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Spiritual awakening

The Signs Begins



The fight you are in, is realistic ,so do not discount the effects, of the dark Ones activities.

They know ,no other way of surviving, and in one sense are fighting ,for their lives.

It is the old battle, between the Light, and the dark ,and we are pleased to say that, the Light ultimately wins.

However, bear in mind that there is great importance, attached to the outcome,

as being the end of a cycle, it will be a long time ,before such a wonderful opportunity ,comes up again.

Understand ,that there will always be another opportunity, to ascend in the next cycle,

it is however a long way off ,but not a single individual is denied the chance ,to achieve it ,if ready to do so.

You have some testing times, to come so be mentally prepared for them ,and do not succumb to attacks ,from the dark Ones who are desperate to halt your success.

Be alert for their attempts to distract you from your goal as they can be very subtle.

They tempt you to drop your guard and resort to any means possible to halt you in your tracks.

You know this experience of life is not the fulfilment of human expression in its most positive form.

You know this because you left the fullest expression of divine love in order to share that vibration with others, who were locked into the shadows.

You are all evolving now. My children of love and light, you are now in the rapid divine expansion which you incarnated to fulfil.

This is so far from the peace, love and joy I know lies deep within me, that I know is Divine Essence.

My beloveds, this is the unfolding. In the rapid expansion of the light, the darkness grows in contrast.

Light, Divine plasma essence, from the heart of Source, is flooding your planet, your hearts, your cells whether one is aware of it or not at an increasing pace.

No map, no key holds a mind that is Free.

A heart unique, though separate, will be. For it beats with the pulse of universal electricity.

It is the pulse of Life that starts your heart. But it is your spark of life that creates the start.

For you are a universe contained in a brain.

It is through you that Life begins again.

You inspire and exhale and Life regales. Your creative spirit is how Life never fails.

Tears summon salt to feed electric desires.

You may wonder why when you have so much experience through your many lives you do not now seem to be anything but an average human Being.

Primarily the answer is that you incarnated with the skills you needed to see you through the life you planned.

In this way you would not be distracted by other things and could concentrate on the more important issues that you would face.

Understand that you review your life plan before you incarnate so that you are fully prepared for your tasks.

Along with your Guide you incarnate with full confidence of your ability to carry out your plan and are comforted by this knowledge.

Not all of your life plans are full of action and there are times when you are much more of an observer whose presence is sufficient to influence others in a helpful way.

Clearly it takes all types to carry out the many plans that are made to continue your advancement.

There is a massive movement by so many souls that collectively ensures Humanities evolution.

The unfoldment of your highest expression is already underway.

Those of you who came here, having forgotten your ascension in other times and places, will now remember your fullest truth.

You will remember how you came here to share your vibration.

You do not have to preach in the streets; you will know the right path for you. Indeed, you will not doubt it.

Your path is what brings you greatest joy and fulfilment, even when others think you are being trivial or irresponsible.

The old matrix of distortion and density was built on inversions and half truths.

You know better; you have a soul-level, gut knowingness that transcends the distortions used to filter and program the conscious mind.

Trust your gut.

When it looks like madness and mayhem outside, go within. Your compass lies within. Your knowingness is Truth, not illusion or foolishness.

Yes, there are challenges ahead, but they are the gentlest,

shortest challenges that could be presented in order to awaken all hearts to Divine Knowing, and that is thanks to You, my beloveds.

We charge your entire being with this essence of truth, a truth in many ways, that only the Creator can truly understand, and yet you are the Creator incarnation.

You hold the vibration, the energy, the source of all that is, so you can understand this truth as well maybe in a different way to our understanding as the Cosmic Council .

Your understanding will be perfect and appropriate for your level of growth and your experience upon the earth,

as well as what your soul wishes to embark upon.

Imagine this high vibration of truth flowing and synthesising throughout your being and your entire existence,

as well as the Universe of the Creator, in fact, everything that is the Creator. This is creating an awakening.

It is awakening everything and everyone. Not only that, within every aspect of the Creator this synthesis of truth is awakening every part of that aspect.

A walk in your countryside is truly astonishing with its amazing show of colour and such a variety of flowers and plants in general.

When your Earth was being seeded and arranged to show how beautiful it could be, the animals and many lifeforms followed to keep nature fully balanced.

