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The person who sends a spiritual attack has created a negative energy and has given it direction.

The person who receives this negative energy is not the creator of it, and can choose to return it to its creator, bear the burden of it himself, or find another host for the energy to take residence.

In the world, there are remedies that are meant to return attacks, so that if an offender directs negative energy towards you, it shall not be well with him.

And there are some people willing to use these remedies, and I find no problems with it.

It is well known to be associated with your voice, expression, creativity, emotions, and ability to clearly communicate your truth and connect with others.

Interestingly the throat chakra oversees much more than communication though and also plays a role in your being present and contented in yourself, which can then align you with the magic of divine timing, and synchronicity.

The throat center is also one of the key energy centers that empowers you to connect with and communicate with your unseen team of spiritual guides and angels.

When the throat chakra becomes depleted, imbalanced or blocked you may find it challenging to communicate with others (including the spiritual realms), and you may find it difficult to know and stand in your truth…

So the first thing is you have to set aside some space for whatever you’re resisting. Warning: this step can be a doozy. We somehow always find ourselves too busy to make time for the thing we’re resisting.

We’re so busy! We don’t have time for that scary thing! Funny how that works.

Stay here, don’t abandon the task. Your resistance wants to drive you away, but you’re going to try something different. An act of leadership rather than letting life happen to you.

Sit still for a minute. Let yourself feel the resistance. Not the thoughts about how you can’t do this, or how you should do it later …

but the sensation of resistance in your body. The sensation of overwhelm and fear and uncertainty. It’s simply a sensation, an experience.

Now, when a person is under spiritual attack, and they go to seek help, there are time when the practitioner will not ask the client if they would like the attack to be returned to sender.

The reason for this is because the negative work, itself, from once it is cleared, would naturally go back to its own creator, the offender.

This is important to know. Because if you are knowledgable and the practitioner is knowledgeable, you can now ask the practitioner, Can we send the attack into the air?

The water? or into a stone? This is if you do not want what has been done to you to be done to the offender, if you are compassionate enough.

However, leaving the work to go back to where it came from, in my opinion, is not a form of obeah because the work the practitioner does to clear his client will naturally return to the offender anyway.

Again, it is the effect of a cause created not by you, but by the offender. He must gain back what he has created.

This is necessary to speak about because I’ve come to realize that vengeance is very common among the world, and it breaks my heart to see it.

Many people experience chakra blockages in their life… In fact, it’s far more common than most people realize.

But the good news is there is incredible support from the realms of nature and spirit for you to release blockages and once again allow the flow of light and life force energy to circulate through your chakras and through you.

Crystals are allies that operate on a physical, vibrational and spiritual level and in this post you’re going to learn some of the best stones to support the throat chakra.

Once you’ve done that, there’s another incredible way to work with this energy in your body. It feels like something you don’t want … but actually, it’s just energy.

This is the energy of life. Of being human. Of fear and meaning. Of learning and creating. Of discovering something new. Of connecting and falling in love.

This energy is not something to expel from your life, but rather to use in your creation. What can you create in this place of resistance, in the unknown?

Can you let yourself stay curious, and explore? What might emerge, if you stay open here?

From this place, your deepest creation will be uncovered. You begin to realize that you are not the inventor of your creations but the discoverer of them.

You begin to get excited about what might be unearthed in the unknown.Sometimes we label our spiritual guides as guardian angels,

spirit animals, star beings, ascended masters, goddesses, archangels, wise ones, galactic family, ascension guides, ancestors, future selves, elementals, and more…

Spirit Guides can also be distinguished by type according to their role. Spirit Guides each have different roles, strengths and abilities, depending on their purpose in guiding you now.

Some guides spiritual support is strictly for protection, some offer guidance in certain areas, and others focus on connecting and interacting with the guides of others to align synchronicity,

or to facilitate teaching. Learn about some of the types of spirit guides here.

While there are many types of guides, that may all have different purposes and agendas… And there are certainly some spirits guide who are able to support and guide people more effectively than others…

One of the primary roles and purposes of a true spiritual guide is to support you in coming back into harmony and resonance with Love.

Spirit Guides support us as physical beings by helping us all to remember the Truth of who we really are, why we’re really here, and to find our highest path and soul purpose.

Through their guidance, support and energy they may continue to nudge us in this direction of our highest soul purpose without our conscious awareness.

But when we become aware of their potential support and guidance, ask for help, and consciously invite their presence in, they are then able to guide, help, and support us more directly and more effectively.

