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Spiritual awakening

A Message To The People Of Earth.



Evolution is causing increasingly more individuals to begin acknowledging and trusting their intuition rather than continuing to blindly follow experts, politicians,

and religious leaders who cannot present anything higher than their own state of consciousness which is often less evolved than that of their followers.

However, know there are many spiritual teachers working from a very high level on earth at this time.

Always trust your intuition as to which ones are working from a consciousness of truth and which ones are working from three dimensional ego.

Most of you have reached the point at which you must become aware of and clear issues of control.

We do not speak of control as exerted by bullies and dictators but of the control energy many individuals continue to express through every aspect of their life.

This commonly accepted type of control manifests as often forced actions taken even with the simplest of issues that support the person’s concepts of what determines safety, correctness, and accepted three dimensional norms.

​It is time for every student of truth to honestly ask themselves; Why do I believe and often insist that things must be a certain way?

My way? Is it because I believe that if things don’t go as I believe they should everything will be chaos or somehow incorrect?

People of Earth, we want to familiarize you with a different civilization, a different way of living. Ours is a peaceful society.

You can say, integrated. There’s harmony between the members, there’s freedom of course, and a consensus to live our highest and operate at our highest with one another.

That is not to say, there will not be different opinions, but we seek to always find common grounds.

It doesn’t mean we sacrifice. It means we see how another may be diminished by our idea and we get creative instead.

We want to first extend our admiration to a society, a people with total amnesia, for that came as a surprise to us,

that it is even a possibility, and yet we witness the acts of compassion, of courage,

the strength you summon from within to rise above the drama unfolding in your world, even your own lives, and we want to extend our admiration.

For if you can do this much with total amnesia of who you are as Source Energy, then imagine what you can do, had you only known what you are made of.

The Leo New Moon offers a beautiful wave of energy to support us with this.

It may inspire us to get in touch with our passions, to return to projects or hobbies we had forgotten about, and to prioritize joy and lightness.

One of the highest octaves of Leo energy is the quality of simplicity. When we simplify, life can become easier, less emotionally heavy, and we can find it easier to make room for joy.

What do you need to simplify in your life? Where are you overcomplicating a situation or allowing your emotions to make a situation worse than it is?

By checking in with ourselves and creating intentions geared towards simplicity, we may find it easier to navigate the cosmic energies behind the Leo New Moon.

You who read these messages are evolved enough to begin handing personal control over to the Real You unless you still believe that the omniscient Divine reality you are must be told what you need, want, and how to go about doing it.

Get out of the way and allow yourselves to accept and receive the reality of your own Divine Self rather than continuing with attempts to control everything in your life according to three dimensional concepts of how things should or must be.

​Issues of personal control affect every aspect of daily living from what you should eat to how the world must work in order to be right.

A person often doesn’t even realize that they are controlling but rather believe that they are simply helping to make some situation

or person better by insisting on their way which is why it is imperative to be very honest with oneself regarding intention.

Every person is an individualization of Divine Consciousness which means that every person has had varying experiences over the course of many lifetimes from which they have developed personal preferences.

Human ego having no awareness of reality, believes that it is in charge of making things happen for self and others

and in order to do this must draw its information from the three dimensional collective consciousness where beliefs of duality, separation, and the belief in two powers reign supreme.

No species will come and rescue you, that is not the way.

You’ve seen how, in the past, when a species came, you made gods of it, and so this is not the way we desire to help you or make contact either.

We want to meet on equal ground, brothers meeting brothers, equal in armor and skills, sisters meeting sisters,

equal in compassion and will, as you greet a family member you love there on Earth.

The roads are endless and they will lead you astray. There’s one sure way to the light, to the fullness and wholeness of you and that’s you.

Don’t be stuck in the 3D forms and concepts. We too have bodies, we too live in 3D, but we have moved beyond the attachments to 3D concepts.

The stuff is there for our enjoyment and sharing. We’re not afraid the stuff will run out, for we’ll always make more.

We want to come in peace, in cooperation, in harmony with you, rather, await for you to come so with us.