Look at the variety of flowers and trees they number in their hundreds and it was all planned for the eventual arrival of Man.

It is hard to conceive of the Earth having evolved in some accidental way along with the splendour, beauty and variety that exists.

There has been much more control and planning than you could possibly imagine, and it continues to this very day in spite of Man’s indifference where nature is concerned.

It is however very sturdy and strong enough to overcome the changes whether natural or unnatural.

Look after what you have got where nature is concerned as with a little help it can grow in beauty and give you even more.

In nature you can find many natural cures for the many health problems you experience and this in addition to natural healthy foods.

You have expanded the vibration on Gaia to such an extent that Divine Grace permeates every second, from here onwards.

Many of you now know you need to choose differently.

Take courage in that knowingness, it is your inner compass, guiding you to your highest timeline, to where you can expression your Divine essence most fully.

And in all this, know that I am with you, always and forever, for we are One.

There is a need to recognise where you feel stuck in your reality and where you feel disappointed, and yes,

acceptance is appropriate and necessary; accepting where you are in this precise moment of your growth and your reality,

also accepting that there are steps that need to be taken in order to create the balance that is needed.

You can ask yourself in quiet time, or meditation, where do you feel stuck in your reality or within your being? Or disappointed?

Can you and are you willing to accept that this is where you are at this time?

Are you able to contemplate a new step forward that could create the balance that is necessary and needed?
What would this step be?

Balance is needed so that you may then continue to synthesise with the vibration of truth that is automatically and naturally happening within your being and your reality.

Balance will help you enjoy the awakening that is coming forth and to enjoy the awakening of truth and remembrance that will manifest.

We invite you to contemplate this.

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Spiritual awakening

Galactic Family Portals.



The higher perception of your Third Eye, and Unconditional Love of your High Heart, prepare your physical brain ,for the merging with your Multidimensional Mind.

You will facilitate this merging by unifying your physical senses of sight, hearing,

smell and bodily sensations with your Multidimensional senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

Once we have seen the truth, and accepted its grandeur, a transformation within us takes place.

It fills our hearts with joy and hope, while at the same time moving us towards harmonious action.

The following artfully details the qualities and character traits of a Rainbow Warrior, known by many names such as truth seeker, healer and adjectives such as honorable and trust worthy.

All the attributes of a moral being, who services others while also servicing themselves, is embodied in each of us when we act out a moment of wisdom.

I have received and internal call to move my main focus from shedding light on the Reptilian agenda to resuming my energy work.

I have mentioned in several of my radio shows on The Cosmic Awakening Show about how I consider myself an antennae for the energies coming from the Great Central Sun.

These energies are coming to the planet from Source and the astrological alignment of our times allows for them to reach us in order to help raise the vibrational frequency.

If you have been following articles on In5d and How To Exit The Matrix,

you know that the frequency shift we are experiencing is how we will all exit the false light matrix that has been imposed upon us.

Free of the limitations of your physical perception, you prepare the perceptual areas on your brain to perceive us as within you rather than outside of you.

Yes, feel us in your body, as we are NOT separate from you. Your 3D mind has projected an image of us that appears to be outside of you.

However, that vision is a projection of what is actually inside of you.

In fact, ALL of your experiences of reality are the outer projection of what you are actually perceiving inside of you.

You are still accustomed to 3D rules in which you were taught to believe that reality is outside of you, and you were a victim to whatever occurred in your life.

We have the opportunity to build a Rainbow bridge into the Golden Age.

But to do this, we must do it together with all the colors of the Rainbow, with all the peoples, all the beings of the world.

We who are alive on Earth today are the Rainbow Warriors who face the challenge of building this bridge.

You are eco-moral and soul-centric. Your sense of right and wrong goes beyond the myopic and parochial perspective of good and evil and is based firmly in your understanding of healthy and unhealthy.

Having individuated your ego, you are holistically conscious and compassionate.

You are determined to use eco-centric strategies in order to bring balance to an egocentric world.

You understand that human beings once lived in healthy accord with each other and with nature for millions of years,

until they mistakenly went from living in an egalitarian, cooperative way to living in an exploitative, competitive way.

