially allocated to guard over the earth’s moon matrix.

We also are being guided to orchestrate a cosmic courting shuffle in order to help inside the completion of many Karmic soulmate contracts that are ending from now until December. Please recognize that the new energies which can be pouring into the Earth will no longer help karmic relationships amongst megastar seeds.

Please recognise it’s far much better to walk this route by myself in divine endurance watching for your proper divine consort than to be with a person who isn’t compatible with you on a deep soul stage.

We would like to provide those of you who have been vibrationally magnetized to these phrases a message of comfort, it’s so crucial that everybody remembers that there may be a multidimensional chess game being played out on the collective playing discipline at the moment, and it would serve you nicely to have your attention orientated towards the highest dimensional timeline that is being played out.

it is helpful to view the deep state as a Monster pyramid, and Please know that the highest heads of the monster were absolutely reduce off by the White Hat earth alliance, and what is being played out are the decrease dimensional minions who are nonetheless seeking to grab as a lot loosh as they possibly can from traumatized and controlled humanity,

The puppet masters that exist above them have been taken out by using the White Hats and arguably all of the tyrannical atrocities that the governments are offering at the moment might be perceived as a way to awaken the following wave of sleepers, for it’s miles simplest while one is shown the toxicity of governmental guidelines that one can genuinely reclaim One’s inherent sovereignty and autonomy.

this is going on now for many we are in the time of the superb awakening and there are greater souls conscious on the planet presently then there has ever been in the history of existence on the planet.

properly achieved to all the star seeds to all of the lightworkers to all of the truthers who are risking so much by revealing this reality.

I very much look forward to collecting with you all on this distinctly auspicious date

with much much love Jenji and the white wolf tribe

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Twin Flame

The Last Twin Flames.



some of the Lightworkers are progressing quick with their own journey from the 3rd dimension into the fifth dimension and above and are locating difficulties and divisions inside their own families and friends who are not keeping up with them so to speak.

within families, pay no heed to the divisions inside the current so known as crisis as a good deal information is set to return to light that allows you to change everything.

Soul mates are now coming collectively en masse to complete the work that they commenced in beyond lives on this planet and within the megastar realms.

it’s miles inevitable a good way to meet and it’s time now to call out to him or her to your meditations to let them recognize that you are geared up.

reduce the ties with all your old partners and appearance to the new. No more fears now of being alone all the time, for these new relationships might be very a whole lot wished within the New Earth.

you may be coming together as though by magic and these are the relationships with a purpose to see you through into the 5th measurement.

And so dear Ones it is time to do away with the concern of being alone. experience each single moment of a while in your personal,

love your personal expensive selves but realize that if a loving courting is needed, it is going to be yours and it’ll be soon.

The darkish aspect feed off your so referred to as fears of the alternative aspect and are scared of human beings coming together in Love.

Their time on this planet has come to an give up now and it is time now to stop all the divisions inside humanity and as a collective come together in Peace and Love.

you’re all souls dwelling in a human body and also you all came here to assist Gaia to move into the fifth measurement and to rid her of these darkish souls.

Coming collectively in a Collective focus of a Love primarily based Earth is the best way forward pricey Ones.

As to the ones in a marriage or a related loving courting and who aren’t growing together, may well be finding that it’s miles becoming impossible to stay collectively.

There may be many a cut up because the Karma that you all got here here to complete has finished.

it’s miles pretty essential that you recognise which you do not ought to live collectively presently out of a sense of duty, or a worry of a God punishing you.

Your partner can also in reality be maintaining you returned and it’s time now that you bite the bullet so to talk and go away each different to hold on with your spiritual work.

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Twin Flame

The Most Important Message For The Twin Flame.



This specific gateway is bearing witness to the most profound unprecedented quantity of twin Flames coming into sacred popularity reunion at this auspicious time.

The power of the unified dual Flames activates the frequency of rapture and rapture is the particular lively code as a way to lift the earth out of its fixation inside the third dimensional matrix into the higher 5th dimensional Christic paradigm.

in case you are connecting to those phrases, if you are feeling your heart increasing, if you are feeling emotional,

if you are feeling excited from analyzing this message, you are meant to be there, you’re supposed to be on the ceremony.

Please realize that there are many people with a purpose to not be capable of make the live ceremony.

And it is simply as effective to show up for the recording as there can be many human beings tuning in only after the stay event

so as for you to suit the energies, it’s far crucial which you find the spiritual exercise that brings you home to emptiness to the zero factor discipline

that you keep in mind to continuously move on countless rampages of gratitude and do random acts of kindness,

while becoming 100% orientated to serving your brothers and sisters, in addition to having profound vigilant obstacles.

this is the way to reach spiritual mastery. that is the way to come to be extremely magnetic.

that is the way to prompt your better self destiny. I pray from the private depths of my heart, which you take effective inspiration from these words and apprehend how essential and pertinent your person function is on this current planetary ascension is.

As one character soul arrives home in the zero point field, they become extremely mighty and magnetic to their divine counterpart on all dimensional planes of awareness.

This specific gateway that we are in,is deeply related to the of entirety of the timeline of separation.

We, as a galactic species, since the fall of Atlantis have taken at the experience of deeply experiencing and understanding every minute factor of separation awareness.

but, with the anchoring of the Golden Age timeline, this is heralding the absolute final touch of this cycle.

this is presently going on at the higher realms in the meanwhile,

and is intricately linked to the stellar paintings that the star beings have been doing and carried out in those latest few months.

There are so a lot of you who’re analyzing these words,

who have been diligently running on and taking duty on your spiritual vibration to the point that you have entered into the zero point field of all time and no time

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Twin Flame

The Twin Flame | How To Progress.



throughout the twin Flame adventure, which starts by means of searching out the only,

we experience diverse attractions or relationships that display us special factors of ourselves and that help us balance our masculine and feminine energies.

We need to pin our happiness and future on them however twins hardly ever stick around.

We then have to dig deep and create our existence for ourselves.

So in case you need to draw your twin flame, preserve living as you’re. ensure to be imperfect, lost, needy, and unworthy.

Your twin will are available and for a time will make you experience like you’re in heaven.

every the sort of sights/relationships mirrors an instance or element of our proper self,

meaning that during every of them exists a part of us through which we learn how to floor our authenticity and understand those natural and untamed factors of our self which can have perplexed us within the past.

finally, the classes will push you to correct your self, in case you are not equipped or willing to do the work, it’ll start to drain you emotionally and bodily.

it is vital as this relationship helps your soul to develop like no different.

it is truely one of the lovely laws of the universe taking location among you; there’s no warding off the drift.

even though it is undefinable how lengthy a karmic dating will ultimate, it constantly presents classes to grow and heal, alas many final an entire life in a karmic conflict.

We may also wish to hold to revel in the twin Flame in spirit or we might decide to meet and engage in dating and union with a resonating soul a person of the identical twin Flame frequency.

something our choice can be, it is important to understand that we need to consider our system and constantly work on enhancing and preserving our alignment, our frequencies, and our feeling of oneness.

you would probably study that you have to grow to be the satisfactory version of your self.

Do your shadow work. Say maximum of these affirmations. Meditate. exercise gratitude. Be residing to your maximum reality.

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