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Angel Messages

Messages From The Angels.



While there are cases when you and other souls decide to help each other grow in some tough ways, God never plunges you into darkness so you can find the light.

The angels never guide you into challenging situations so you can find your strength. You by your decisions to dance with other souls and by your vibration attract and allow vibrational matches.

It is that simple in concept. In reality, your most challenging job is bypassing old conditioning, which teaches you to act first.

As you learn to shift your vibration first, your life will continue to progress with ever-increasing ease.

Suppose you want a relationship. You feel desperate. You’ve wanted one for some time, and they’re not here!

You’re emanating frustration, fear, doubt, and lack. You don’t realize that you’ve tuned into the exact opposite of all you desire much of the time,

and so, in your frustration, you join an online dating site and begin the hunt.

At best, you will attract no one. You’ll more likely attract others in a similarly frustrated space who want you to make them feel better.

You found vibrational matches. Despite current frustrations, you can shift your vibration and turn this to good.

You can tune back into love more consistently, focus on the delicious anticipation of the love you want to share, and, in so doing, change everything.

Dear Ones, time and money are simply energy. So too are thoughts, intentions and any act of consciousness.

When one consciously intends to send energy, whether it be money, love, healing or thoughts,

well-intentioned or otherwise to a particular person, event or place, it will occur and have impact upon that person, event or place.

The transmission of energy creates more energy, and the vibration of the creation will depend on the vibration of the original intention.

So, if the energy that is sent is positive and intended with love and for the higher good, the energy created from that will produce more positive energy and the impact will be beneficial for all concerned.

However, if the intention behind the energy is false, malicious and deliberately meant to cause harm then the impact of that will rebound on the sender and create energy of a much darker vibration.

Nevertheless, we can have an impression of our essence, and that is sufficient to transform our perspective about everything.

We are learning how energy is expressed and how it interacts with other energetic complexes.

In our essence we have no darkness or negativity. In our awareness, we arise within the consciousness that creates and enhances all life.

It gives us complete freedom to pay attention and align with any kinds of energies we desire to experience, which is how we got into our present situation.

Everything we experience is carrying us into deeper Self-Realization. There is a distinct difference between living in the negative aspect of duality, and living in love and freedom.

We innately know what this is, and we can be constantly aware of our own polarity and vibratory quality by how we feel about ourselves.

We can train ourselves to feel ourselves living in a world of gratitude and joy, beyond the reach of negativity.

So here you are, drawn together by love and a desire for expansion. Suppose you have tuned to love and created an easier path.

Perhaps they were so hard on themselves that the only way to expand was to leave this brain and body behind and return to the glory of their soul.

Perhaps they decided before birth to leave early and catalyze expansion for all. You have both grown.

You have both expanded. You both love. But as a human being, you hurt. You miss them. We understand.

Even this, dear ones, can be turned into good, gently, slowly, and organically.

The more you can shift away from the unpleasant emotions by focusing instead on how much you love,

how magnificent your love is, and how deeply you care the more you will feel your connection with your dear ones in spirit.

If you can appreciate the love in your own heart, you will feel their love for you.

Likewise, when you have a friend or family member who is suffering, focus on your love, their light, and all that is good in life.

You will become a strong, positive, energetic influence if you can do this.

Your influence does not come from words or deeds but rather from you being in a space of confident belief in their goodness and eventual success. You become a tuning fork for their benefit.

Whenever we are aware that we’re paying attention to something negative,

we can take a few deep, slow, rhythm breaths and align the direction of our focus with our heart-consciousness.

This opens a realm of life-enhancing energies and experiences. By practicing being aware constantly of our inner knowing, we open our awareness to higher guidance.

As our awareness opens, we can realize the nature of the play of consciousness that we’re living in, and how we can transform our experiences.

Everyone in every encounter in essence is a Being of Light. When we pay attention to the inner light,

we can be in alignment with the consciousness of the Creator and can feel ourselves enveloped in unconditional love and joy.

Negative energies and experiences dissolve out of our lives from lack of our attention.

Our realization can elevate and intensify our radiance, creative ability, and experience.

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Angel Messages

Archangel Metatron.



You are accompanied in everyday life in ways imaginable and unthinkable and you are surrounded by luminous powers in your everyday life.

Very often the greatest angels are your friends, people who are embodied with you and who help shape the New Earth with you.

Very often, the brightest lights are in your family, so no one has to fear when there are challenges to overcome and trials to overcome.

You walk this path of light together and although everyone has to walk themselves, no one walks alone.

I place this knowledge deep in your heart today, beloved human being, because your mastery has many fathers and knows many mothers.

When you allow your mind to begin to contemplate, you might find that there is an uncertainty in the fact that you feel that you do not know yourself fully. You might not know fully your energy field.

