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Spiritual awakening

The Next Step.



Many are going to make an important transition this coming year, as numerous opportunities cross your path.

Do not be frightened by them and make your choice from calmness. Do not reject this confrontational change, but take a short break and direct your attention to the stillness within yourself.

Choose from your heart, but do not hesitate too long. As suddenly as it can appear, so suddenly can it disappear again. Be on your guard because deception is there too.

That said, your souls, and therefore I, have been crying out for a cessation of so much pain and hardship and separation there on Earth.

And you have been heard. For indeed, there has been so much suffering on your beautiful Blue planet that people have for the most part not been able to experience the joyful parts of existence.

In large part, you have been blocked from having the experiences that you wish to have,

and then you were told that it was your own fault that you could not achieve what mathematically only very few people would be able to achieve.

For your current system is built to have a big and destitute underclass. It is mathematically impossible for everyone to climb out of poverty in the current system as it is structured now.

The time has come for me to make a new promise to you, my Earth children.

My promise to you is this: you will have the freedom to explore and experience what you wish to experience, so long as you don’t limit that same freedom in others.

We are now on the way home. The loops we made on our journey from source or not only created from our human lives but from all the ways we have explored creation.

This could include lives as an elemental, a whale, a dragon, or a galactic being. All expressions of creation in all realms and realities of existence have been explored.

On our journey home, we will come into Union within of our Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, with all the incarnations, archetypes, and expressions.

This was a journey of expansion, of getting to know who we truly are from every dimension, reality, and parallel world.

I asked spirit how long the journey home to Source would take, and I was shown that some will make huge loops , while others will make smaller loops, retracing the same space multiple times.

Your galactic brothers and sisters, as well as my angels and other beings made of love and wisdom and light and starlight, have heard my decree that Earth shall be free.

There is an unprecedented amount of help available, and every day more and more beings are directing their attention towards supporting Earth and Earth humans.

Every day the light shines more and more brightly there on Earth, revealing more and more.

Every day the energy on Earth rises. The clock is turning against those who would keep things in the shadows.

In reality as you perceive it, it will still take some time for your freedom to arrive, because it is my choice that you and the galactics experience your liberation process, for it is such a rare experience to have.

Know that you are being supported in ways seen and unseen. There will be unbelievably effective healing available in the future,

and those who die before that point will receive everything they need in either the halls of the afterlife or in the heavenly realms,

and will then be free to choose a new life as they see fit. No one is forgotten. No one is left behind.

The great shift from old to new can lead to wonderful things, with many new groupings emerging. new opportunities will come along, don’t miss them.

It can overwhelm you and do you become exhausted as a result? Then pay close attention when your boundary is brought down.

Do not become overconfident, but stay well grounded. Mother Earth’s energy helps you along your path, but always make the connection.

Feel her energy and feel the body you came here with, connect the two and then look up. The crown opens to the cosmic energy, allowing the living light to enter you.

The energetic antennae on the head turn toward the cosmos and start to connect, it opens the mind to a new birth.

This new birth will settle in your heart and when the ratio gets stuck it becomes anxious, switch to your feelings and let your inner light shine.

Ask for help on your path and the world of light will help you.

Choose the path of change and make the switch from a good feeling. You will see that you can deal better and better with the new opportunities that keep presenting themselves.

It is an extraordinary process and certainly not boring. Don’t get overexcited by the many events that arise around you.

The economy is also going in many directions, causing much turmoil. Some of it seems to be going well, while on the other side so much appears to be going wrong. Here too, find the center of this situation and stand firm.

In the heart of the storm where silence reigns and the overview becomes clear you can discern what suits you. Direct your focus there.

Today we went on a hike, and instead of making our usual loop, we decided to turn around at a certain point.

On the way back, my husband says. Oh wow, I haven’t seen the trail from this vantage point before.

we saw different trees, rock formations, and alcoves of beauty.

That’s when I fully got it We are going to see it all now through a different vantage point. With this will come new and beautiful understandings.

