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Spiritual awakening

The Next Step.



Many are going to make an important transition this coming year, as numerous opportunities cross your path.

Do not be frightened by them and make your choice from calmness. Do not reject this confrontational change, but take a short break and direct your attention to the stillness within yourself.

Choose from your heart, but do not hesitate too long. As suddenly as it can appear, so suddenly can it disappear again. Be on your guard because deception is there too.

That said, your souls, and therefore I, have been crying out for a cessation of so much pain and hardship and separation there on Earth.

And you have been heard. For indeed, there has been so much suffering on your beautiful Blue planet that people have for the most part not been able to experience the joyful parts of existence.

In large part, you have been blocked from having the experiences that you wish to have,

and then you were told that it was your own fault that you could not achieve what mathematically only very few people would be able to achieve.

For your current system is built to have a big and destitute underclass. It is mathematically impossible for everyone to climb out of poverty in the current system as it is structured now.

The time has come for me to make a new promise to you, my Earth children.

My promise to you is this: you will have the freedom to explore and experience what you wish to experience, so long as you don’t limit that same freedom in others.

We are now on the way home. The loops we made on our journey from source or not only created from our human lives but from all the ways we have explored creation.

This could include lives as an elemental, a whale, a dragon, or a galactic being. All expressions of creation in all realms and realities of existence have been explored.

On our journey home, we will come into Union within of our Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, with all the incarnations, archetypes, and expressions.

This was a journey of expansion, of getting to know who we truly are from every dimension, reality, and parallel world.

I asked spirit how long the journey home to Source would take, and I was shown that some will make huge loops , while others will make smaller loops, retracing the same space multiple times.

Your galactic brothers and sisters, as well as my angels and other beings made of love and wisdom and light and starlight, have heard my decree that Earth shall be free.

There is an unprecedented amount of help available, and every day more and more beings are directing their attention towards supporting Earth and Earth humans.

Every day the light shines more and more brightly there on Earth, revealing more and more.

Every day the energy on Earth rises. The clock is turning against those who would keep things in the shadows.

In reality as you perceive it, it will still take some time for your freedom to arrive, because it is my choice that you and the galactics experience your liberation process, for it is such a rare experience to have.

Know that you are being supported in ways seen and unseen. There will be unbelievably effective healing available in the future,

and those who die before that point will receive everything they need in either the halls of the afterlife or in the heavenly realms,

and will then be free to choose a new life as they see fit. No one is forgotten. No one is left behind.

The great shift from old to new can lead to wonderful things, with many new groupings emerging. new opportunities will come along, don’t miss them.

It can overwhelm you and do you become exhausted as a result? Then pay close attention when your boundary is brought down.

Do not become overconfident, but stay well grounded. Mother Earth’s energy helps you along your path, but always make the connection.

Feel her energy and feel the body you came here with, connect the two and then look up. The crown opens to the cosmic energy, allowing the living light to enter you.

The energetic antennae on the head turn toward the cosmos and start to connect, it opens the mind to a new birth.

This new birth will settle in your heart and when the ratio gets stuck it becomes anxious, switch to your feelings and let your inner light shine.

Ask for help on your path and the world of light will help you.

Choose the path of change and make the switch from a good feeling. You will see that you can deal better and better with the new opportunities that keep presenting themselves.

It is an extraordinary process and certainly not boring. Don’t get overexcited by the many events that arise around you.

The economy is also going in many directions, causing much turmoil. Some of it seems to be going well, while on the other side so much appears to be going wrong. Here too, find the center of this situation and stand firm.

In the heart of the storm where silence reigns and the overview becomes clear you can discern what suits you. Direct your focus there.

Today we went on a hike, and instead of making our usual loop, we decided to turn around at a certain point.

On the way back, my husband says. Oh wow, I haven’t seen the trail from this vantage point before.

we saw different trees, rock formations, and alcoves of beauty.

That’s when I fully got it We are going to see it all now through a different vantage point. With this will come new and beautiful understandings.

As we look around our world, it can be difficult to reconcile all that has taken place through the eons. Yet, that is exactly what we are being asked to do.

It is the understanding that we have done it all, been it all, and played all the roles. We have been light, dark, and every shade in between.

As we unwind from this experience, we will find our hearts opening fully, the density of this experience lifting away, and true oneness.