You might not know the power that you hold within you that is ready and waiting to be used.

You may not know what you’re capable of the strengths, the courage, the confidence that you have.

There also might be experiences of the past, or thoughts that bring fear to your being. Maybe you push those wounds, those pains,

those thoughts away because you don’t know how you can cope with them, or if you’re strong enough to deal with, transform and heal these areas.

While there is a certainty in your presence and your grounding upon the earth, even within your own being there is an uncertainty, and we can recognise this uncertainty as a fear.

A fear is when you are unsure of how something will unfold, or a situation, experience or being creates tension stress and a feeling of being scared within your being.

This often extends from wounds past experiences that maybe didn’t go to your liking or where you felt vulnerable or weak powerless and experienced suffering.

They have indulged themselves in the very short-term gains of material power, in exchange for loss of soul essence and individuated consciousness a very dark business.

We do not elaborate on this, except to say that they are being allowed these last moments of free expression,

not to hold Earth and Her people in tension and upset,

but to give these ones who have long run from the power and Presence of the Light a last chance to rejoin the presence and overwhelming Love of She who is the Life Force of all you see around you.

And to recover those lost parts of themselves, once given over to dark purposes, yet now standing in full view of that Light, which some are choosing to rejoin.

Yet this portal of Light does not remain open indefinitely.

They have been informed on a number of occasions by emissaries of the Light Forces, and by Archangel Michael himself,

that if they do not return to the Light by a particular moment on the current timeline, they will have lost their opportunity.

Not because anyone wishes to close the door upon these ones, but because Earth’s own vibration is fast rising to where they will no longer be a part of Her daily life and experiential reality.

Make sure your relationships remain vibrant, true and loving. This is the greatest treasure at this time.

You can hardly influence what happens outside. When the storm rages, when thousands of years of rubbish is discharged and when top turns to bottom,

then it is important to ensure well-being and well-being in your own area.

Withdraw from the world when you are overwhelmed by events, migrate into your innermost being when unrest spreads around you and find support in your lively and intact relationships.

Family and healthy relationships carry you through these days, true friends and real human encounters give you the energy and strength you need for your life now.

When you exist upon the earth it is natural to want to control your reality, even your being, and maybe even the people around you.

It feels that everything is unknown and everyone is unknown, even those that you know dearly.

How can you deal with this? It is overwhelming for the mind and the emotions.

It is natural to want to control your reality and your being as a way of safeguarding yourself, however, in order to really become one with the unknown and to recognise the comfort,

the support and the benefits that are present with the unknown, there is a need to let go of the control. Once you begin to let go of the control, then the Universe of the Creator supports you.

The Universe of the Creator has always been supporting you but you allow that support into your being and into your reality.

You may recognise greater inner guidance. You will also recognise that things occur within your being and your reality to build your trust so that you feel more confident,

more able to move with the flow, more able to accept the unknown because you know that the unknown works in a positive, fulfilling way for you.

And yes, there may still be aspects of the unknown that you fear because it is impossible to know everything and,

in many ways, it is not your place nor your purpose to know everything about the Creator or the Universe of the Creator or even, to some extent,

yourself because you are an extension of a greater energy. Your purpose in this moment is to recognise fully that extension and all that you embody in this reality.

Remember that it’s your own Light, your own inner decisions, your own vibration, that determine so much.

It’s easy to think while you’re in a human body, that it’s all down to what happens to and around you.

Really, nothing happens TO you. It happens because of you, and everyone on the planet now.

But one beautiful thing is that there are more Light Bearers in places of influence now influence in the old 3D sense of elected officials and those who work with them.

They’re turning that wheel in ways the old crowd think is inconsequential, so those movements are not opposed or destroyed.

This is only due to the Light that all of you hold, as you pre-pave the way to a New Earth.

These ones can only do what they do to assist humanity and Lady Gaia because you are all holding enough Light for those events to happen naturally and smoothly, without a hitch.

Another thing happening that the Collective already pointed out is that the masses are awakening to the old crowd’s cleverness.

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Angel Messages

The Angels : New Beginning.



We see the love beneath your so-called negative emotions, and we remain focused on this alone.

When you worry, we see the love and care beneath your feelings of powerlessness. We focus on what you desire and on your inner power to create.

When you feel enraged that someone has treated you unkindly, we focus on your worthiness and your desire to be treated better.

When you are upset because someone took something from you, we focus on your power to allow more to flow into your life.

When you feel helpless and angry because you believe someone can rob you of your freedom,

we focus on the fact that you are eternally free to create with the Divine.

Dear ones, we cannot and will never focus on or judge your shadows because we live to support your light.

We mirror back to you in every way we can, the highest and most beautiful aspects of yourself.

Frequently, we see you more kindly and powerfully than you see yourself.

