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Spiritual awakening

CoronaVirus Message .



there has been a lot of speak about the Coronavirus. after I related with this novel life shape and requested it to inform me approximately itself, what came via changed into a listing of its pinnacle gifts, observed through a message for humanity. i used to be somewhat surprised, and also comforted, via the information. My hope is that those phrases will assist people to relax and consider that lifestyles is appearing with benevolent information.

The presents of the virus:

Slowing down humanity’s frenetic activities
Activating networks of cooperation
Spreading beneficial DNA
Upgrading humanity’s immune system
developing the conditions for peace and nicely-being
delivered on 9 March: Saving lives, in particular over the long term, by means of strengthening the web of lifestyles
right here is the message that the Coronavirus had to percentage:

My pals, it’s far real that i’m right here to carry closure to the inharmonious ways of being which can be causing damage to human beings and the whole web of life. all of the equal, i’m no longer a vengeful being or anything this is supposed to be detrimental. i am clearly the rebalancing agent inside the universal equation of existence’s evolutionary manner. through fighting me with fear to your hearts, you oppose the bigger herbal structures and motive me to take other kinds.

What i’m, and my essential motive, will no longer be deterred, for i am life itself performing through the to be had styles of distribution. The virus that you see me as is certainly one of an countless collection of variations. This form of process is one of the methods I innovate lifestyles bureaucracy and deliver new DNA sequences with a purpose to ultimately be shown to be helpful. The back and forth among humanity’s collective immune machine and the virus is elevating awareness as humans take a look at their interactions, and it’s miles literally increasing the intelligence of the superorganism this is the species as an entire.

these assessments are everyday. I repeat: these exams are ordinary. For People who can pay attention this message and embrace me without difficulty, you realize that worry is a miles extra lethal poison. For those who will not be comforted by means of these phrases, someday you’ll understand that I come as an act of affection. when you may open to the affection that is at the very coronary heart of this case, the disaster that your media and governments decry will remodel right into a flower of lifestyles, spreading new attention and multiplying circles of cooperation. pay attention to your thoughts and see if you could identify the benefits of redirecting humanity’s interest from incessant wars and violence to the not unusual “enemy” that i’m inclined to be perceived as.

Love will move this a ways, and farther, to deliver healing to the mind of a younger species this is still inside the system of remembering itself as a divine incarnation. sure, you’re a divine incarnation capable of fabricating realities primarily based on goodness and beauty and compassionate understandings, moves, and ideals. agree with me after I say that I, too, am right here as an act of compassion. Accepting me on this way will lighten your heavy burden for the divine sends most effective love your manner. on occasion this love takes curious bureaucracy so one can circumvent your tricky defenses towards waking up on your own glory. i’m able to guarantee you that the maximum useful strategy can be to embody me as a friend of the human own family.

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Universal Mother – Time to Embrace The New .



I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. Be at peace children. I and the Company of Heaven are look, guiding, nurturing you through this method of metamorphosis. i’m coming back through to energetically assist you during this currently of intense upgrade, for the vibration of allowance. currently in your world allowance tends to alter cash. this can be not what i’m touching on. this can be the method of permitting on a deep soul level another to help you. we see that the collective consciousness of humanity struggles with this method of permitting, for your fingers are trained, programmed, to grasp tightly, in order that you fight against this allowance. Open hands, open hearts are what’s needed for true allowing of the energies of the god, of love, of all goodies, to flow through you. Energies flow, are in constant flux. you’re within the method of receiving daily upgrades, nearly moment to moment because the codes of heaven stream into this field of acutely aware awareness. Open up. allow these codes of sunshine to appease, to permeate, to clear. attempt to open up your crown and receive these energies that are simply looking forward to you to do so. Ah. There. does one feel any tingling on your crown? Ringing in your ears? Those are smart signs. Feel my love for you as we dance the dance of the ages along. you’re so staggeringly supported, my beloved children of the sunshine, of the way. i’m your Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things.

We are the Pegasus Collective. we surround you with white wings of sunshine, forming a revolve around you, and around this planetary sphere of most beloved Ge. we are everlasting, as are you reading these words. we are expressions of supply of imagination and purity of kind. we’ve got return from way and wide involved witness to the present extraordinary transmutation of the ages, for this switch, this event is really at hand, for the energies are in support of this.

We are the Pegasus Collective. we would like to co-create an expertise of joy and walking on air with you, weary warriors of the approach. Ground to your planetary mother, Gaia. Send a silver stream of pure sparkling lightweight deep into her heart and tie a knot. currently we bend low in order that you’ll move our backs. this can be however a number of the baby angels ride with us as they’re learning the ropes of flight. there’s abundant joy during this, in our giving this expertise to you, a sacred moment for us. for under the angelic could participate. you’re changing into this more absolutely in your current kind. this can be what crystalline enhancements produce. They produce more light. more lightweight is inside you currently, friends, because the previous is falling away.