There’s much to be said, but for now, we will leave you with the words, it is possible.

The day will come when contact will be a thing of daily occurrence, but nothing will land until you are ready.

And it is not about the government and political leaders, it’s about the people. When people rise as one, they can overthrow any government.

It is time you all stand as one, one family, one people. Heed our words people of Earth.

The time is coming when you need to stand up as one, one united field, force, people.

In fact, if you are dealing with a relationship conflict at the moment, take a step back and see if you can view it from a more spiritual lens.

How is this situation guiding you to love yourself more? How is this situation helping you to receive more love?

You may not be able to answer those questions immediately but ponder them under the August New Moon and see what insights follow in the coming days.

Black Moon Lilith is also active at this time too, indicating a strong rise of feminine energy.

Black Moon Lilith’s presence under this New Moon will give us a boost when it comes to standing up for ourselves, owning our self-worth, and not backing down from what we feel is right.

While we do have to be mindful of our egos rising up, there is a beautiful energy here that is guiding us to stand in our truth and to own our inner power.

If you are confronted with a challenging situation around this New Moon and feel you could use a boost of confidence, connect with the energies of Black Moon Lilith.

Allow these energies to awaken your inner strength and to activate the warrior within.

In the beginning, letting go of personal control may not go smoothly.

Almost everyone still carries some degree of control over energy simply because it has been security and defense though lifetimes.

Moving beyond three dimensional issues of control is a process of awareness, of being alert to every automatic urge to step in and control something without regard to the choices of others.

It is about leaving behind the belief that things will fall apart if you do not step in and take charge.

It is about replacing fear with trust, allowing oneself to receive from within, and most importantly it is about the intention to once and for all clear these old no longer serving energies.

There is a grand picture unfolding beyond everything you have been taught and lived up to now.

As you learn to let go of attempting to control every aspect of your life and that of others, you will find life becoming easier and easier because you will be allowing IT,

the Self sustaining, Self maintaining real you, to express ITself as what is needed while eliminating that which is not.

With the combination of Uranus, Venus, and Black Moon Lilith circulating with this New Moon, it very well could be that the surprising news could bring major change into our lives, particularly when it comes to our relationships.

Remember, planets cannot cause something to happen, but their alignments can be a trigger.

If the relationship is struggling or needs to go a different course, this type of cosmic energy can definitely bring that straight to the surface.

New Moons are always reminders of new beginnings, so if something does exit your life around this time, know there is always the opportunity to begin again.

While the energies of the Leo New Moon are potent, try to focus on creating simplicity. It may not be easy or natural to do at first, but if you keep your intention rooted here you may just find a softening emerging.

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Spiritual awakening

A New Mission.



The ego, the identity you have taken on, is only part of this world. Of course in the real reality which is infinite and eternal, you are all bodies, all qualities, all characters, all roles, and still none of them.

It is like an actor who is able to take on any role and yet knows he is none of these roles. Your capacity to take on any role is infinite, but you are not any of these roles you play.

That’s key because you are always playing, acting if you want on the big stage, universal stage on which we are all playing together in visible and invisible degrees.

Your natural essence is not something you need to earn or even bring out, indeed. It is not something you need to prove or be worthy of.

Your essence is who you are, and when you are not standing in the way, your natural essence always emerges, for that which is within you is bigger than anything else, stronger than any illusion.

But you can play within the illusion for as long as you like, you can go back and forth for as long as you like, as you are a free being, loved regardless, that is, unconditionally.

There is no limit, no restriction, no requirement that is ever set upon you.

In fact, you set these upon yourself, the ego sets these upon the character it is playing, believing in the character to be this or that.

Your essence is infinite in potential, it is eternal and never dies, or changes, or gets blemished by any role you play.

We have told you this before, but we will tell you again now that your thoughts do not originate within your head.

You receive them, just like you receive all energies, and when you start thinking about yourself as a part of a collective, you realize two things.

Firstly, you can help the collective by what it is you put into that collective consciousness, and that requires no action whatsoever on your part.

All you need to do is think a thought on purpose. Secondly, you are affected by the collective consciousness of which you are a part.