As we look around our world, it can be difficult to reconcile all that has taken place through the eons. Yet, that is exactly what we are being asked to do.

It is the understanding that we have done it all, been it all, and played all the roles. We have been light, dark, and every shade in between.

As we unwind from this experience, we will find our hearts opening fully, the density of this experience lifting away, and true oneness.

The more that we are able to reconcile our experiences and let them go, the more ease and grace we will feel on our return trip home.

In order to partake in being a fractal of Source fully, we took on the illusion of separation. We did this through programming, beliefs, and even the wounds we hold. All this must be undone.

It will be a lot, but also a special year of deepening. Deep in your heart you know that this is about to happen.

The dream memory opens up through the cosmic consciousness and therefore you know how it is.

You also know which direction to take in order to expand higher consciousness toward self-realization.Everything is totally different this Year

Train yourself to travel to the inner light, where your true power is present. There where a new intelligence is born it can lead you to an appropriate solution.

Those who want to stay in the old are fighting against themselves. Recognize this and not moving forward in a process, let go of the old form! Dare to step into the unknown.

Outside of you, chaos rages around you like a storm and you usually have no control over it, direct your focus on what you can change.

The transition is embraced by the youthful, they have been waiting for this opening. Now they can rise into the new power of the new future.

In this great shift, many are exposed to extreme changes. From your own beliefs you can begin to speak, opening others and allowing them to connect with this intention. Love and compassion forms the connection in everything.

Bring love to the Middle Point of Balance and everything becomes Clear.

Each of us is a fragment of Source; all of creation is, and each of us has held separation within to varying degrees.

Now it is time to reconcile the experience and return home to oneness.

We do this by observing. Observing when we go into blame, shame, guilt, judgment, obligation, rage.

These big emotions are all doorways to programming and wounding lies unresolved within.

We don’t work from a level of reconciling the lives as a rock or a whale; we work with what is presenting itself right here, right now.

We work with the big concepts and themes that present themselves daily, for these have been part of much of our existence.

You may be experiencing dreams, memories, and deep knowings as you begin your journey home.

It can be quite overwhelming physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can feel like you are processing lifetimes of stuff because you are.

It is not an easy time. So much is in our faces. Simultaneously the world would like to keep us wrapped in fear and limitation.

It can feel like trying to meditate in the middle of Disney World; it will take us removing ourselves from the noise and being dedicated to our growth.

Without a doubt, though, the path home is clear and lit up; it is through the reconciliation of all the experiences of creation.

Clearly, not everyone has lived in that mindset. Most light workers are much more invested in people than in profit, and many,

many have suffered because they were at odds with the prevailing mass consciousness that was subliminally programmed into society.

With time, rising vibrations, increased numbers of light workers incarnating and the spiritual evolution of humanity, this has changed.

The 5D focus is Service to Others. But and this is important, especially for light workers if you give everything and make everyone else your priority, you have no time, energy or interest in yourself.

You have already invested all your life force, your energy, in others. While that may not be a terrible thing on the surface, it is out of balance, therefore it is a distortion. It is the Martyr Paradigm.

Without balance, you move out of divine flow. Allowing yourself time, energy and resources is important. Actually, it’s crucial. It’s fundamental.

Each is becoming aware of the deep well of emotions underneath. Spirit understands that, for many, this has been an arduous time.

Yet, it is a vital time as much has been uncovered, and more will continue to be revealed. Much is stirring deep within.

All of it strives to give us a choice. The moment we observe something is the moment there is a choice.

We can either continue ignoring what we see and feel, or we begin to make shifts, no matter how small.

What my team has shared with me recently is that the spin or rotation moving in a different direction is not just uncovering the hidden, but it’s leading us home. Home to our truth and totality.

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Spiritual awakening

Awaken Now into Reality



We want you to know that we are seeing what is happening on Earth, and that it is not acceptable what is being done to you.

The people behind the scenes are breaking galactic law. Or on a more practical level,

it is not acceptable that they are lying to you, manipulating you, withholding information from you and are trying to control you.