The more that we are able to reconcile our experiences and let them go, the more ease and grace we will feel on our return trip home.

In order to partake in being a fractal of Source fully, we took on the illusion of separation. We did this through programming, beliefs, and even the wounds we hold. All this must be undone.

It will be a lot, but also a special year of deepening. Deep in your heart you know that this is about to happen.

The dream memory opens up through the cosmic consciousness and therefore you know how it is.

You also know which direction to take in order to expand higher consciousness toward self-realization.Everything is totally different this Year

Train yourself to travel to the inner light, where your true power is present. There where a new intelligence is born it can lead you to an appropriate solution.

Those who want to stay in the old are fighting against themselves. Recognize this and not moving forward in a process, let go of the old form! Dare to step into the unknown.

Outside of you, chaos rages around you like a storm and you usually have no control over it, direct your focus on what you can change.

The transition is embraced by the youthful, they have been waiting for this opening. Now they can rise into the new power of the new future.

In this great shift, many are exposed to extreme changes. From your own beliefs you can begin to speak, opening others and allowing them to connect with this intention. Love and compassion forms the connection in everything.

Bring love to the Middle Point of Balance and everything becomes Clear.

Each of us is a fragment of Source; all of creation is, and each of us has held separation within to varying degrees.

Now it is time to reconcile the experience and return home to oneness.

We do this by observing. Observing when we go into blame, shame, guilt, judgment, obligation, rage.

These big emotions are all doorways to programming and wounding lies unresolved within.

We don’t work from a level of reconciling the lives as a rock or a whale; we work with what is presenting itself right here, right now.

We work with the big concepts and themes that present themselves daily, for these have been part of much of our existence.

You may be experiencing dreams, memories, and deep knowings as you begin your journey home.

It can be quite overwhelming physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can feel like you are processing lifetimes of stuff because you are.

It is not an easy time. So much is in our faces. Simultaneously the world would like to keep us wrapped in fear and limitation.

It can feel like trying to meditate in the middle of Disney World; it will take us removing ourselves from the noise and being dedicated to our growth.

Without a doubt, though, the path home is clear and lit up; it is through the reconciliation of all the experiences of creation.

Clearly, not everyone has lived in that mindset. Most light workers are much more invested in people than in profit, and many,

many have suffered because they were at odds with the prevailing mass consciousness that was subliminally programmed into society.

With time, rising vibrations, increased numbers of light workers incarnating and the spiritual evolution of humanity, this has changed.

The 5D focus is Service to Others. But and this is important, especially for light workers if you give everything and make everyone else your priority, you have no time, energy or interest in yourself.

You have already invested all your life force, your energy, in others. While that may not be a terrible thing on the surface, it is out of balance, therefore it is a distortion. It is the Martyr Paradigm.

Without balance, you move out of divine flow. Allowing yourself time, energy and resources is important. Actually, it’s crucial. It’s fundamental.

Each is becoming aware of the deep well of emotions underneath. Spirit understands that, for many, this has been an arduous time.

Yet, it is a vital time as much has been uncovered, and more will continue to be revealed. Much is stirring deep within.

All of it strives to give us a choice. The moment we observe something is the moment there is a choice.

We can either continue ignoring what we see and feel, or we begin to make shifts, no matter how small.

What my team has shared with me recently is that the spin or rotation moving in a different direction is not just uncovering the hidden, but it’s leading us home. Home to our truth and totality.

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Spiritual awakening

Saint Germain.



As we become aware of the essence of our ego consciousness and the nature of its beliefs, we can be compassionate with ourselves for believing that we are our ego.

We have been unaware of our life-enhancing presence as an expression of our Creator.

Because we are creators of experiences, we have no need to struggle or feel unfulfilled.

We experience the energies that we create with our imagination and emotions.

We determine our polarity and frequency by how we choose to be in every moment. If we direct ourselves to be loving and supportive in every circumstance,

we can intend to recognize the light of the Creator in everyone and everything. We can realize a new reality and bring it into our experience.

The mind is what entangles you. The mind is what judges, but the mind can be focused on acceptance.

The mind can be focused on a grander perspective. The mind can be focused on higher truth.

And as you truly come into your mastery, the true master that you are, living in true mastery, you understand that it’s all created in the mind.