Therefore, realize that what is going on within you may be due to the fact that you are picking up on something that is going on within your human collective and the consciousness you all share.

is home to spirits in the afterlife and it can also support physical humans.

There are numerous sub-realms of existence within fourth density, with the lower sub-realms being more dense than the higher sub-realms.

While spirit or astral beings are ethereal and ghost-like relative to us, they are solid to each other, so they are correctly referred to as physical rather than nonphysical beings.

Those who inhabit the realms of the afterlife in spirit bodies experience relative freedom as their physical spirit bodies respond easily to their mental direction.

Spirit beings find it easy to levitate and they can instantly relocate to a desired destination.

They can also create physical objects using the pressure of mental energy applied to the universal supply of etheric energy.

They call these objects thought forms and a well-made thought form will exist for more than a year without any further attention before it dissolves back into the surroundings as etheric energy.

With regular attention, it will stay in existence as long as it is important to someone.

Therefore, be at ease, be in love, be in joy, is not something you need to try to be, it is something you naturally emanate when you allow yourself to let go of everything that is in the way.

Every worry, every concern, every want, every desire, every complaint, every fault.

To love unconditionally is to allow the mistakes to happen, and hold the other in the highest light, seeing them rise from their mistakes as a new being.

And that is what Source sees in you every time you trip, every time you block the light, every time you stand in the way of your natural essence and live in the shadow of who you are.

Because Source knows who you are, how powerful you are, and that it is impossible to stay there for long without realizing you are on the wrong track.

And that is good news, because when you do realize you are running in the opposite direction of Source, of the light and love that you are, the feeling of unease becomes intolerable,

and you cannot but run in the opposite direction, back into the arms of the Most High, back into the bosom of your true self, back into the essence of who you are.

Because regardless of what you may or may not believe about it, there is suffering that is going on, and you, being a part of a collective, are affected by that suffering.

In a way, it is you that is doing the suffering. So you have to start by helping yourself to feel more stable, more peaceful, more at ease.

You have to activate the vibration you want to see outside of you, and then you can start to think more in terms of how to be of service to this collective consciousness that you all share as human beings.

And you can do this for every single issue facing humanity. There’s war, there’s poverty, there’s hunger, there’s violence amongst individuals.

There’s all sorts of issues there on Earth that you are dealing with, and while they may not be happening in your home,

or in your neighborhood, or even in your country, they are real, and they are a part of your assignment.

Ascension or rapture to a higher world has long been anticipated. But, today, with global changes accelerating ever faster, we are obviously reaching the climax of change.

When it happens, in the blink of an eye, the physical material of the planet and everything upon it will upgrade from 3D to a higher existence, well within the 4D frequency range.

This upgrade to a higher realm of existence became possible, but the collective oversouls of humanity decided to avoid the shock of sudden change and let the changes spin out in a digestible form over several decades.

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Spiritual awakening

Dreams Come True.



the power of love overcomes the love for power; divine order, justice, truth, balance, true divine love, and unity are being restored!

through the royal weddings & hierogamic re-union event completing our ascension in this very now!

we have fully broken through all inversions/ insanity within the one consciousness now, bringing full coherence, peace, and re-union to all!

the divine love that exists between the divine feminine and masculine, and within us all, has fully taken over!

we are fully re-claiming our true power as one, and mastery over our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, as well as truly surrendering to the divine, as we allow the the holy spirit to take over!

waves of new light pour into the organic stargates and gaia’s core.

a potent blend of the cosmic balance of equinox, and a consistent influx of pure consciousness and crystalline activation.

we feel very different as this unity consciousness activates us into a new beingness. expansive presence.

there is also a heightened sense of lifting to higher states of consciousness. visions and sensations are amplified, and our choices reveal our heart and soul’s intent.

higher levels are close and supporting our highest trajectory. the field is very active, use this opportunity wisely!

choice points go deep this equinox. we feel our path taking on new aspects of kryst consciousness.

in our mastery, we evaluate our path, resolve what was previously created, and consciously make higher choices for ascension.