From our end, we are working as hard as we can to help you. A number of Pleiadians have already died in our overall campaign to help you.

I say this to illustrate that we are absolutely committed to helping our Earthling brothers and sisters. We will continue until this job is over and we will succeed.

The Light is absolutely going to win and the future of Earth and humanity is very bright.

That said, the current situation is far from over. And there is unfortunately a limit to how quickly we Pleiadians are able to move.

My primary message to you is: you are stronger than you know.

This statement, you are stronger than you know, is true on many levels.

On one level, it is true that you are able to overcome more adversity than you think you will. When push comes to shove, you nearly always rise to the occasion, which is a great trait of earthlings.

When it comes down to it, nearly always you will be able to succeed and progress, if you commit to something and put your mind to it.

Even if earthlings fail, typically they learn from that and pick themselves back up after a while.

In both cases, nearly always there’s forward progress if an earthling commits to something and takes action.

Your encoded light is your key to remembering who you truly are and what you have come here to do on Earth.

You were born onto this planet with specific instructions, which we can say are not just geared towards the planet’s evolution but also the evolution of humanity itself.

It is a beautiful part of your journey that you have each come here with a similar intention and purpose.

There are many magnificent waves that are consistently washing in and out with increasing strength, frequency, and duration.

Many of you are able to feel these more strongly as the old foundation of belief erodes and shifts, bringing forth a new awareness of your own pure expression.

This is a time where the action is the key to success, the key to walking through this journey of integration and embodiment.

It is so very important that you keep in mind that your heart desires a way of living that is in harmony, balance, and peace with all beings, including yourself.

Your heart will always guide you back home to the truth of who you are as an eternal being. You have always been loved, protected, and held by the Divine Presence.

The truth of your multidimensional reality has always existed within your being, but it is now much more tangible, real, and practical for you to access this higher wisdom to support your daily life.

Many people hold onto old beliefs, which is why they suffer from anxiety and depression. They have not realized that they are in control of their lives and that their thoughts create their reality.

Our thoughts create our reality. If you think about something enough, it comes into existence in your physical life.

You can use your imagination to change your life from one of struggle and fear to one of success and happiness.

What you believe becomes your reality it is as simple as that. That is why it is important to stay positive and calm at all times, even though everything around us seems crazy and chaotic.

Soon, there will be a time when man will live together in harmony with each other and all life on our beautiful planet.

Our physical bodies will become light bodies, and we will be able to travel anywhere in the universe with just thought.

You are in the midst of a great spiritual awakening. You are here to help raise consciousness on Earth and to prepare for your ascension into the fifth dimension.

Every day, you are faced with choices that lead you down one path or another. But there is much more going on than what can be seen with your physical eyes.

We understand that you will not be able to instantly unlock these abilities. We are not even advising you to directly work on unlocking these abilities.

The vast majority of you would be better served by just working on improving your life in the conventional way.

This includes taking care of yourself and if you have the space for it, working through your old pain and letting your emotions express themselves.

Or by choosing some project or area of your life and working on that.

You are more powerful than you know. You can do more than you think you can. You are more resilient and strong than you realize.

If you put your mind to it, you can do nearly anything. Even if you fail at something,

usually you’ll learn very valuable lessons along the way and usually it’s a net benefit to you, to have tried and failed at something.

You also don’t have to jump to the top of a mountain at once. It’s perfectly fine to take small incremental steps on your way to the top.

In many cases, it’s effective to brainstorm a rough outline of what steps you’ll need to take and to then just start working on one of the steps, without worrying about all the other steps.

Over-researching everything before you start, frequently just leads to paralysis. Slow and steady action is the best antidote to worry.

As you move up the dimensional scale and through time, you will be able to remember your purpose for going there,

and you will be able to move in a way that offers support on any scale that is required, from individual to group.

You are multidimensional individuals living as one while still being separate. However, your harmony with each other is an indication of how far things have moved forward.

You are emerging as a planet into full consciousness as a process, and this process has not only been isolated to Earth.

Other planets in your solar system and beyond are now stepping into higher levels of consciousness as well.