Keep in mind that Spirit Guides are here to hep us all, and so connecting with and working with your Spirit Guides is well within the scope of your spiritual abilities that you’re able to develop in your lifetime now.

It is well worth the required focus and effort to meet and build a relationship with your spirit guides (especially if you have not yet consciously done this).

Spirit guides can be hugely supportive, as they are able to intricately understand your soul’s purpose, desires, present state of being,

and they can view your challenges and lessons from an entirely different perspective… from spirit!

Most spirit guides can look at your energy to see and read your energetic signature gaining an in depth view of what is currently going on in your multidimensional human experience.

have some sort of visual, other sensation, or you may receive some sort of message.

The more you practice this process, the more the guidance of your team in spirit can enter in, and the more you will be able to sense, honor and connect with your team inspirit.

With practice, this experience of connecting with your spirit guides deepens and becomes richer and more profound, but it does take practice.

It takes developing and opening your interdimensional, inner subtle psychic senses.

Each time you connect with your Spirit Guides, the pathway is illuminated a bit more, and your connection strengthened.

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Angel Messages

Archangel Michael : Im You Own Savior.



Ascension is quickening and moving at great speed. This means that you may feel unbalanced, uncertain or confused when you grow spiritually.

When you awaken you may gain a new insight about yourself as an expression of the Creator.

There is a period of time when you become accustomed to that new vibration. This period of time is when your emotional body can experience high or dramatic reactions.

You might feel wounded by the words of another, you might find yourself extremely emotional, or upset, or maybe the opposite deliriously happy.

As your body and your being is adjusting to the new vibration of Ascension that you have accessed, it can mean that you experience emotional highs and emotional lows.

Once your vibration and your being become accustomed to the new Ascension energy you have accessed and embodied from within your being, then you are able to retain your balance.

You are especially able to remain balanced in your emotional body. This means that the same experiences that caused you pain or hurt, or extreme happiness may not have the same impact.

You might find that there is only a small reaction within your emotional body.

Spirit says humans must concentrate on putting more iron into their system because of the Earth’s Shift.

The Shift will create a lot of strokes and heart attacks, even in young people. Feed on things to build your blood count as much as possible.

The Earth’s frequency has changed very much, and the frequency can not be seen but it is passing through, and its height can affect the heart.

Spirit says humans must re-visit their diet beginning this Month, purer foods that will allow the human to move with the flow of the Earth’s increasing frequency.

Those who do not clean up their diets, and practice a better way of living,

will not be able to withstand the increased frequency of the planet, which is becoming lighter and will not be able to sustain a denser Being.

The warriors of light are those who have found a new home within the Galactic Federation and are now able to help offset the balance of negative forces on their home planet.

You are now able to take on a greater role within the Galactic Federation. We have seen you overcome many obstacles during your spiritual journey, and you have become a true Spiritual Warrior.

Your knowledge, experience, and wisdom will be welcomed by other warriors of light who are already engaged in the battle against negative forces. Welcome home! We are waiting for you to join our ranks!

Earth is currently in a state of imbalance and negativity. This has been caused by a lack of positive thoughts and actions.

It is important for humans to shift their focus to more positive thoughts and actions so that they can begin to combat this imbalance.

Imagine a world where people are bright, creative, and positive, a world that has no negativity.

Imagine one day when you go out; you see people smiling at each other, helping each other, and playing together in a happy environment.

The Earth is looking for Lighter Beings. In other words, these will be the only Beings who will be able to exist on the planet. Lighter means spiritual lightness.

The Earth is being shrouded with a light frequency and darkness (or denseness) will not be able to stay.

People who are corroded with negativity are being subliminally taken off of the Earth. A purer heart, a more compassionate person,

a person who will give up their seat to another or help another, will help with the new and lighter frequency of the Earth. We’re leaving rough waters and entering calmer waters and we must blend with that frequency.

This session is the heart of the Ancestral Healing with Angels work. The transformation and healing you claim in this session will continue to flow and work for you long after you finish listening.

You are able to repeat this session several times, going deeper and deeper into healing across the lines of time.

In this third session in your series, the angels step forward to help you transform even more as you Lift Into Light!

Rise above the densities and challenges of the material realm to enter into a state of higher consciousness, Knowingness, and direct connection with the Divine.

Right here and now you can replenish your energy with the love, light, and peace from the infinite to bless and benefit your path, your ancestors in spirit, and all life across the lines of time.

You can imagine love flowing from your heart chakra, maybe as a pink or green light, and filling up your emotional body in your auric field,

from the bottom of your being to the top as if you’re filling it with liquid light.