No one is forced to incarnate anywhere because of karma. You incarnate where you want to incarnate, when you want to incarnate in that particular place and time,

because you are sovereign beings, because you are Source, and you do get to choose whether to continue a series of lifetimes in a particular location.

Those of you who have chosen a series of lifetimes there on planet Earth have done so with a great degree of courage and an enormous belief in yourselves and also in your guides and other helpers.

So the plan never was to do it all on your own, and in many ways you are not by yourselves there on Earth, even if it feels like you are at times.

Everyone who is consistently receiving these messages from us is linked in a very real way.

You are anchoring in energies, and you are grounding them into Mother Earth.

They are creating a grid, and you are in psychic, telepathic communication with one another through these gridlines that you are creating.

More than this there is much rejoicing and infinite knowing that this is a new beginning for all life and life forms,

and all the new species which will make themselves known to us, as we ascend further and many of the extinct species will reappear.

The waters themselves are going through a total recalibration and indeed landmass is rising and some will sink under the sea as the Old earth merges with the New.

The New Earth is much larger, and they as the Old disintegrates many parts will totally change and some will be reborn in ways I am shown, but as yet cannot put into words.

The Crystal Pyramids and the crystalline Pyramids grids are pulsating with fifth to seventh dimensional vibrational frequencies and the spine of the earth is alight and has merged with that of the New Earth.

Whenever you focus on anything that makes you feel good, soothed, or even a little better, you start to tune into our loving broadcast.

You are closer and closer to the loving frequency of our channel. You begin to receive our signals more clearly.

You feel our love more intensely. Best of all, you start to feel and see yourselves the way we see powerful, perfect, worthy.

So when you enjoy the aroma of your morning coffee, you tune into our loving broadcast and might suddenly remember you have to run an important errand.

When you worry about getting to work in time, you are not tuned in to our broadcast. You might miss our guidance to check the traffic.

When someone smiles at you, and you feel good, you suddenly feel your heart attuned to the goodness in people and, in that moment, are attracting all good relationships.

When someone cuts you off in traffic, and you scowl at their rudeness, you tune our love out and open to the other rude people on earth at that moment.

Your vibration is influenced by the outside world, but only to the degree you allow.

Suppose, using the analogy above, you started to worry about getting to work on time and realized the worrisome thought didn’t feel good.

You remind yourself that the universe has your back, that even if you are a little late, all will be well, and that it is better to relax than get worked up about something over which you have no control.

You take a deep breath, and feel better. Suddenly, you feel the urge to check traffic, take a different route than usual, and arrive on time.

Likewise, when that driver cuts you off in traffic, you might react momentarily but then quickly go back to listening to your music or audiobook.

In that case, you have not tuned into rudeness long enough to attract more from the world.

You have returned to the broadcast of love. Your day will flow more smoothly.

You are our ground crew there on planet Earth, and we need you in order to deliver the help, the guidance, the wisdom that we want to impart on all of humanity.

But not everyone, as you know, is ready for what we have to give, and that’s where you all come in as the ground crew.

You are the gridworkers who make these energies available to others, who would otherwise be closed off to them,

who would laugh at you if you were to send them one of these messages because you think it might resonate or help them in some way.

And we know that many of you have done this and received those replies from the ones you’ve been seeking to help in your lives.

But know this you get to everyone with what you are holding in your consciousness, your awareness, your beliefs, and with the open hearts that you have.

We consistently tell you that love is the answer, that compassion is the way, and that inner peace leads to getting everything that you want,

and you walk around emanating all of those truths, even if you don’t speak them aloud to the person who is ringing up your groceries at the grocery store.

They’re all benefitting from what you are grounding in from us, and we are so appreciative of each and every one of you there on Earth,

but especially those of you who are helping to further the agenda, which is of course to help humanity awaken and ascend.

Today I wish to speak of cleansing practices in a time when the energy frequency is moving at great speed and there is also much turmoil within your being as you realise wounds, heal and release them.

It is a wonderful time to have a tool belt of cleansing practices that you can use to bring yourself back into balance connected to your truth and connected to your essence.

When we speak of cleansing, we think of clearing the energy field the physical body, the chakras, the mind, the emotions and this is true and it is possible as well.

However, when you gain your balance once more your centre when you’re grounded, when you’re connected to the Creator, your inner truth and your essence,

you are in the flow of the Creator and the flow of the Creator is like a river that is continuously moving through your being waiting and wanting to be expressed through you.

When you allow and give permission for this to occur, and you’re consciously aware, it supports you in naturally…

and you might say automatically…cleansing your being, because the river of the flow of the Creator will bring forth energies to be observed, to be acknowledged or accepted.

As it does so, it will carry them away as well, or carry them into embodiment, whatever is appropriate and necessary.

The cleansing process occurs at a quicker rate and all of these can be achieved by intention.