This is the true template for Earth’s ascension. It is not just about what happens on Earth but also about what happens throughout the solar system and Universe.

This is a whole new paradigm shift that is being considered by those who know what is taking place.

Many have grown tired of living in fear, hate, and mistrust, and it is now time to return to love, peace, and harmony.

Their souls are longing for this change, but their lower self may be afraid of it. It is up to them to follow their heart’s desires or let themselves be fooled by their fears and doubts.

You are so much more than you can possibly imagine. You are a divine being of pure light that has chosen to incarnate on Earth in order to help with the shift. I am here to make it easier for you.

My mission is to assist you in this final phase of the shift.

There is no greater purpose than this because this is what your soul has been working towards.

All of the challenges and hardships that you experience on a daily basis are part of your soul’s plan they are experiences that will make you grow and expand as a divine being.

They will make you evolve into something greater than yourself, something beyond what you have ever imagined possible.

The shift is not something distant or abstract it is happening right now, in every moment, and it is happening inside each one of us.

Many people might think that they do not feel any changes happening inside them, but I assure them that they are there.

Some people like you are able to see this change in yourself as well as in others because you allow yourself to be aware of such things.

While others remain blind because they fear what will happen if they open their eyes and their hearts to their true nature their true divine nature but there is nothing to fear!

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Spiritual awakening

The First Contact Process Has Begun



We are very pleased to be tuned in to the human collective consciousness at this time, and we know that many of you are joining us in tuning in to the collective consciousness of humanity.

We know that so many of you are helpers. You have identified yourselves as lightworkers, changemakers, wayshowers, and so on, and you want to be a part of the solution.

You want to be one who contributes mightily to the evolution of consciousness there on Earth amongst your fellow humans,

and if you can step back from the drama that is the divisiveness of much of what is going on in the world today,

and you can observe from that higher plateau where you can see what is going on, then you can be of greater service to your fellow humans.

We are now living in a time where there is a great shift happening and the Earth is moving into another dimension.

Because of this shift, many people, young and old, are going to find themselves on a spiritual journey wanting to understand and know more about life, their purpose, and anything beyond themselves.

Many people today are beginning to ask more questions, music and movies are delving more into spiritual themes.

We are living in a time where everything is being questioned and fortunately answers are being provided.

There are those among us who are seekers, and also those among us who are here to answer questions.

This post today is about those of you who have embraced your spirituality through some form.

My goal in this post is to show those of you who are waking up to yourself, the talent that is coded and locked within you, how to recognize it, how to know when it is happening, and how to grow further.

However this must be at a pace made for you by your higher self, we cannot rush life, and although many people want to be apart of the spiritual world in terms of practice,

practice is not for everyone regardless of what is bestowed upon them.

The time has come for us all to become one with Source Energy once again.

This is our opportunity to wake up from our trance-like state and begin living from our heart center instead of what others tell us or think about us!

It is time for every soul on planet Earth to step into their greatness and begin shining like bright stars on this earthly plane.

This process was accelerated many years ago when we were given permission by the Galactic Federation to start sending out more teams of beings to help us transform our world into a place where love can be experienced by everyone on Earth.

Since then, we have been working diligently in preparation for this momentous occasion.

Now that it has arrived, I want to share some information about what’s ahead for all of us as we enter this new era of peace and prosperity on Earth:

The next several months will be marked by change and uncertainty.

Many of the changes are already underway, such as the transition to new technologies such as the installation of free power generation facilities on our planet.

Other changes are in progress, such as the transition of the human race to higher consciousness.

This transition is known as ascension, and it is expected to experience another major shift happening soon.

The last few years have seen a rapid rise in awareness about what is happening on Earth and in our solar system.

We have been receiving more and more information about our role in this amazing adventure that is unfolding before us.

We are not alone in this journey there are millions of other beings who are part of our family, who love us and want us to succeed.

They are helping us through their actions and intentions, which you can see and feel every day.

