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JOIN THE 144,000 …!!! On 14Th On February



it isn’t too late, in case you feel the call it’s far because you’ve got already selected… people who select are the chosen ones.

It is not a number of but a vibration which holds the frequency signature of divine truth and divine sovereignty.

it is time to keep your self and raise above any worry and deceit and step into your sacred heart sanctum and concentrate to the undistorted truth,

now not what is projected to you from the outside, however own the fact this is inherent for your heart.

You need no one to control you or “enslave you” and tell you what’s right or incorrect, and neither do you want every body to prevent. you’re the christed one and want to obey nobody but the one.

you are responsible to no one, however the Almighty one. Get naked drop the masks and stand tall because the truth keeper you got here right here to be.

Any soul is aware of deep inside their heart in their christed essence, their divine soul mighty i am. however do you pay attention….

or is it more secure to permit others decide for you, to follow a written script and story… and avoid asking questions.

That certainly is a choice that many are facing right now. you may resurrect and rise from any “ignorance” or from any denial with the blink of the eye by using transcending the attachment

or need to consider within the narrative outside authorities are presenting to you through external events, programming, infiltrations, distortions or story by turning within and pay attention.

Even if you have previously been residing in denial, it isn’t always too late to open your self up to a new truth, to open to what your heart knows to be true, but scary it might be to have your world turned upside down.

you can try to push it apart for so and so long… it is like a snow ball that is getting bigger and larger and the greater and the longer you withstand,

the extra painful it will be, when it eventually catches up with you an roll you over whilst you’ll be pressured to stand a new fact, but if you consider your heart and surrender

you’ll discover solace and all of the aid you need to face whatever it is you were scared of seeing and accepting as fact.. as reality.

BEing present with what is. being present and to be had to divine truth, that’s inherent in you, which is inherent in all matters independently of the external story,

whether or not it’s the collective narrative or your private story, will set you free from all worry and from all mind controle.

Jeshua whilst telling the crippled one to get up and stroll, he referred to us growing above the story.

thru this resurrection of our constrained mindset we are able to step into sovereignty and rise above any limitations any story,

that our mind has adapted and given power to. Wasn´t that what loved Jeshua proven whilst raising Lazarus from the lifeless…

Yee shall do more things. Yee shall carry out miracles. Miracles is nothing else than herbal law and what begins to happen,

when we are in alignment with and healthy our frequency with the natural float and regulation and alchemy of creation.

the entirety is power, everything is awareness, while we become conscious players and co-creators, we end up alchemical equipment, instruments of divine will transferring, blending, shaping cognizance into realities in vibrational in shape to our divine purpose.

We begin to write our own tale independently on what goes on on the outside, although we’re still part of that truth timeline, we will transcend it vibrationally.

In different phrases being in this timeline where This Virus exists and is defined as a existence threatening decease,

it will be actual to people who believe and feed that tale. To individuals who don´t it will reason no harm.

Bottomline all is a soul preference consciously or unconsciously. those which can be unwilling to see truth and deliver their strength to a programmed narrative,

can be helping that and as you’ve got seen a lot of human beings especially these days are protecting the collective narrative aggressively to avoid to step into their sovereignty.

And yet others have fallen into stasis.. a country of apathy and loosing believe in the divine plan.

the choice is made and serves some thing plan and training the soul has set up for the individual to develop and evolve from.

thus we can’t or should no longer choose anyone´s direction or alternatives, but be in 0-factor neutrality with out a attachments to their tale, otherwise we get drawn into their tale and the collective narrative.

This of direction is a challenge whilst we’re coping with parents, companions or the ones pricey to our hearts.

but it will serve nobody to try and awaken any other or intention to force them to look matters your manner.

you could provide intel, offer a different attitude, however if it isn’t always acquired openheartedly do now not waste extra strength as it will best meet resistance and will effect your own vibration and draw you into their tale.

instead focus on cleaning and removing any proscribing ideals or programming, which are being projected to you to maintain you disempowered by worry.

Be diligent in keeping your vibration excessive as an observer of the narrative, but now not in it. Be discerning of what you supply your energy to.

keep heart focused, remind yourself, you determine what is real or now not by what you feed and provide your power to. this is the hallmark of divine sovereignty and demonstrates real mastery.

As you have accomplished that, subsequent level above sovereignty is natural transcendence, the alchemization into natural recognition, transpersonal exsistence past the attachments of I,

where you merge with the monadic essence oversoul, that’s 14th dimensional life past any preconditioned story.

in case you sense called to step up and reclaim your god given inheritance of divine abundance as a sovereign dwelling soul, be a part of us on the 14th of February inside the surge of the new moon of recent beginnings,

of a new cognizance and new tale to reinstore divine order with the support of our beloved Arcturian galactic family of light in a international group mass clearing and dna activation,

in which we will join forces as one heart, one humans to reclaim and claim our sovereignty and divine inheritance of prosperity and abundance and reverse the inverted collective narrative.

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New Awakenings.



New awakenings have been seeded across your earth plane.

This happening took place at a launching moment of what we call the sacred event at the time of the full moon during your last calendar month.