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Angel Messages

Archangel Uriel : Opening Gateways.



This is exactly what is happening now We have so much cosmic help streaming in, but we need to let go of all ideas of what our lives should be like, look like.

and allow the new to be born in much higher versions unlike anything known before. We literally have stepped into the Great Unknown.

Yet, through all of this, we are being carried. We are carried on the wings of a mighty heavenly golden eagle.

Those wings are strong which carry us through, and on the back of the eagle we rise,

while under the wings of the eagle we find safety and protection even as we are being lifted higher and higher by the immensely powerful dimensional shift currents.

I was told by Lord Melchizedek that with expansion the heart center is the driving force as ONE with the Divine, but also faith.

But there was such joy abiding in this, that the whole expanse opens to reveal the miracles which lie within each expanse.

The immense beauty of discovering new and higher ways of life and living, and indeed the more one is being stretched the more the miracles await with every single moment and every single breath we take!

Thank your mother! Be grateful to your mothers work to make you come into the world.

Some search for all the answers, going back in time, even going back into previous lives, but forgetting about birth and the bond to the mother.

Motherhood should be celebrated!

Mothers should be acknowledged as someone very important and treated ackordingly.

Even if your bond to your mother is not very good, still she gave birth to you, so love her for giving you the gift of life.

For thousands of years the Motherhood has been diminshed into a little piece of Mothering as the woman played a tiny part in the eyes of patriarchy.

It is all about power. It is all about balance between male and feminine energies.

God pray for balance! God knows how good that would be! And you are not there yet!

The story of life is very interesting and makes a curious person to wonder.

As we shift our perception from that of a polarised, traumatized and programmed ego mind,

to the perspective of how God Source sees ALL, your realities shift for you and so does your Blueprint align with its Divine expression!

Remember that whatever you resist, judge, fight, or pay attention to you feed and help co-creating, and what you cling onto, you push energetically away. It’s energetic law, that’s why detachment is so important!

As we Fully Let Go of all remaining karmic load, based in judgment, separation, and fragmentation of and within The One Consciousness, all of our energy, sacred life force,

and power is returned to us, as we have truly freed ourselves from all illusions of this physical world and the Maya of The Mind!

Fully dissolving the false fear-based mind matrix, once and for all!

Now we can truly co-create like the Cosmic Kryst Child, from joy, free of all illusory fears, mind control programming, and inverted beliefs, free of all imagined limitations and boxes that don’t exist!

The energies now are opening the gateways to rapid and often unpredicted changes.

I have had to deal with such these last few weeks, but escalating now, and I see this as all part of the great expanse now opening up,

greater than anything we have even an inkling of, and thus the old which no longer serves us, needs to go.

A major part of that Great Awakening for you are the Boots on the Ground. You are the ones that are part of the Great Alliance here and, even yet, part of those White Hats, and that part of the Alliance as well.

Because there are parts of you, aspects of you, beyond the physical that have been working diligently to bring this entire ascension process forward

working within your sleep state, working within those other states of your unconscious knowing where you are not fully aware, but somewhat aware, as things are coming forward, as truth is coming forward.

And you are right there on the verge of those truths coming forward and those great changes, as Sananda has just spoken of, that are right there within your grasp.

Just simply allow for the process to continue. Allow for the ascension process to continue, and for you to move to your next part of your mission as you are called to do so.

The dark side, as you are saying, those forces of darkness have been attempting to hold this back for a very long time,

for they knew this information would come out to more and more as part of the Great Awakening, but it would be the end for them.

Because they cannot withstand the truth coming forward. They cannot withstand themselves coming out of the shadows into the light.

So it is happening, and is going to continue to happen. And it is part of the great changes that are in development now that are coming forward,

the great changes that are indeed bringing the truth forward from many different sources, and going in many different directions here.

You will find, as the weeks and months move on here, that there is a great deal of change developing here.

One Who Serves has given, this has been an agenda item for decades. However, we will tell you, quite blank, it will fail.

That is what we will tell you. We have opened the package, so to speak, so you will not be surprised. However we must say this: it will fail.

As we say here, those of the Galactics are very much aware of this and will intercede if this were to be brought out.

And the interceding would not at all be what the dark forces would want. That is why it is the final card that they can play.

This is something that happened the other week when I had two instances when two people were just staring at me.

Maybe it had something to do with their seeing more light, and maybe it has to do with seeing that, although I don’t think either time I was feeling that particularly,

but maybe the opposite. But I was just wondering if there was something out there with being that.

We will say here that there can be two parts to this. There is the part where those are somewhat able, as you said, see your light, and to feel that connection with you in that respect.

But they do not understand it. And there are others who can see that, and do understand it, and know what is there,

because they can see beyond the veil. So we are not saying that those particular ones were able to do that.

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