Your soul method is the rainbow bridge leading us out of the unhealthy and unsustainable quagmire and into a healthy and sustainable providence.

Many of us are here to ground these energies into the planet.

To do this, we can focus on opening up our crown chakra to allow the energy to come down through our body and down into the planet.

Imagining these energies infiltrating the planetary grids along with the collective human consciousness has been a part of my work here.

I have been told that just my work alone has made a considerable difference in our planetary timeline, where it has accelerated our shift forward by fifteen years.

Imagine what one person’s efforts multiplied could do! I would think that it would quickly merge into the NOW moment.

When we transmute a reality into a higher dimensional frequency, we send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire into the frequency of initial thought forms and energy fields.

The Unconditional Love breaths in unity and potential, while the Violet Fire expands that reality to higher and higher dimensions.

When we create a reality, we begin by creating thought forms and energy fields that define that possible reality.

We then fill those thought forms and energy fields with Violet Fire to transmute the idea into a higher frequency reality, and Unconditional Love to give Birth to that reality.

You can see in the chart below that your 3D, physical perception of light is VERY small.

Therefore, your third dimensional brain is greatly limited in registering a conscious awareness of gamma wave energy fields.

While other people are playing finite games that indirectly and directly destroy the world,

you are busy playing the infinite game of life for the sake of healing the world in order to continue play.

While the world is busy falling apart, you are busy putting things back together again.

You’ve made a sacred game out of it, connecting like minds, disconnecting unhealthy minds, and reconnecting cosmic mind.

You realize that cooperation must be primary and competition secondary if the sacred play of life is to continue for human beings.

But you also realize that the only absolute is change, and so you are,

busy learning the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.

Those ascended souls choosing to remain in the spiritual realms will continue the unravelling process of their DNA ,

and gradually dissolve the chemical bond keeping their mortal physical bodies alive.

In doing this their awareness will transfer to a pure energetic signature at each level according to individual ability.

In essence this is a horizontal way of dying or crossing over, one that happens in increments. One where out of body experiences become the norm.

It involves the creation of the observer self or soul which is the watcher that watches us in our dreams.

As the DNA unravels parts of our awareness are transferred over to this observer self.

The longer we can remain in mortal physical bodies from this point on the greater the unraveling of the DNA and the more parts of our awareness can be transferred to our immortal observer self.

At some point the final transfer of consciousness will complete and our awareness will have shifted in a horizontal fashion into our newly created non physical body.

The more parts of awareness that we are able to transfer, the more our new non physical world will seem like physical 3D.

Here, I’d like to look at the throat chakra’s role in creativity as well as the things we can do to heal and balance it.

I don’t know much about any of the chakras, and the only things I’ve learned about them have come from the few reports I’ve done.

One of the best ways to learn about something is to research and write about it, which is exactly what I try to do with things like this that interest me.

I hope it interests all of you too, and more importantly, I hope it teaches you something new. tells us about the throat chakra’s association with self-expression, as well as its condition when it’s balanced and imbalanced .

The Throat Chakra is associated with your Self Expression and Communication.

When it is in balance, you are able to listen and communicate well.

When you are having trouble expressing yourself, or having trouble with communication the throat chakra becomes imbalanced.

To explain in the simplest manner, your 3D Self can not perceive what is actually being projected into your consciousness,

because you are attending to the projection of reality that is reflected off the screen of your third dimensional perceptions.

You have been trained for myriad incarnations that only the physical world is real.

You believed what you were told because you were also told that you were a lowly human who did not have the ability to see the projector.

You were told to worship the projector, and you only receive from the Projector God that which was on the third dimensional screen of reality.

For those of you have unexplained symptoms of physical or emotional pain, know that you are not alone.

Feeling lost, disconnected, without passion or purpose? You are on a path of self discovery.

You are riding a wave of new energy.

What you are feeling at this very moment is a transition only one step of many on this grand journey of ascension on this planet that is progressing every second.

Much of what you still see in the world and in your experiences is illusion and it is competing heavily with what the heart knows to be true.

It’s time to start listening to what matters most and embracing that you are now in an accelerated state of expansion.

The 6 shifts in consciousness are being realized. The spring equinox has brought a fascinating wave of expansion throughout the planet.