first of all, we will take you back to a time long ago in your bible, after the great flood. no more water; the first next time.

now this is indicative. it is not so much just the fire, though, of the dew weapon here, your directive energy weapon, but it is also the fire elemental within you in your third chakra.

that’s fire there in that third chakra center, it’s exploding now across the planet. that is the fire that is spreading.

and it is also happening at the physical level as well, as you are seeing. those of the forces of darkness are attempting to create fear,

to create everything they can to destruct the normal life here for here. and they are doing what they can to do this, and they have this weapon to do so.

but know that everything that they do, there is an opposite happening from that of your white hats alliance.

they are meeting every one of the dark force’s plan with their own plan. and what even appears to be great catastrophe, and destruction, and all of this, is not so much what it directly appears to be.

we cannot tell you too much here because it is coming, the answer that you are searching for here. but we are not going to actually directly give that to you.

we have been going through massive amounts of downloads, clearings, upgrades, and activations that have assisted us in the full reclamation and activations, of our core true original divine blueprints and source codes,

of the new cosmic kryst and androgenous blueprint of the new krystar saphira diamond rainbow sun and plasma lightbody, aurora orb bubble, and merkaba vehicle!

as the old disappears from our memories, we remember why everything had to happen the way it did.

how we correct our past mistakes, as we now know better, and are going to do better, as this is bigger than anyone of us,

and as our time out of time to complete our hero’s journey has truly come! as we hold and walk the rainbow bridge for us to merge all as one!

now we literally quantum merge with ascension earth & our already fully ascended diamond avatar self! that parallel version of us, and reality,

where it is as if none of the invasions and inversions within the one consciousness have ever happened, but with the lessons learned!!

we will also add here that it is happening all across the planet, where these bases are bieng either destroyed or cleaned out, more and more.

so that the plans of the forces of dark, the plans of the cabal, the elite, whatever you want to call them, cannot be fulfilled as they had intended,

where they had intended for a huge amount of destruction to the planet, and they would be simply safe within their deep underground military base, you see?

not so much the case anymore. they are as susceptible to destruction as you are. so therefore they are not able to create the great destruction that they had planned.

so they do it a different way with the violence and things of this nature, and lock-downs, and control, and all of these things that they tend to do.

but know again, as we have said many times, it is the same old game plan each and every time. and the white hat alliance knows the game plan,

and they do everything they can to counteract that game plan, and are ready to do so before they even enact their plan.

we can feel the heightened energies and influxes in the field as we approach equinox. this choice-point is powerful, and launches us into our personal and collective ascension trajectories.

many of us are experiencing the expansive qualities of this new light.

stimulating and transcendent; wide awake to the new realms and i am presence merge that is prominent in our transformation right now.

all of our multi-dimensional selfs, and with it all dimensions, realities, realms, universes and matter and anti-matter, merging as the new ante-matter,

through the divine cosmic re-union of the one; of the new divine masculine and feminine, as part of the royal weddings quantum completing our ascension on behalf of all!

as the false memories and inversions within the one consciousness are fully cleared and now being overwritten by the new cosmic consciousness a-rising from deep within us all,

the false realities collapse and dissolve for the new to become fully visible!

we’re going through a deep integration process of our true identities and cosmic god self blending and merging within our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual field,

as part of the convergence, synchronization, unification, and alignment process of the one true self.

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Spiritual awakening

Everything is Changing.



In this lifetime you are remembering, assured from your guides that you are remembering deep within you, whether in your sleep state or your waking state.

But know that all of you on this call, and many of you that resonate to these words, are with me often in the dream state, the dream state that is not actually a dream.

It is a waking state in another dimensional experience. You are there battling right along side of me as my Warriors of Light, each one of you brandishing my Blue Sword of Truth,

Know that each and every one of you is here upon your mission now, a mission that is coming closer and closer for many of you.

And many of you are going to begin to remember, remember in your dream state.

It will come through your dreams, and you’ll remember those dreams more and more, and realize that I have already said, and others have told you,

that it is simply another dimensional experience that you are having. It is real. It is even more real in that stage than your waking state is now.