And as you begin to elevate your thoughts and your thinking to that of a grander perspective, you begin to feel free, joyful, uplifted.

You begin to experience wellbeing and abundance, and you so effortlessly and easily realign to your natural state of being.

If you focus upon it, you can find positive things in the world, and if you focus upon it, you can find what might be described as negative things.

It’s all energy. It’s all how you are perceiving it. We invite you to witness from the highest level of your own consciousness, witness without entangling.

My dearest friends, my brothers and sisters, I am truly pleased with your progression that you all attain in your own personal living conditions and in the heart of your Being.

We are now entering a time of much turbulence where you will be shaken to your very core, as a figure of speech, but nonetheless that’s how it will feel.

I sense the pains, the emotions, the stumbling blocks and the blockades raging inside of you like a whirlwind that leaves nothing untouched in your inner world nor in your outer world.

Allow me to delve deeper into this subject and to give you some clarity as to the meaning of it all and to show you the direction you have all taken.

As a collective unit you have chosen to perform a thorough and all-embracing cleansing because the Earthly domains were still dwelling in a rather impure state,

still harboring karmic energies within the world of the Lightworkers as well as in the collective unit in the lower dualistic domains.

This desire for a thorough and intense cleansing and clearance is your creation and has therefore become a Divine Plan to assist you and Gaia even more in the breaking out of the very last dualistic shapes and vibrations.

Every kind of reality has defining limits that make it what it is. We can recognize the qualities of these parameters and decide if we want to experience this spectrum of energetics.

We have lived in a world of good and evil, where good enhances life, and evil diminishes it.

We are currently involved in a process of physical and spiritual transformation that allows for us to express ourselves physically as we truly want to be.

Once we begin to realize who we are in truth, we have amazing choices available to us.

Imagine what it can be like to realize our eternal presence with unlimited creative power in alignment with the consciousness of our Creator.

We can imagine our planet as the living, creative Being that she is and be grateful for the loving support she constantly gives us.

We can imagine the Earth being completely renewed and filled with vitality in every way, supporting all positive life forms and providing everything that sustains and enhances life.

By aligning ourselves with these vibrations, we attract the attention of humanity to them and bring them into our experience.

The Great Awakening of your beloved human family into a state of pure love is assured, we assure you.

Now this grand adventure opens up a new journey that has presented itself to you, one of true mastery, one of living as the ascended master that you are, one of pure love.

And all that is asked of you is to receive and continue the expansion of all that you are while also standing in this moment and receiving all that you have become, all that you have become.

And don’t forget, as you expand, you get more of all that you are. The more fun you have, the more fun it gets.

The more you play, the more playful everything becomes. The more you celebrate, the more that presents itself to you to celebrate.

The more love you feel that love expands, and the more love you realize. It’s perfect.

You’re starting to get that now. You’re starting to get how perfect it is.

You’re having moments where all this practice, all this practice and there comes a moment where you embody true mastery and you see who you have become.

You begin to witness it in those around you. You’re beginning to see it in other masters as well.

And together, you will all continue to expand into the realized, enlightened, embodied, ascended masters that you are here on Earth.

The solar eclipse has everything to do with this : it gives an extra impulse pushing you to your own inner self whether you want to or not.

You are led to face the facts on what you are involved in and on what should be your focus.

turn into really unbearable situations enticing you to just give up; it really looks like you are not spared from the harsh lessons of life.

My dear friends, nothing is too hard or too heavy for you to bear because you just attract exactly that which you can cope with, nothing more and nothing less…

in all cases it is always exactly what you need to lead you where you ought to be, everything is created from your I AM Presence.

Do not forget that your I AM Presence is presently in the process of descending into your reality and into your embodiment.

Therefore, nothing impure may remain in you lest your I AM Presence cannot fully descent.

The supremacy of the alter ego can no longer take the lead in this process of merging with your essential I.

So look at this tough time as a blessing and as a gift to discard everything that is no longer needed. It is no longer a question of willing but of having to discard and release.

The time of the reign of the alter ego is over and done with, it’s that simple.

The incoming energies are going to strengthen everything and are helping you to shift to the degree in which you want to be.

It is a shift within a shift within a shift. It is the big event now unfolding within your reality :

I am referring to the embodying of your I AM Presence and the exile of your alter ego.