It is pushing people outside of their comfort zone and that is manifesting in some very interesting ways inside and outside the body.

Outside the body, electronic devices are behaving erratically.

Your mobile phone, television, computer, network devices or even internet connection may not be functioning as they have in the past.

You may experience unusual and unexplained downtime, yet there is nothing wrong with the actual devices because the problem is not the devices.

The problem is your energy not properly grounding to where it needs to be.

For some others the problem is appearing in their motor vehicles. They are all signs of what is happening in and around you.

All of these health problems can result from a blocked or imbalanced throat chakra, and while it isn’t the only thing that can cause them,

we might want to make sure if we ever suffer from them that we don’t have something related to our creativity or self-expression going on in our lives.

You never know what kinds of emotional or spiritual problems could cause physical illness,

and as science and spirituality continue to merge, I think we’ll discover a wealth of emotionally rooted cures for physical illness.

For all we know, an imbalanced throat chakra could be the main cause of the problems listed above.

I’m not saying it is, but I think our spiritual and emotional health have a lot to do with our physical. explains how self-expression suffers when the throat chakra is blocked.

Do you struggle to communicate your real thoughts and feelings?

If you lack the confidence to express your thoughts, ideas and feelings because you fear that you may be judged or that your words may hurt someone,

you are only holding yourself back from real happiness.

You have a right to express needs, wants and ideas. If you keep your thoughts to yourself,

how will anyone ever know what they are and how will your needs and wants ever be met or your ideas ever brought to life?

The cellular structure is currently being recoded in the human body and in the process it is purging and letting go of predominant resident frequencies that are being eliminated.

For this energy to clear, the immune system and actually all systems within the body must be effectively weakened.

So while the body may appear to be in a state of illness, it is more or less in a state of clearing.

Unfortunately, this is the only way you will be able to prepare ,

and move into the energy that is coming in the next 12 months an energy critical for the Earth in the next decade.

If the body fails to make the upgrade it will stop functioning entirely.

The important thing is to recognize that you can change every single symptom that appears with the appropriate intention.

Do not fall into negative patterning with assumptions that it is your own negative thoughts that have created these symptoms or that you must fix the problem.

Focus on the fact that you are realigning your body to where it needs to be.

You are not broken, so there is nothing to fix.

Accept what is and move forward while welcoming the wonderful changes that are leading to the new you.

The reason more people are feeling disconnected and without a sense of purpose is they are still holding on to old programming.

It’s not safe, I fear for my future or my family’s, people don’t understand me, the world is doome,

and any other self defeating things you tell yourself which are based on fear, not reality.

With practice and repetition, you are breaking out of this patterning at the subconscious level and consciously creating a different reality.

Consciously directing energy is far more powerful than subconscious directives and this is part of what humanity is now transitioning to.

Any form of creative expression is a highly positive practice for opening the throat chakra.

The enjoyment of the creative process is far more important than the results or end product so don’t worry if you’re not an artist try your hand at cooking,

gardening, inventing, writing, solving problems, take any opportunity you can to be creative.

Become comfortable with your own voice in its many forms of expression .

The world would quickly change if everyone believed in their personal truth enough to use their voice,

and we all have a unique piece of the puzzle that we’ve come here to give.

It’d be a shame to deny ourselves the opportunity to offer our piece, and instead,

let’s realize that it’s an important part of the whole and humanity can’t function without it.

Instead of just listening to what other people tell us about life or spirituality, we can pave our own way and make peace with any inadequacies that result.

We’ll find the right way in time, and when we do, we can share what we learn with others in hopes that our experience helps them.

It won’t help everyone since we’re all unique, but it’d be enough to help one person embrace the uniqueness of their path and get the most out of their evolution.

As Chakra Healing tells us, silence is also an important factor in maintaining a healthy, balanced, open throat chakra.

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Spiritual awakening

Reality Of Such Frequency.



we can now scientifically prove,that everything that is perceived through the human senses, is really an illusion.

The thoughts that we think ,are constantly reflecting back to us, forming a reality that appears to be solid.

Yet, there is no solidity at the core of matter!

There is only substance that carries the semblance of solidity, due to the repulsive forces that exist ,between its charged particles.

Scientists discovered long ago that all matter is comprised of oscillating fields and waves of rhythm.