Everything that you do, and think, and say, not only affects your reality and the timeline you are currently on;

you are affecting the multiverse with everything that you are offering vibrationally, energetically, and with your actions.

That is how powerful you are, and when you tap in and you see what is needed, what is being reflected back to you, then you know exactly what you need to do.

You know exactly where the love is most needed; you know exactly where to send the healing, and that is how being tuned in helps.

You don’t need to know what to fight against, who the bad ones are, and who needs to be locked up.

You don’t need to know any of that to do the good that you are there to do. You don’t need to know what secret battles are happening in outer space or there on Earth.

You don’t need to be a part of that divisiveness, but if you are made aware of a reality where something is going on, some sort of conflict,

some battles between various factions, then you send love to everyone involved instead of picking up your sword and joining the fight.

When a person is on a spiritual path, a path of finding out who they are, their spiritual gift, and possibly the purpose of why they are on Earth, the non-physical world needs to interact with the person.

This is one of the first things that will happen to a person who is growing spiritually.

Perhaps not to everyone because not everyone can deal with hearing from the spirit realms, only those who have particularly come for this purpose.

Waking up to your spirituality can happen many different ways and this depends on if you have work to do through spirituality.

In this case, Lorette did, and this work was identified or marked upon her since she was a small child, hence why it began at such a young age.

What I will explain below are for those who have embraced their spirituality in some way, most especially those who become initiated into a tradition or spiritual house.

Many will begin to receive gifts but most will not know what is happening and it can be a very jarring experience.

Ascension is not just a spiritual process; it also involves physical transformations that will take place on all levels of existence: physical body, emotional body, and mental body.

These changes will affect every aspect of your being from your outward appearance to your inner life and they will bring about an entirely new way of living on Earth with all its beauty and glory!

We are here to support your journey back into wholeness with who you are, and we are also here to guide you back into wholeness with all that is.

This is the time for you to make a choice for you because it is through this that you will begin to see how your heart has been carefully designed by the Universe and how there is a sacred structure contained within every cell of your body.

By making a conscious choice to allow yourself to listen to and feel what is being presented to you in every moment,

you begin to understand who you are, becoming more aware of your energy that expands far beyond the physical body.

You become more sensitive towards allowing yourself to sense into another person’s energy space, which in turn allows you to sense the distorted illusions and energies.

This potential of sensing into another’s energy space can allow some individuals to create an energetic bridge between all people, bringing a connection that unifies, bringing a return back to balance once again.

As this connection is then recognized by both parties, and as they both embrace their unique Divine expression of themselves, then there becomes a purity of love that emerges and connects these two individuals together.

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Spiritual awakening

The Diamond Light Council



A field of high diamond light is created and this field opens a great spiritual portal to the fifth dimension.

Those who want to join the field of higher love can step on board. We then make the spiritual journey to the new earth together, it becomes a special adventure.

The preparations are set in motion and they come to you at a wonderful moment of awakening. Focus your attention on this phenomenon and it will come to you.

It is simple, turn your heart to divine love and ask if you can be included in the field of diamond energy, it is a pure and pure energy.

The primordial source from which the diamond light is born will flow and will be infinitely and abundantly present.

The Mary Energy has prepared all this and through the holy grail the energy vibrates higher.

Much more can now open up in your consciousness. The etheric vehicle is going to perfect itself and with this vehicle you can travel in different dimensions.

The diamond vehicle of mine, Ashtar will join it and welcome you.

Meeting other life forms is not so far away from you anymore

In order not to become overstimulated, your frequency is often increased during sleep.

In this way you learn step by step to make a connection with this higher field of transmutation, so that this new knowledge comes to you in a natural way.

I had been taught about this years ago during my spiritual initiation. I had even met some people in the World of Spirit way before I met them in the physical world.

During the times that I was being taught this, my spirit guides literally took me (my spirit) and carried me to different realms.

While growing up, I lived with a mother that feared death and sickness greatly. And as I grew, I feared them also.

It was not until I became awake that I realized that just as life was an illusion, so was death.

I did not understand it, and this was part of the initiation process that I said was jarring to my mind.