I am also referring to the cutting of all the strings that still keep you attached to the one-sided point of view and to the old familiar ways of being.

Release all limitations, all old limiting contracts, family patterns, genetic lineages and old connections.

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Spiritual awakening

We Are Creating the New 5D Earth.



We live in a wonderful time! And every passing day approaches the end of a long Cycle. That shows us the New Age.

What a privilege at this moment to witness this, and participate in the great event of planetary transition!

Planet Earth has arrived at the most important crossroads in our civilisation, while nobody seems to notice, or to care about.

The globalists with the help of the political establishment, have done great damage to our society, industry and culture.

They are now panicking because all over the world their corruption is being recognised and confirmed.

This is the last chance to save our interests and civilisation. It is now or never, today,

the whole world should know that the world powers with their New World Order are bent on destroying humanity through poison injections.

Promoted with many lies by the corporate media, which is not in the least interested in journalism, but only in promoting the political global agenda. the destruction of civilisation and humanity.

But as you see the world out there as a macrocosm of you as an individual, then you get it. Then you realize that pushing against anything is only pushing against the self.

When you understand that, and you recognize that your work lies within yourself, you can put down your picket signs and let go of the petition that you are clutching in your dominant hand,

and you can recognize that in order to create a better, more harmonious world, you must start with you.

This is something we see more and more people doing as they see the futility in the more traditional approach.

The more traditional approaches have been to make the changes politically through protests, through marches, through changing laws.

As a human in form to be awakened to life can be quite delightful, so continue resetting your daily intent to be only loving whatever arises, and trust that Mother God’s plan is unfolding precisely as She intends.

You are most dearly loved in every moment of your existence, and any sense of unworthiness, inadequacy, or, God forbid, sinfulness that you may feel arising within you is completely invalid.

You are utterly and completely worthy to rest always in God’s Presence, as you are doing in every moment, and without interruption.

Love never ignores or dismisses, It always and only welcomes.

Love is the life force that empowers your bodies, It is eternal, It is everlasting, It is who you truly are.

While, as you well understand, your bodies are very temporary conveyances to enable you to experience life in form as physical beings, seemingly separate from one another,

you are presently incarnate because you have chosen to participate so lovingly and courageously in the awakening process.

You are all doing magnificent work, so do not concern yourselves with the lack of positive feedback.

The energy of Love that you are each sharing and extending is having an enormous effect worldwide.

Visit some of the true and genuine non mainstream web sites reporting on the many beautiful things that are occurring,

very much as a result of so many positively participating in the collective awakening process,

and realize that your daily resetting of your intent to be only loving is an absolutely essential and irreplaceable aspect of this process.

The less traditional approaches have also been shown to work by studies that have been conducted. Less traditional approaches include prayer and meditation.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence as well that positive thinking works for the positive thinker, and when you get enough of the awakened collective to focus on something positive,

something that is wanted for humanity, then you really have accessed your power.

That’s what more of the awakened ones have been doing, and that’s why we feel so happy with the progress that we feel within the collective consciousness there.

As you continue to gather in small groups, no matter how small, or even by connecting through the Internet, and you set your intention for something positive for humanity, the impact is enormous.

You are creating the fifth-dimensional Earth, also known as the New Earth.

You are creating it first by realizing that there is a problematic society that needs changing.

There are systems that are flawed and corrupted. You first recognize what the problems are, and then initially, you do resist them, and that’s normal and that’s okay.

That shows that you are passionate and that your desires for change are strong, and those things help in the creation of the new.

But eventually, you stop resisting, and you remember that the power lies within you to create these changes without having to topple any regimes,

without having to film a documentary series about what’s wrong with this or that.

So, remind yourselves frequently that your true and only nature is Love, and just by doing that you invite It into your hearts and then allow It to flow though you with total freedom

to engage and interact with everyone you ever bring to mind for even the briefest of moments.

Just by being you are sharing and spreading Love so that It may penetrate and dissolve the barriers that the fearful ones have constructed around themselves.

Truly, these fearful ones desperately want only to be loved. However, at some point in their human lives they have been very badly traumatized and have come to believe themselves to be utterly unlovable.