At the heart of the atom and its compacted nucleus, there is no solid object to be found, but rather a dynamic pattern of tightly condensed vibrating energy.

A Soul-infused personality automatically develops a burning desire to share their enLightened higher truths with others.

The LIGHTED WAY is the bridge between the human material world and the realms of Spirit.

A trained, disciplined intelligence is required to clearly decipher and relay the wisdom teachings, and to proficiently and accurately transmit the higher Universal concepts.

Disciplined, self-directed life tendencies must be developed in order to develop intense mental clarity,

along with an integrated personality that is dedicated and directed by the Higher Self.

Our chakra system holds the key. Within the human body we have seven chakras, with five transcendental chakras that rise up above the physical body towards Spirit.

These chakras carry information about who we are and determine how we express ourselves.

When any of our chakras are blocked or spinning incorrectly, they affect how we show up in the world.

What I’m about to reveal will probably challenge the worldview of some people,

but my only loving intention is to share information that could change the way we view relationships for the better.

While it seems to appear impenetrable, physical reality is not real. It is purely a frequency of vibration.

Everything vibrates at different speeds. Some things vibrate so fast that they disappear from our vision, like a plane’s propeller for instance.

Your own vibrational frequency is different from other things. It may seem like you are separated from what you see around you including other people, animals, even cosmic space.

You are not separated from any of it; in fact, it is one unified energy field. It all boils down to perception.

All of nature and even societal frameworks are coalesced and reflecting their appearance of dense matter based upon how we,

as a collective consciousness, are interpreting what we see, hear, touch, taste, smell and feel.

In order to become Self-conscious, you must become aware of what is happening in your personal world.

You must sharpen your thinking process and learn to live in the moment, or the Still Point of the now as it is often called.

In order to gain experience and wisdom, you must think about what you want to remember, what you wish to retain in your memory bank.

Each of you, as a Spark of our Father and the Supreme Creator, has a personal Wheel of Creation,

your own Flower of Life that you must learn to use again in order to become a true co-creator on the earthly plane.

We ask you to envision this horizontal pattern you have created with your sacred breath as your personal wheel of creation.

You draw forth the Light of Creation, via your personal column of Light and through the back portal of your Sacred Heart,

which will always consist of the appropriate frequency patterns for your present state of evolvement.

Within these spheres will be the virtues, qualities and attributes of God consciousness you are seeking to incorporate,

which will result in perfecting and magnifying your abilities to create anything you desire, as long as it is for the greatest good of all.

While I agree that masculine and feminine is not about man and woman and we all carry both energies,

I think it’s fair to say that in duality men carry more masculine energy, and women carry more feminine energy.

The purpose of relationship is that when man and woman come together in partnership they transcend the individual to form a greater whole.

Their combined energies are designed to create balance; the two become one.

When the partnership is in balance, the two fit together perfectly, like two pieces of a jigsaw.

One part of the jigsaw piece juts out, while the other offers a space for the piece to fit into.

One part of the jigsaw is receptive, while the other is active. So too, is this the case with the chakras of the human body.

Almost all the chakras in the human body are dominated by either masculine or feminine energies.

The root chakra is associated with survival and financial stability. It presides over our basic material needs.

This chakra is dominated by masculine energy, which is the reason why throughout time immemorial men have naturally been the gender responsible for ensuring the material survival of the family.

We are now removing the convincing perceptual lens that locks us into the loops of conditioned belief.

Most limitations in life are created based upon all of the materialized appearances that we see and regard as real.

Physical reality is only what you make of it.

Everything is energy; everything is malleable; everything is you. Outer reality always reflects the inner reality and the perceptions that are held within the consciousness.

We are only projecting this experience called physical reality. It is not happening to us but through us.

We have been taught and it is ingrained within our thought structure to perceive physical reality as being solid and this is the only way it can be.

It has served us to believe this way. Yet now, we are yearning to experience something different.

Our curiosity is breaking the shell and we realize that we are truly the creator of it all!

During meditation or your quiet time, take twelve full Infinity Breaths, and after the twelfth one, pull in your abdomen and hold your breath for a moment or two.

Now, as you take the next breath, see it flowing forth from your Solar Power Center into the front of your body.

