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Time to Be Transparent



We’re now status at the brink of the growing of the new golden age, but, we’re very a great deal status in the midst of the same dynamics as we did on the downfall of Atlantis.

Are we giving in to a new technocratic world, where science and synthetic intellegence is going to rule and controle our lives,

where we’re completely giving our power away to outside rulers and come to be disempowered and subjects to manipulation even more so and held in darkness.

we’re now given the risk once more to make right of wrong to reclaim our sovereignty and divine fact within and to not provide in to worry and obedience.

No, we need to present in to the reality that nobody can actually harm us, no person can take away our loose will, no person can pressure an time table…

just like the depopulation time table 21 upon us, if we all step into our divine sovereignty and come to be our own law and country, which certainly is our divine sovereign right as cosmic residents.

It isn’t about proper or left, democrats or republican… no this was the very fundament of the age of separation… divide and conquer agenda, the two party device duality based thoughts-set us as opposed to them, excellent versus evil.

now’s the time to unite our hearts and souls and flow beyond this historic programming,

which changed into entirely made to create division and to enslave our minds to satisfy the schedule of the 1% 5 bloodline families. if you need to tell your self google the five bloodlines.

So now’s our possibility to fake it or make it…. we need to be clearly sincere to self, regardless of how much fear we have,

no matter how tons it hurts to face the truth, it is the best way that we can make the change and transcend duality.

Please feel loose to listen to this loose meditation, which is a guided meditation to heal and remodel the rift between the atlantean and lemurian issue of self, the divine masculine and feminine counterparts and unite them into One.

many of us carry ancient wounds from incarnations in each Atlantis and Lemuria and it’s far important to heal those aspects now…

among the persons, that we are challenged by using right now, are persons reemerging from that time, that we gave our strength away to returned then,

humans whom we need to clear the karmic residues with or fragmentations resurfaccing from inside your subconscious components of your self from then,

that wishes to be adressed and embraced and brought “home” into the holyness of your soul.

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New Earth Energy – 21 February



Loved Starseeds

I Woke Up This Morning To Sharp And Such Strong Energies Streaming From Our Galactic Center, Changing And Bridging So Many Special Timelines At Once; It’s Far Vast And Intense.

As We’re Ultimate One Of The Most Severe Portals To Hit In Some Time The Whole Lot Is Coming Up That Made Us Sense Insecure And That Has To Do With Our Hearts Deepest Desires.

Our Heart Is One Of The Biggest Gateways In Our Bodies And It Interconnects Everything. So, With Mercury Retrograde And Six Planets In The Head Of Aquarius; We’re Deep In Our Feelings.

Emotions In Love, In Profession, In Changing Your Lifestyles; We Are Feeling The Large Shift Of This Year Because It Is Going Deep Inside The Spaces Of Our Recognition That Eventually Wishes To Be Seen And Felt With New Intentions.

The Entirety Is Sharper In Its Depth With Regards To Our Relationships: What Will We Need In A Balanced, Loving And Spiritually Attuned Companion? In Our Soul Work?

Is This The Work You Could See Your Self Doing For A Actually Long Term Because You Love It?! What Hazard Aren’t You Taking?

What Thoughtform, Projections, And Believes About Yourself And The Collective Do You Need To Drop?

We’re Living In Mystical Instances Whether Or Not You Are “There” Or No Longer Is Not The Question But The Understanding That You Can Get To That State In An Instant If You Exchange One Notion.

That’s Honestly The Shift. 2021 Is The Pusher. It Is Pushing Everything Out Of Your Fact That Wishes An Improve.

It Is Able To Sense Very Melancholy Right Now However It’s Quite Exciting How The Entirety Is Playing Out.

Internet And Weaving Are  Words That Jumped Out At Me As I Used To Be Writing That Ultimate Line.

We Have Become An Influx Of The Most Divine Diamond Gold Codes And It Is Transforming Everything.

Those Codes Go Deep Into Your Cells, So Those Following Few Weeks Be Aware Of The Detox Symptoms, Nausea, Tense Stomach, Sacral And Sun Plexus Are Undergoing Complete Rewiring.

I Noted Ultimate Year That This Next Stage Might Be Changing The Thoughts And Frame Dramatically. The Frequency You Are Experiencing Is Multi Technicolour Of Natural Light Codes From The Divine Beings Supporting Us Right Now!

That Is A Deep Coming Domestic On Your Cellular Awareness, Body, Organs, Systems Of Your Body And Mind That Are Attuning Lower Back To Functioning From Pure Light…

This Is So Massive. Rainbow Frequencies Through Our Sun Codes Are Mainly Essential Proper Now. Intend That Father Sun Activates You And Take In That Solar Frequency Each Time You Could.

Intend That Mother Moon Transforms Your Perceptions As You Continue To Recollect And As You Educate Your Mastery Right Here On Earth

And So It Is

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What’s Happening in 2 | 22 | 2021



a real power Day
February 22, or 2:22, is a numerology energy day. 22 is a master range. it is known as Divine power channeled into material shape.

In 2:22, the extra 2 of the second month of February amplifies that strength. Now upload 2021 to that, and POW! you have an excellent portal of dynamic strength emanating sensitivity, empathy, and natural psychic strength.

in case you had been born in this day, you are idealistic, however you also are sensible and practical, so that you will plan and put into effect your designs to construct what you want for.

you are a builder of worlds, and you feel pushed to serve and help make our world a higher place. You also are empathic and sensitive.

No less than George Washington, the father of our country, was born on February 22, or 2-22, and he turned into recognized to be a surely sensitive, perceptive, and intuitive soul who trusted his internal steerage.