With a belief like that, even though it is deeply buried below their level of conscious awareness, it concocts within them a deeply felt need for anger, hatred, and resentment, which they then project onto others.

This gives them a brief sense of satisfaction as they see others suffering, the same suffering that they are refusing to acknowledge within themselves.

These people need your love, so do not withhold it from them as they do from others, it does not and cannot bring them any lasting peace or satisfaction, whereas your loving intentions can and do.

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Spiritual awakening

Message From The Awakening.



There is much light here. In the warmer months it is all light.

We have been in the dark night and now we are coming into the light, just as humanity is coming into their realization of who they are.

Do not fear the discoveries that are to be relayed. It should be a great relief to humanity to know that they are not alone in the universe,

that they are not the most advanced, and that they do not have all the answers. Humanity will be required to accept this.

When one is humble they are ripe for learning. It is time to open up to more learning of past truths that you will re-remember. It is time to remember.

Remember ice and dark are all about perception. The darkness cannot exist in the presence of the light.

I am showing this one ice caving, how vital the battery packs of the flashlights are, and how dark it is without the light, and how stunningly beautiful it is when the light glistens on the crystals.

There are wonders in ice that are beyond words. Wonders and beauties abound in my realm.

There is much to be discovered and discussed among the people. The leaders already know, which is why it is so quarantined off from the world.

But as you already know, over the centuries it was religion that distorted true spiritual knowledge in order to subjugate the consciousness of people

and hide from them the limitless Divine potential of man, given to him from birth.

And now you see what a difference there is between fanatically religious people and no matter what religious denomination they belong to

and those who simply live according to their conscience, guided in their lives by the Laws of the Universe, which are eternal and not subject to distortion.

Some follow these Laws intuitively, which is typical of very ancient souls who have incarnated many times on Earth,

while others deliberately make efforts to monitor their thoughts and actions,

comparing them with the Laws of the Universe and being aware of the consequences of their violation.

An observant person who knows how to soberly and objectively evaluate himself will definitely see the cause-and-effect chains of all events in his life and draw certain conclusions so as not to repeat his mistakes.

Slow down and create space for your healing process, de-stress your life as much as possible going forward, at least until we get past the eclipses!

Know that healing from your trauma is an act of courage.

It takes emotional and mental courage to move through the blocks in healing trauma, such as denial , confusion, fear, blame, shame and acting out.

Have compassion for yourself and others right now we are at the deepest apex of our trauma wounding.

Participate in activities that are healing, grounding and nurturing for you.

It is common when facing trauma or difficult experiences to feel overwhelm,

or have suicidal thoughts and feelings (what is the point, who cares about me anyway, there is no point going on or even being here).

Get help if needed! Shift your spiritual lens: instead look at it like you are in an initiatory process. You are being called to discover the unknown resources of power within you!

Rely on your health and wellness support team, create boundaries where needed, only share with those you trust,

perhaps have someone who will watch your back as your process unfolds. Be with those right now who feel safe to you.

I transmute with my presence. I breathe light and love into the crystals of ice and earth, the wind, the rain, the storms are filled with Source light.

This balances Gaia and keeps her poles more stable. They have been wobbling.

There is planetary instability currently, for she is undergoing the shift. You know this as you feel it.

The sun is unnaturally bright just as it is prior to a massive emission. And all things are lining up, Source driven, creation driven, love driven.

Children be at peace.The world is topsy turvy and will continue to be this way for a time. But not for all time.

Never for all time. There is always hope. You are never alone. The whales that swim in my icy waters travel in pods.

You need to find your people, your pods. Find your pods, beloved ones of the deep that are bringing light to the dark places.

It is time for the ground crew to find each other. When you shine your lights others will see it and will find you more easily.

But what happens to believers who try to live according to God’s commandments ?

For many of them, this comes not from the heart, but from the mind from fear of punishment,

as well as from the habit of submitting to someone else’s will and following all the instructions of religious spiritual mentors.

Of course, among them there are many bright people, and yet religious dogma binds a person hand and foot,

not allowing him to fully reveal his Divine potential to realize that he is a true part of the Creator, and not a slave of God.

But recently, many ancient and pure souls are beginning to gradually move away from dogmatic official religions,

feeling their limitations, and to look for an alternative to them in esoteric knowledge, which is now necessary for man like air.

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