The Infinity pattern is now in a horizontal configuration instead of vertical.

On either the out-breath or the in-breath whichever one is most comfortable for you the first flat loop extends outward in front of your body, and on the next breath,

the second loop extends from the back of your body, completing the Infinity sign.

Breathe in and out six Infinity signs, and as you do so, they will automatically create a pattern of twelve loops that completely surround you like the petals of a flower.

As you become more proficient as co-creators on the earthly plane, you will learn to constantly monitor your energy patterns and seek to upgrade them.

You must strive for sustained harmony and refined godly expression.

Your goal is to liberate the power of the Sacred Fire, which has lain dormant for many thousands of years so that you may direct and focus your energy into the areas of your life you wish to change.

I hinted at earlier, the first thing one must examine in order to answer these questions is the state of the combined chakra system.

For a relationship to work in duality, the man and woman must be able to express their energies as nature intended.

Women are more feminine and men are more masculine. Therefore, in a relationship,

the man should be free to express his masculine chakras more dominantly, and vice versa.

Subsequently, what happens if a woman is forced to be the breadwinner and is leaned upon to take care of the material, which usually means financial needs of the family?

Imbalance will result because according to the way the chakras are designed to work, it is the male who should dominate in this area.

If the woman is putting more of her energy into the base chakra to make up for the shortfall of her man,

then she will begin to feel depleted in other areas and resentment will take root and grow.

On the other side of the coin, it’s likely that the male will feel emasculated and so may fall into depression.

All of this leads to chaos and disharmony in the relationship. The energy flow between the couple is out of balance.

By establishing and constantly upgrading your Creator Wheel of Life, you are planting the Seeds of focused change,

and you are supplying the Sacred Fire of Creation needed to manifest what you have envisioned.

When you can do this proficiently, your personal world will become a wonderland, and you will become a beacon of Light for all to see.

We have asked our messenger to give you an overview of the creation of your Personal Flower of Life Creator Wheel,

as well as to help you understand what a wondrous gift it is to humanity.

Without an activated Personal Twelve Ray Creator Wheel, you will never gain the ability to become a masterful co-creator on the physical plane of existence.

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Spiritual awakening

The Pleiades : How To Shift Out.



We are already preparing to enter April 2024, with an exciting eclipse,

that is to propel humanity into a new timeline.

The flow of higher energies ,towards Earth in the recent weeks, have not been taking breaks.

Physical ,and energetical shifts, are felt continuously, within, as well as seen in the outer world.

Compassion is paramount, especially when observing those of a 3D mindset. Offering your guidance with love when the opportunity presents itself.

Return often to the heart center, and go forward from there.

I hope you have been finding useful ,the things that are being shared on awakening people , for it is made possible with your support.Thank you in advance.

We are here to connect with you. The time has come for you, to not only open your eyes,but also your heart ,

and subtle perceptual senses so you can see that there are realities beyond the one perceived through your five senses.

We are happy to share with you that all these realities do not exist solely here or there; they overlap, and you experience them as you change your frequency.

Today, we are here for all of you to nourish your hearts and bring forth an intentional key that will help you come closer to our reality.

To open the seals of perception, the one belief that tends to disintegrate concerns how we view the consciousness as something that is inside our body, perhaps located somewhere in the brain.

We are multidimensional beings! Our consciousness exists outside of the physical body, even outside of the physical world.

We have been trained to perceive through the five human senses.

This has prevented us from tapping into other worlds or dimensions that exist just beyond the range of our normal perception.

We are unaware of them because our minds are not consciously vibrating at these higher levels.

Your twin flame and the members of your family are meant to support your spiritual awareness, just as you support theirs. Watch the image below and meditate with it for a few minutes.

Allow the energy of the light code to open your heart, and then call upon your soul family, and twin flame so you can open up to the truth within.

Call them sincerely, with no expectations of how your journey together might unfold.

Call them with just one intention: to remember who you truly are. Embrace, dear child,

your deepest fears, and instead of reacting to them, feel them deeply so they can dissolve in your embrace.

We are thinking humans yes, and are endowed with a genetic blueprint of supreme intelligence. It is encoded in every one of our cells.

The human brain can be retrained to serve in its intended design; as a receiving station and channel for the language of light.