Achieving this every day, and especially when you are experiencing a very extreme reaction within your emotional body will allow your emotional body to settle, and balance with greater speed.

The process allows your emotional body to ascend in a very beautiful and important way.

As you fill your emotional body with love, you are also releasing emotional ties, emotional knots and emotional wounds from past and simultaneous lifetimes.

Essentially it is like a clearing and a liberation for your emotional body. This means that patterns of emotional reactions are also released.

With self-love your emotional body opens up to receive new Ascension patterns that support new insights, enlightenment, understanding, vibrations and healings.

Therefore, your emotional body is in alignment with your Ascension and your inner essence which makes it easier for you to be an expression and beacon of love and the Creator’s vibration.

It makes it easier for these vibrations to flow through your emotional body and to support your emotional body in its healing process, as well as allowing your emotional body to support your entire being.

But here, I have been instructed to stop. I beseech each and everyone who will read this post today not to fear what is happening.

There are going to be some scare within the news regarding the pandemic and more variants coming from it ,

People may find a lot of relocations in their lives. The energy of the Earth’s shift is not only shifting the Earth itself, but humans will also experience unexpected shifts in their lives.

For example, moving from a job to another, monarchies could be dissolved, certain positions of power could be removed, certain people can use this year to move from their homes,

celebrated peoples will experience a shift in power where their seats may be uprooted, persons who have been married could choose this year to change that decision.

The displacement will affect celebrated peoples and local peoples. Because the Earth has shifted,

persons who have been honing power to themselves will lose it, and persons who were destined to replace them will be highlighted.

Yes, you must all understand that if you were not aspects of God none of this would have any meaning for them.

To control you is to control God. It will not happen. God is creator of All, He can wipe out any evil with a thought,

however they are left here on this planet to teach you of your own heritage and to understand the goodness, the godliness that dwells in each of you.

You need no rescuer, you need no saviour. You are your own saviour if you would only wake up to that truth.

You, on the other hand, are a warrior of light! As a warrior of light, it is your responsibility to combat negativity with positivity.

Remember, you are a force for good here on Earth. When you are faced with a negative situation, do not let it pull your spirit down. Instead, rise above it and smile.

Let the positive energy within you dissipate any negative energy surrounding you.

Warriors of light have the ability to spread positivity through their actions. When you notice an opportunity to help someone, act upon it.

Assisting others can be as simple as holding a door open for a stranger or smiling at someone who looks like he/she could use some cheering up.

If a person is struggling with carrying groceries, help him or her out by carrying something to his or her car.

These small gestures can go a long way toward brightening people’s days, which in turn will boost your own mood and create positive change in the world around you.

As a result, there is an urgency for more lightworkers to join our ranks and help combat these forces so that we may bring balance back to your beloved planet.

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Angel Messages

Archangel Gabriel – Begin To Awaken.



scension is being in the moment and doing what you love. It’s being present; it’s being present in your life. It’s focusing on the now, not the future or past.

It’s about letting go of the past and future so you can be free to follow your heart wherever it leads you.

It’s about living in the now and fully experiencing everything around you because when we do this, we find that the boundaries between us and everything else dissolve away like fog on a sunny day.

Life is the pursuit of ascension, and the secret to success lies in knowing what you want and why you want it.

This will ensure that you stay on track and consistently work towards your goals each and every day.

Ascension is learning how to listen to our intuition, take responsibility for our actions, and accept responsibility for our actions.

It’s being brave enough to do what feels right, even if it feels scary-because courage is not the absence of fear; courage is taking action anyway.

It will be a flash of very high and intense energies. It will cause a wave of remembrance and it will shake loose a lot of illusions that people currently have.

For most light workers it will be intense but also blissful and joyful. For most average people, it will feel like a train hits them out of nowhere.

They’ll be completely destabilized and disrupted, but after a few days, they’ll enter the fourth dimension and will open-mindedly start looking around for what’s really going on.

They will be confused, but they will not be as fearful as they are today. Hopefully light workers can help them find their footing in those days.

Earthlings who are too stuck in their ways might die from getting a huge amount of intense energy.

This is a large part of the reason why it hasn’t happened yet. If it happened today, it would kill way too many people.

On the positive side, if the flash happens, then very shortly afterwards Earthlings will start working together on a much more positive world.

So, will the flash happen? Well, it depends on the choices that Earthlings make.

Gaia and Source want Earth to become a paradise-like world, and want Earthlings to be able to start living peaceful and blissful lives, without violating the free will of Earthlings.