This event has brought forth a pure light radiance on Earth, a frequency rarely ever seen within the Universe.

These sacred seeds have now taken root, they are beginning to germinate. This germination has created an evolutionary phase through a series of frequency light forms,

which are interacting within the magnetic core of Earth and then radiating outwards across the planet.

If you’re facing the end of a relationship or life situation you probably cringe when you hear the phrase time to move on.

You may have to do that but you don’t want to. You may be facing an ending that you did not want,

did not ask for, and hoped would never happen but here you are and you have to deal with it and move on.

Moving on is that space between endings and beginnings,

the limbo that we find ourselves in when we are forced to acknowledge that the path we are on is no longer going to work for us and we have to find something else.

It’s not fun, it’s frustrating and it makes us feel helpless and powerless

but we do not have other options so we have to deal with the ending and navigate our way through the limbo and learn how to move on.

When we are in moving on limbo we are untethered, anchorless, and rudderless.

The energetic forces that once drove our beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions are no longer appropriate or relevant.

And because we are moving on from a relationship or situation that required a huge contribution of our energy we have lost our set point and our focus which is why we can feel so purposeless, ungrounded, and anxious.

I love being on this sacred land in Alice Springs. The natural forces seem to fully embrace me, different than elsewhere, almost as though my Heart is a natural extension of this energetic arena.

I can express this unfolding as there being a constant Hum within the landscape and I am part of that Hum and simultaneously the Hum is active within me.

I am naturally letting go more with each passing day, allowing the Hum to reshape me.

I am aware of a process of the shedding of many of the old shells that I have been holding onto from the past aspect of my humanity.

The Pleiadians are continuing to guide me as I move into my evolving framework of Being.

There is so much more that I understand about the Journey, my past experiences of being human, and moving forward into the multidimensional moments as they present themselves to me.

From a third dimensional perspective you are still witnessing the drama and intensity playing out on your planet.

This playout is designed to continue for some time to come. Do not be distracted by illusion.

Your mission at this juncture is to be committed to the light, the truth and to hold a steady energetic platform of light for the planet.

Utilize the multidimensional form of your Heart as the pathway back to a steady reference point, like a light compass guiding you forward.

These new seeds that are germinating, from the event, arise from the God consciousness state, and carry the pure intelligence of the higher light.

They are designed to telepathically interact directly into your Heart cells.

As you align consciously into your Heart you are now enabled to receive clearer intuitive guidance of your God consciousness essence, which is your sacred makeup.

This is the plan for your returning, always destined to take place at this time.

Conscious choice is everything to do with the ultimate plan, for those of you in human form to be the ones to change the energetic platform of Earth.

Collectively your Hearts can create the energetic manifestation of transmutation of light on the planet. A picture, Heaven descending onto your earth plane.

This is not just about romantic relationships, it is about every life situation that runs out of energy road,

that no longer fits or works for us, and that we are no longer aligned with and no longer resonate with.

There is an emotional ending but there is also an energetic ending. But this isn’t one-sided.

The other person, people, or the situation are no longer aligned with and don’t resonate with us either.

Maybe it’s because we have shifted and they can no longer connect with us.

Or maybe it’s because we will no longer meet their energy needs and they will go find someone else to do their bidding.

When we have to move on we must acknowledge that in spite of our best efforts, in spite of our most inspired moves and actions,

in spite of everything we have done and tried, we did not get the results we wanted and worse it did not turn out anything at all like we wanted or hoped.

Remember each one of us holds a unique divine frequency of light within our Hearts.

At this juncture, like no other, it is imperative that we engage and are active this divine frequency imprint within our Hearts.

As you take this conscious action of aligning through your Heart the vibrational light of the event can activate and align through you.

Repositioning you to your evolutionary aspect of Self on another level.

This is the plan for now, destiny in motion as we collectively align through the frequency of our Hearts.

This is the time for a collective shedding of the old as we are being held within the sacred spaces of light from the effect.

Each of you is being called, take moments to answer the call within your Heart.

Many of you have been waiting for this energetic event, it signals a series of extraordinary energetic happenings that are about to manifest on your earth plane.

Your focus commitment and preparation is required from you now.

The process is simple, a natural process. Be still and know this is the time for your returning.

The returning is about your self-realization of your multidimensional sacred nature that has always been fully intact, just beyond the veils.

This sacred aspect of ‘you’ is waiting for you to simply remember the state of your own existence.

There is nothing you need to change in your human aspect to take this step.

You are ready, just as you are, to allow a reconnection to the sacred aspect of yourself. Know that your human ego will never be compromised by this re-alignment to your sacred aspect.

You require your human aspect, your ego mind to stay in this physical body.

You have come to this planet to return, to become a spiritual being having a human experience. Know that you are not insignificant in this plan.

Your unique divine frequency is essential to the whole and your individual signature is an essential ingredient to holding a pure platform of light for humanity.

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Message From The Pleiadians | Huge Change !!!.



you are being made energetically equipped to play an important position within your heart in forming an alliance to these Grids.