Here, it is important that I mention to you all that the Awakening is most recently a word many people have become fond of using carelessly.

Many people believe that saying I’m awake! is an announcement of an absolute arrival, when in fact, waking up is a continuous process that never ends.

When I met people in the World of Spirit before meeting them in real life, it is easy to assume those experiences to be prophetic messages of the future, but they were not.

What I was being taught then was many things, one of which was that time does not exist.

You see, everything is happening like a ball of light moving continuously in a circle, but because of the human concept of time, humans have sloooowed down the manifestation of events.

So, in the case of people I met in the World of Spirit before meeting them in real life,

the reason I met their spirits first is because they have already died (or transitioned to another realm) but the physical has not yet caught up to that reality.

A few years ago, I was told by spirit that some people are from the future, and at the time, it made sense to me. But the spirit also told me that the past does not exist.

The Galactic Federation has been working with us for many years, helping us to recognize and understand our divine potential as well as our responsibility to create a new world based on love and peace.

The time has come for us to take our next steps forward through this exciting period of transition and growth.

Our goal is simple: to evolve into new levels of consciousness where all of our hearts are open and loving towards one another as well as towards all living creatures on Earth.

The Galactic Federation has been in contact with us since we met as a small group of individuals on Earth.

They were able to recognize our spiritual light and nature before we could recognize ourselves as spiritual beings.

Their job is to help us awaken as a species and connect with our true essence within. This process is well underway now and will continue until all of humanity has awakened to their divine nature.

In addition to being able to communicate with us telepathically,

they have also been able to send us messages through their advanced technology and through the ambassadors who have been helping them with this process ever since their arrival here on Earth.

The Galactic Federation has always been here for us, not only during times of crisis but also throughout our evolutionary journey on planet Earth.

The time has come to make contact with them in order to begin our ascension process through which we will become an intergalactic species.

When you enter the field of diamond light, you experience a great power. During this reset, a deep conversion is observed, in which emotions can also come into movements.

Thoughts and images come along and sometimes you receive a download, this download contains knowledge that belongs to you and has arisen from many lives.

This is who you really are, remember what your original state of being is.

If you focus your attention on politics, you will begin to see the truths of it. Or if you focus on another regular area, such as the assistance, then you will see how it is.

Maybe you are more interested in economics, art or your own work, then this book will open up before your eyes.

You don’t have to make big movements to make a change somewhere. Open the other person’s eyes so that this seed will grow. See the gaps and solve them together.

Re-pass on the new insights formed by the Light and talk about them. Share these with each other and come together to discuss the solution.

Once this is set in motion, a new spiritual energy begins to flow into the hearts of man.

Concrete plans will emerge from this and somewhere in the silence, in the background, a new basis is formed.

Once you have reached the point where the spiritual Divine Light in you has opened up again, you will be directly connected to this invisible field.

This field is going to work together with your etheric vehicle.

The frequency of this invisible field is high and loving, you will see:

everything suddenly starts to flow automatically and many circuits are made into a whole before your eyes. These seem like miracles.

Don’t be discouraged if a lower vibration comes up right next to you and distracts you. Certain nasty situations also go along with the conversion.

Follow your heart, in what you can do or not do. Protect yourself well, because everyone has their own responsibility.

There are many people living in this reality that we all acknowledge, that have already checked out, but it would take years before their physical body leaves the Earth.

The interesting thing about this is that even though all time is simultaneous, all simultaneous realities are also not real.

Do not become confused, but try to follow me here. As a diviner, if I had not seen it in the World of Spirit but had met him in real life, would he have still died?

Perhaps, and perhaps not. When I had given him the warning in real life, he simply laughed and told me he does not believe in these things , and of course did not heed my warning.

But what if I never saw him in the World of Spirit? Would his response have been the same?

The thing is because I had already witnessed him in that reality, when I met him in the physical reality,

what made this event into something that can not be changed is the fact that both realities had now met. So him being in the Spirit World was a done deal, it was now time for his physical body to catch up.

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