Us good-hearted extraterrestrials serve Source, and thus we work to accomplish what Source wants.

I can promise you that in the medium term, Earthlings really will end up in a love-based society.

What we do wish to share, is that once one is in the thick of what is to come … it is not something that is to engulf your Planet for years and years.

Once Truths are revealed and the everyday folk, with respect … have cooled down and begin to come to terms with all that IS … the doors will be opened up once again.

You are also keen to know if we have anything to say regarding the end of this month , is this correct?

Well, it’s just that much is being said about a portal opening up leading to many possibilities. I guess with the bank thing happening, it could be leading up to something bigger?

You are currently living in a changeover period that is hard going, but there will be a turning point for the better in the very near future.

So hold fast and do not despair as your patience will be well rewarded.

What is happening is perfectly normal at such times as you are in now, so be assured that we are with you to ensure all changes will be experienced as uplifting.

It has been predicted for a long time and is not something that is a random occurrence. But for the dark Ones holding you back and trying to keep the truth from you,

advancement could have taken place many years ago but nothing can prevent your continued progress as planned.

It is why we emphasize the need to maintain your progress and not be distracted from your life plan to ascend.

You will be assured of success regardless of what action the dark Ones take.

Bear in mind however that situations are used to clear karma that many souls carry with them, and at the time of discussing their life plan they agreed to it.

This realisation explains why we tell you that nothing happens by chance.

The way I feel about it is that this body will somehow be abandoned, die or be dematerialized and our entire consciousness will jump to the light body, which we are now rebuilding and which is non-physical.

In conclusion, I think our body will only change to a certain extent so that all our Divine aspects will be anchored in one place,

but in the end we will abandon the physical body for the final change and anchor fully on the 5D earth after the event.

Is this correct? I am wondering about this because this current body is very limited, although I love and respect it,

I am also grateful that I can experience through it now. Please answer as comprehensively as possible, for this moment.

Answer: As detailed in the previous answer: Earthlings will end up in a love-based 5D society. It’s quite possible that there will be the event of a solar flash that causes this,

but there’s also a possibility that Earthlings will end up in a love-based 5D society without a flash. Regardless, you are headed towards a love-based 5D society.

For the sake of new people: 5D refers to a state of love-based consciousness. It does not refer to five spatial dimensions.

There are a small number of people right now on your world who are in 5D. Normal people are in the consciousness of 3D.

4D is a transition phase between 3D and 5D. 4D is when you know that something is wrong on Earth and normal life seems not so appealing anymore, but you don’t yet know what is true or what to do with your life.

Don’t let the past or future distract you from the present. The past is gone, and the future hasn’t happened yet.

The only thing that’s real is this moment, so live in it and be in it.

Don’t try to control your thoughts because they will never be completely still and quiet, but rather be open to whatever arises.

Live your life as if you are already living in the fifth dimension. Be grateful for every breath you take, for every thought that enters your mind, for every word you speak.

Every moment of your life is a gift. Take advantage of it!

Be grateful for every moment you have been given to be alive on this planet at this time. So thank God for all that he has done for you so far in your life .

Be grateful for all the people who have made such a positive impact on your life-whether they are still living or not-those who have touched your heart,

those who have taught you something new about yourself, or others who have changed your perspective forever!

You become more powerful than ever before because now there is no realm in which to hide from yourself.

You are free to choose what happens next in life rather than being controlled by your mind’s thoughts about what will happen next in life!

The fifth dimension is the place where you can be fully conscious of your true nature.

It’s a place where you don’t need to worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow or how you’re going to pay the rent next month. This is the ultimate freedom and the ultimate peace.

It sounds utopian, but it’s already here. You just have to know how to get there.

You are here on this planet, at this time, for a purpose. You are here to increase your frequency and vibration.

I hope that you will use this opportunity to increase your joy, to embrace this precious time that we have together on Planet Earth.

The best way to be aware of what’s happening in your life is through meditation. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing for a few minutes each day.

This exercise can help you relax and become more aware of your thoughts and feelings,

which you can use as an opportunity to reflect on how you want to live your life and how you want others to see you.

In the future you will have more say as to what you want to do, and revising your past lives would indicate where your interests lay and help you to make your choice for the future.

We as always will be on hand to advise you what is best to continue your evolution.

No doubt you already have ideas as to what you would like to do in future and your options will be considerable,

as you will have proved your worthiness by experience to be a Space Traveller if that is your desire.

So much will open up for you that the past problems and hard times you experienced will fade away into the past and be but a distant memory.