The next thing to do is to place yourself at the centre point of your fractal and you observe your human.

From here you can see the gap between the true divine soul that you are and your human. Our human experiences doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs, our human is feeding and chewing on the pain body.

This keeps the pain body alive and it grows and becomes a living being. The pain body of the human can then take over our divine soul and direct our lives.

If we identify with the pain body with the human, the pace will be slow.

From the centre point of your fractal, you can observe your human and what is crippling your HUMAN. Not you as the divine infinite soul that you are.

“My human is crippled by doubt, my human is procrastinating, my human doesn’t know what to do. What does my human need?”

We talk like this to our human. By doing this we can pinpoint exactly what our human needs so that you can actually move forward with your soul mission.

These emotions that run through your body, your cells, are very stirring because you’re constantly asking yourself questions about the delicate events happening around you.

There are floods, landslides, mountains collapsing into large rocks, leading to accidents of varying degrees of severity, etc….

You’ve been through a major earthquake and floods, as announced in previous messages, to make you understand that the Earth is alive, totally alive.

It too is experiencing disruptive moments created, as we have often told you, by humanity’s negative thoughts.

These negative thoughts reach the Earth’s heart and body, affect her energies and create turbulence of varying degrees.

Lately, many geological and climatic events have been taking place. In the months to come, there will be many more that will lower humanity’s spirits.

Yes, we’re talking about “lowering your morale”, which means creating stronger and stronger emotions.

Emotions of fear and dread of all kinds. This will last for a while, but we want to tell you this:

Be confident in Life, because what’s happening now is the end of an earthly human civilization that no longer has any reason to exist.

You’re going to remember more and more of these dreams. And more and more of you are going to have what you talked about in your discussion earlier,

lucid dreams, knowing that you are in the dream state, knowing that you are in a different reality,

and being able to take control of that reality, which will then move to your waking state as a knowing deep within you that you are, indeed, powerful beyond measure.

All is coming together. All is coming together as a part of the great universal plan.

The plan that has been in the works for thousands and thousands of years and is now more and more coming to a climax, coming to a crescendo.

Know that in any musical composition, at some point in that composition there is that crescendo where everything builds to that maximum.

You are building to that maximum now, coming to the crest or the precipice as you stand and look out over the vistas,

standing at a high mountain looking out at the vista in front of you and being ready to jump off, jump off that precipice into what would conceive to be over the end; but it is in reality a new beginning.

The mind will come in with very logical and convincing reasons not for following our soul mission.

We then need to learn how to dance with the heart and the mind.

The heart might say “Trust, have faith, drop everything, you will be fine and held”.

That’s great, but the human might not be at that stage where the nervous system is strong enough to drop everything, quit their job, leave the country, sell everything and so on.

The human is freaked out so the mind will help us figure out what step to take first. Our mind helps us to break down the steps needed to close the gap between the human and our heart, our divine soul.

We have our soul mission and our purpose that our heart is guiding us towards.

We then have to create a strategy on how to get there.

From the strategy, we go into tactics. Tactics are what we do every day.

You also resent your rulers, who don’t seem to be doing anything to support and reassure you, as you thought they were doing before.

But until now, your rulers have been manipulating you, and becoming aware of this leads you to think that life is more than bizarre and incomprehensible.

Previously, your rulers told you everything you had to do, everything you had to understand, and you weren’t yourselves you were sheep being led by an unloving shepherd.

Now everything has changed. You’ve become aware, particularly since the confinements you’ve experienced,

that life isn’t what you’ve lived it to be, but that it’s up to you to decide on your own life, to make your own choices,

and not constantly bend your back to obey orders from beings who think only of themselves and not of you.

You’re currently in a jumble of confused thoughts, in a jumble of dark thoughts about what’s happening.

But we say to you: rejoice in what’s happening around you, even if, unfortunately, some souls are leaving.

Yes, rejoice in all this, for you are witnessing the gradual disappearance of a life that no longer has any place, that is purifying itself in order to arrive at a luminous life full of Love.

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