22 represents the grasp Builder, and he changed into that both figuratively and actually.

The number 2 represents the team participant, the healer, the couple or partnership, and it possesses a flexible, type, nurturing, and empathic strength.

it’s far known to be perceptive, sleek, and flexible. while it may be about dualism, it is also approximately having resilience and being forgiving and cooperative. 2 represents commitment. it is the number of peace, harmony, and diplomacy.

2-22 is the time to cooperate together with your Deep inner Self, the Divine inside you. it’s time to heal your body and soul.

this is a great day to tune in for your psychic gifts, whether you use them consciously or you are simply starting to open on your intuition.

Make this your day to unite with the Divine by praying, meditating, studying tarot cards, throwing runes, watching into a crystal ball, consulting the I Ching, or considering religious writings. that is a way for you to connect at once to the Divine.

No center character or institution involved; just you and the Universe becoming One.

Sensitivity is a Divine present. So, if anyone ever says you’re too sensitive, just smile to yourself and apprehend this because the back-handed compliment it really is, because actually sensitive humans are distinctly psychic.

It’s far higher to be exceptionally sensitive than to be insensitive, unfeeling, and incapable of empathy.

cancer is dominated by using the moon, and 2 is related to the moon and femininity. female energy is every so often visible as the opposite of strong, but in reality, it’s far some thing however weak.

Pele, the Goddess of Volcanoes, will remind you that feminine power can be both fierce and effective. So will Aphrodite, the Goddess of affection, and Athena, the Goddess of know-how and war.

All master numbers link us to Divine power. 22 represents amazing capacity. it is the energy of leaders, organizers, and builders.

the ones who’ve 22 of their numerology chart should overcome temptation to surrender after they’re concerned that things may not pass their way.

They must not permit themselves to crumple below the poisonous arrows of cruel people or events, or permit stress cause them to implode or explode. If this incredibly effective power is used to bully and abuse, it has a way of backfiring on the abuser.

There are 22 major Arcana cards in Tarot. The fool card is sometimes numbered as zero (the first) or as 22 (the final) and it represents the querent as having, or needing, incredible faith.

they’re about to step off a spiritual cliff, but all they want to do is agree with that they are getting into the Divine’s arms, for that is precisely what is coming to skip.

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The Day Of Darkness , Is Now



dear ones, it’s darkest just earlier than the dawn.

whilst you look at things from a 3th dimensional political point of view of view it might appear to you that the darkish forces are nevertheless on top of things.

but on a better frequency degree, the mild forces are in control and have already received.

this is the age of Aquarius. This is not a catchphrase.

We want to remind you that the dark forces to your planet are the masters in growing illusions. they are magicians and sorcerers. priests and priestesses of occultism. they’re master deceivers.

You should not forget that each struggle is being fought over a specific territory. on earth, the territory that is being fought over is human consciousness.

The enemy has already invaded the minds of humanity a long time ago but it is simply now that their energy construct is falling like a residence of cards.

Make no mistake, they’ll do anything important to create the illusion of their victory over the mild when in fact they’re nothing however miserable losers. horrific actors in a film that fails to fill the theaters.

however, since so many humans in the world still cling to their drama and their illusions of a third dimensional world this reality, unfortunately, still exists.

this is in which the forces of evil see their closing chance to traumatize and entice as many souls as possible into their matrix advent.

over the last 3 years, an exceptional acceleration in mass awakening turned into witnessed throughout planet earth.

There are things that can’t be undone. As a race, you have tapped into uncharted territory.

You have been compelled to overthink your belief structures, mind, and ultimately, your truth. You have been forced from your comfort sector and feature grown massively since.

We salute your courage. We honor your free choice to evolve and establish peace, team spirit consciousness, and liberty for your planet.

some of you started this manner within the last few years and there are others among you who’ve been on this journey for decades.

subsequently, you all recognize that you are not by myself. however certainly, you have woken up in large numbers and now you clearly see which you all amount into an military for God.

those of you who have been on this journey for a totally long term see the significance inside this understanding.

In recent years your lifestyles might have been pretty lonely however now a whole new world of countless opportunities in form of human connection has opened up.

you’ve got been ridiculed, dismissed, and treated like a lunatic. And there are millions if now not masses of millions of you around the world.

Now which you have learned approximately your abilities and opportunities and recognise that there’s a vast number of your kind out there you have to now not lose faith.

when you hear people speak of trusting the plan we would love to once again strain the truth that there’s indeed a plan being played out.

This, but, is not a worldly plan. It’s not political nor created by the army, although there is an alliance among these forces and people of the light.

but the plan we speak of is the divine plan. Made via the most powerful beings in the universe. It’s the ascension of Gaia.

The goddess is rising. She is the goddess of all introduction. Neither does she ask for anything nor does she want anyone.

that is why nothing can stop what’s coming.

this is why it’s going to be biblical.

as the goddess rises we too have the possibility to conform and rise together with her. The forces of evil do now not have this potential.

they are 4th dimensional beings for them, it’s game over.

There’s actually nothing to worry about. allow 3D to finish it’s remaining acts of desperation as it’s far crumbling.

you’re beings of superb energy and you will quickly remember your personal divinity.

As you continue to raise your focus unconditionally, you’ll witness a heightened evolution in all human attention that will ultimately cause its complete manifestation which marks the entire dissolution of the illusion of the 3D power struggle assemble.

Be on this global not of it.
keep the light, dear human beings. that is the experience of your lifetime.
we like you. we are here with you. we’re your family of light.
blessings of divine light to all

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