Can you imagine what it will be like to be released from the shackles that have held you back, and have a greater freedom of choice.

To some degree you already know what to expect but the reality of it all is presently beyond your imagination.

Meeting other Extra -terrestrials will not be as strange as you might imagine because the human form is normal in your Universe,

even if in some manner it is quite different it will still be recognisable as such.

You have so much to look forward to and we often remind you to simply keep your focus on your goal and not be distracted by what is going on around you.

We realise that questions will arise in your mind, as a major change in your life raises all sorts of problems mainly related to your present family.

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Angel Messages

The Angels : Shadow Of Drakness.



Everyone and everything is affected by this Transformation. We are in the Midst of the Great Event, nothing and no one is being left out.

There is no place on the planet now where change is not developing, for you are in the midst of that Great Changeover.

True, it is difficult sometimes to see it with your physical eyes.

But as you can move more fully out of the matrix, out of the third-dimensional illusion, see life for what it really is, the reality that is the life that you are creating.

You are creating this. You, the collective you, all of those that are working together to bring mankind up into the higher realms of consciousness, you are the ones that are creating this new world, this new Golden Age of Gaia.

We as a collective have more power through the Light, than any of us can possibly imagine.

The Infinite Light Has been Given to the 144,000, We are bring Change to the Earth. The power of the Light is Within us.

Your bad feelings tell you that you are resisting this flow of love. Your good feelings tell you that you are allowing it.

If you find yourself stuck in bad-feeling emotions, pay attention. How is love trying to guide you to change your thoughts, actions, or focus?

Love may guide you to change your thoughts about a person or situation. Instead of taking this person’s behavior personally, you may be inspired to see through the eyes of your soul.

They are hurting. Their words mean nothing about me and everything about their own pain. Happy people don’t hurt others.

You may even feel compassion for both of you in this unpleasant dance. As you feel compassion, you feel love.

As you feel love, you feel better. You are allowing love to flow to you and through you.

Love may guide you to change your actions. You may have the urge to walk away from this relationship, to ignore the unkindness, or to spend more time around kinder people.

For example, if you have an unpleasant spouse, you may be motivated to get out of the house, spend time with friends,

or engage in other activities that lift you above the unpleasantness, so it bounces off you more easily when you are around it.

Your better feelings around friends, or when engaged in hobbies, help you to open to the flow of love. You feel better.

This is called the illusion. You see the tree outside your window it appears solid. You could climb this tree in its solidness.

You are well aware of the accumulation of leaves which drop from this tree. They are also solid. They have form, texture, shape, and weight.

If you cut this tree down, the wood that you could burn would provide warmth. It is a solid, dense, very slow vibrational energy.

The vibrational patterns, the template, the design of this tree are all held in place on the sixth dimension.

Remember as a child when you would make shadow shapes upon the wall with the light? It is similar to that concept.

Your fingers created the shape of the dog or bird and the light behind your hand created the shadow on the wall.

The physical realities that feel solid and appear real in the third and fourth dimensions are held in place by the reflection of divine intent in the sixth dimension. Remember everything, everything is vibration.

Just as there are vibrations of sound that are vibrating too fast or too slow for your ears to hear, there are light vibrational patterns that are moving so fast your eyes cannot see the vibrations.

Love wants for you, instead, to recognize the value in all things and all beings. They provide the contrast that inspires your creation.

Love wants to help you out of your suffering. Love wants you to live and let live.

Love says you are complete with something unpleasant the moment you disconnect your energy from the unpleasantness and allow love to flow into your heart.

Even if you leave an abusive relationship and the process is long and messy, the minute you allow love into your life, mind, and heart in any way, you are complete. You are no longer resisting love.

Pay attention to your feelings. They tell you about you. They tell you about the degree to which you are resisting or allowing love.

You need not resolve everything with everyone. You need only to resolve your relationship with love’s flow. Listen to your feelings.

They help you find your way one feeling at a time back to allowing the steady stream of love you have called for to flow into every area of your life.

Spirit, divine mind, your multidimensional self, has waited for you to become aware and dwell in your expanded consciousness, anchored in the physical realms.

A multidimensional human has the capacity to see and sense the shadow shapes on the wall as well as seeing and sensing the hand that is making the pattern and the awareness that they are the light which shines on the hand that makes the shadow.

This elevated awareness allows you to either shift the light or change the patterns or shadow shapes that the hand is making.

There will come a time you will see the tree, and see the energy vibrations resonating from the tree and sense how the tree is touching and weaving into your matrix. This awareness will expand to include the stars.

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