You, your heart, are absolutely to play a transformed function by way of becoming a natural energetic extension of the multidimensional frequency community.

best you could obtain this ongoing constructing of reconnection within your heart through aware choice.

Your aware action of ‘choosing’ is exceedingly powerful and is an vital component to your awakening technique.

thru the multidimensional reconnection of your heart’s sacred chamber you turn out to be an initiator to set up a telepathic communion between your self and others.

that is a design for forming communities of light to keep this mirror of light regular on the planet.

This time heralds in the huge shift as you method the cease of your calendar year.

Waves of light are being set in movement during the earth plane growing new energetic forms being made occur on your planet.

you are requiring balance within your existence to help this fast exchange.

This stability thru stability can most effective be carried out thru a conscious desire method of building a deeper link inside your heart.

The heart is your central access point to the familiar God focus.

You keep a completely unique design sacred imprint inside your heart, and you’re obtained and diagnosed through this imprint.

these better vibrational forms are being established so one can help the birthing and then the stabilization of a higher order of multidimensional Grids. these Grids keep the sacred design for this time.

Your natural heritage is one in all being electric powered in nature.

As you end up a hyperlink inside the community vibration you are being lower back, recalibrated lower back into your natural state of being multidimensional.

The Magnetic center may be likened to being like a primary wheel with spokes. Shards of light will radiate outwards.

those spirals of light can be drawn into the individual frequency of the divine presence of your heart. you may be part of the introduction energy of Earth through this reconnection.

it’s going to radiate outwards this better order of light, that’s destined to wash the Earth, and infuse through all existence pressure energy existing in the world.

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Awakening Videos

The Pleiadians – See You Next-Week



My brothers, you may need us. those who do not want our assist, might also try to skip, but it will likely be a lot greater tough, because whoever is with us will skip to the 5th dimension in a completely clean and really natural way.

so you will want us. Of path, we can all respect each other’s free will. Whoever does not want our assist, we will now not insist, it’s far as much as every of you.

but what we’ve got attempted over time is to get nearer and closer to you; to emerge as friends, literally friends; that we can seem bodily by using your side, without inflicting you dread;

with out causing you astonishment; because we are by your facet, only you do no longer see us, because we’re in another measurement.

You want to open up, to trust, and agree with me, the moment will come while you may turn to the side and you will see us, out of nowhere, you may see us.

because some of you are already vibrating very incredibly, and the moment you remove any worry, dread on your hearts of what you may see, you will be able to see us.

Whoever says, I need your help. I need you by my side , the method accelerates, and also you have become more and more aware about how we are.

and then one stunning day, you will see us. we can even make physical contact, why now not? because we’re bodily bodies, just like yours.

We aren’t pure energy, we are Souls incarnated in physical bodies, unique from yours, but they are physical bodies. Then we are able to even change a handshake. Why now not?

Our frame vibrates in a higher dimension, so that you do not see us, but we’re there by your side, all the time. each of us, especially those who are of our race; that are from our origins.

some different races are on the planet too, taking care of those who are in your family. So, all of you’re surrounded by us, whether or not you want it or now not.

because our help is important to you; our strength, our understanding, our love, and that’s what we’re doing for you.

So we’re right here, beside every one of you, trying to improve and adjust these feelings. We had been trying to show ourselves to some of you.

a few have visible us, sure, but the large majority nevertheless can’t see us. Why does this appear? because deep down, very deep down, you continue to have that fear; you have not yet opened your hearts fully to see us.

this may simplest manifest while you open your self as much as pure unconditional like to realize what we’re like.

So, whilst we introduce ourselves, we constantly choose some of our race who are shorter, so you don’t feel this difference so much, till you get used to us.

and that i tell you, you will get used to us, because our coexistence could be for a long time, aspect by aspect. Then you can ask yourself, but why? you will realize.

you will understand that you’ll be wanting to have us by your side in order to make the transition; to be able to trade your power frequency to the fifth dimension.

this could occur to all of us, with all races, as they are all stunning, from their attitude; and find others, now not necessarily unpleasant, but special, ordinary.

So no, don’t worry, we absolutely apprehend this fear that you have to see us; this fear which you have of what you will see.

First, because we’ve got usually been shown in your movies, in your media, as terrible beings, beings of evil, beings which have usually achieved you harm. in no way as humanoids; constantly as monsters.

always. we’ve usually been here, but we needed to live a bit bit away from you, till you could accept us, apprehend us, and assist us through this entire system.

we’re working directly inside the hearts of each one in all you, because our technology are precisely to work the heart; all the spaces that you have to your heart, so that you can evolve,

you may improve, you could get rid of feelings that aren’t right for you; feelings that best lead you to bad things, to horrific decisions.

This is not a long way away, because you are handling to resonate with better dimensions.

So, in case you open your hearts, if you connect with us, from the heart, you’ll see us, because we will also make our vibration cross down a little to the third, and you will be capable of see us.

It isn’t clean for us either, as our bodies do now not vibrate well in 3D.

to expose ourselves we want to suffer a loss of power, so that our body can seem in the third dimension.

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