We are pure awareness temporarily inhabiting a human body in order to develop our consciousness while under the illusory veils.

The physical body is like a virtual-reality suit that converts everything we see, hear, touch, taste and smell into electrical impulses that formulate our perceptions from inside the brain.

These perceptions indeed help us to function in a dense vibration.

In the transition that we are making, however, we are learning how to live from multidimensional perception.

That can only happen when our brain is unified with our truer brain of brilliance, the greater mind aspect of our self.

It is then that mastermind energy can be channeled through the faculty of the human brain to express higher patterns of thought.

Then, fly high higher than you ever have before. From up there, dear soul, call upon all those who do not yet dare to fly.

Call upon them because you are leading the way for many who are still holding onto the past.

And then fly even higher, beyond dimensions, leaving space and time behind to break free from mind limitations.

See yourself as the child of the Universe that you have always been, not a child who was born, but the child who is and always was, experiencing change yet being unchangeable.

We all know that desolate feeling of sinking emotions, sadness, loneliness, rage, depression, shame, guilt, or other such emotions that seem a far cry from the light, love, joy, and hope we would prefer.

Often times for those of us on the path of expanding our consciousness,

we are putting in a lot of work to shed the layers of old beliefs and baggage away to liberate ourselves from hindrances to our spirit and heart.

On our journey, the high points can feel very high at times and because of this, when a hidden fear or old hurt feeling surface, they can seem even worse.

In fact, even in situations not quite so intense or dramatic, some days we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed not feeling a rush of motivation or excitement.

Then, if this wasn’t challenging enough, we may feel anxious, sad, or upset at having had these emotions.

When our vibration is ‘lower’ than we would like it to be, what can we practically do to get back to a high vibration?.

The Higher Mind can be perceived as that aspect of brilliance that lives with you at all times as the voice of conscience.

It has always been there like a guardian angel guiding you like a beacon, awakening you from the deep slumber of forgetfulness.

Once you put the free willed personality ego into the back seat, this benevolent influence can move into the driver’s seat, to control your physical brain in its entirely.

It can enable you to make decisions with utmost clarity and to know the truth, apart from any rationalization.

This inner guidance can speak and write through you without the use of the methodical brain, as you have been accustomed.

When we can make contact with and cohere to the channel of the Greater Self, expanded truths are revealed.

We become Knowers. This is when we can live our lives governed by providence, the direct revelation of Holy Spirit expressing through the form.

THIS is how we collectively create Heaven on Earth.

Inaction and procrastination can make you feel like the flow of energy is so sluggish that it’s almost at a complete stop.

The more and more we put off what we truly desire to do or what we know we need to do, the heavier it becomes and the more difficult it becomes to take action.

Therefore, take action! Even just one small check off the to-do list starts the momentum of feeling positive about oneself and empowered in one’s life.

Many times the first open door to exit a lower feeling vibration is to move energy through the vehicle of anger.

The lowest vibratory feelings are guilt, shame, fear, and powerlessness.

If you are feeling powerless or shameful, anger can be the next emotional rung up on the ladder,

allowing you to use your anger to shift out of feeling powerless and into a feeling of rightful anger.

As long as we can take responsibility for our reality and use the anger to energize us to a better place, it can be a positive thing.

The mind and the brain are one and the same. There is no separation.

In fact, consciousness itself is merely a bi-product of our central nervous system. It’s almost inconsequential.

That’s lucky for us, isn’t it?

We get to experience all the colors, tastes and sounds of the world, but as Shakespeare said, in the end it is all just sound and fury signifying nothing.

This is the common assertion from modern science consciousness is a sideshow of biology, unimportant and playing no active role in the development of human physiology.

Biology creates consciousness, not the other way around. So they say.

We’re just cogs spinning in the machine, waiting to break down.

After that, it’s lights out, and in the end our consciousness has played only a small part in our fleeting proceedings.

And yet, our experience of the world doesn’t really reflect this position, does it?

Consciousnessfeels central to who we are. We are immersed in it when making complex choices,

and the experiences we have can be so emotive or profound that they lead to a spiritual awakening which can transform our lives.

Furthermore, we can decide to make that happen. We have the choice.

We can direct our consciousness at ourselves and alter how we perceive the world around us.

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