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We Are Awakening People

We are The First Contact Ground Crew Team, a family of Light Beings
living on Earth in Divine Vibration, Unity Consciousness, Christ
Consciousness, a constant state of Bliss, Joy , Peace and Love this is
the Ascension, and we are here to help all achieve it.

We are a Non Profit Charity organization Founded, Guided and Loved
Eternally by MotherGod, who is physically incarnated on the Planet and
who performs multi-dimensional functions!

The Consciousness of the Planet is rising daily and All those stuck in a
cycle of lower frequencies are experiencing struggle. we are here , to assist you and your ascension , into Unity Consciousness, the return to
the Heart.

It is Our Honor to Be in Service to the Planet… to Love. It through Our
Unified Love, with All of Creation, in every present moment that the
Ascension of Mother Earth is occurring.

We provide direct Ascension Spiritual Services, through one-on-one
Spiritual Intuitive Sessions, Twin Flame Spiritual Session or Ascension
Assessments, and Astrology Chart Readings to enable you to fully
understand your entire energetic system and what vibrations are causing
you to be held back, Daily Updates on Ascension Energies, Esoteric
Knowledge, Natural Healing, Holistic Living, Life Coaching, and so much
more. Simply . We are Awakening People .

We are Returning Unity and Peace to this Planet, through Our return to
Our True Essence, which is Unity Consciousness with the Unified Heart!
We Are The Ones We have been Waiting For, and We Are all one! Simply .

We Are Awakening People

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