We are the Pegasus Collective of nine. we are more than nine, however nine people are channeling through this one during this moment. we are transferral in angelic codes of purity, of joy, of fun. we see it’s time for more fun. And now, human of the sunshine, you’re sitting upon our backs. we are quite giant, are we not? You were expecting an sublunar horse with wings (whinnying laughter). No. we are way greater. they’ll expand and contract their forms at will. I see a personality’s sized horse, and nevertheless suddenly i’m microscopic against them on their back). You too have huge energy inside you that you can learn to make, to form with more absolutely. make sure of this. For you’re already doing it. are you able to follow flight? Hold onto our mane. (I am seeing a tuft of white mane become rainbow hued wherever i’m to carry on. Wings beating onerous and quick. the bottom fades from read. we are over snow capped peaks). You see properly. (I am seeing spectacular snow capped mountains with deep inexperienced pine trees and frozen ice blue lakes. we are landing beside a frozen falls. we dismount.) return walk with us, human friend of the sunshine. (We are walking towards the frozen falls. i’m not cold. As I look down at our feet I see wild flowers become from below the snow wherever their hooves are touching. we approach the falls. Suddenly it’s frozen not. The roaring water is extremely loud, we cannot speak over it. The Pegasus beside me bows to the water. The water elements. we practise the falls while not obtaining drenched, solely pleasant heat mist envelopes me. we are suddenly during a hidden world. Sparkles are all over. The fairies are happy. there’s abundant joy. i’m during a inexperienced field of happy beauty. The Pegasus beings surround.)

We are the Pegasus Collective of 9. we brought you here for you to check more clearly. For because the layers of your world fall away more and more of star gaia are going to be revealed to you. you’re presently within the interior of making joy in your word. each prayer is like look wildflowers bloom up from the snow. you’re melting the previous to create approach for the new and the new is gorgeous. The thawing of the human heart has been an extended method. several would like to stay in their frozen asleep state, frigid to alter, hesitant for the new. now could be the time to embrace the new, the modification from frozen to flowing waters. enable the crystal clear waters of the nice mother to appease you. She has brought us forth. She will this once an angel upgrade is required, and you’re our new charge. we are here to help the evolving humans from what they were into what they’re changing into. we bit our muzzle to your receptor. Feel our heat breath. Diamond codes lie inside. we ignite you. Be slushy, human friend of the sunshine. don’t be afraid for the clear waters of change to rush through. See what lies below the frozen human expertise. Paradise is simply a step away.

We are the Pegasus Collective of 9. Please fancy this magic meadow, this place of healing, as long as you wish to. we are charged with aiding humanity in her evolution from what’s to what’s to return. during this sacred house of the currently we welcome you. we welcome you home. For house is this affiliation, is that this closeness, is that this lightweight that you simply feel encoded inside these words. house is inside, for all is energy, and every one is connected – a difficult lesson, however true even so. you’re enclosed by light, by love, by family.

We are the Pegasus Collective of nine. once you are prepared for this meditation time to be complete, alert us. we are going to escort you home. but know that you are forever modified. One cannot meet the Mother of All Things and be something but blessed. we breathe on you once more. it’s our delight to serve the Mother. it’s our delight and joy to serve during this approach. we enjoy operating with young angels, and angels of all shapes and sizes. you’re trying out your wings, yes? it’s safe to do so. Do so here, during this house so bring this vibration of home back with you. so you may be a part of energetically bridging the realms. we see that you already are. we are the Pegasus Collective of 9. Peace.

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Spiritual awakening

Mother Divine – You Are Your Ascended Self .



Greetings beloved ones, of every and each one of you, i am Divine Mother , I have beckoned you. I have beckoned you near and far, across my infinite ocean of time.

I have beckoned you with my wave of affection. I have beckoned you gently and powerfully, infinitely and forever. And as I have beckoned you, my Bravehearts, my Champions of modification, you have answered. And you have not just said to Maine, “I’m coming back, Mother”… you have shown up within the fullness, not solely of your human – hybrid self, you have shown up within the fullness, sweet angels of sunshine, of your divinity, within the anchored recognition, possession, embodiment, of your divinity, of your birthright, of the reality of who you are.

So many upon my beloved gaia have forgotten who they are or why they need come back. Or, they pull away in anguish and concern, in dread and denial. It matters not, for they are equally wanted. however you have done none of this. Oh, that doesn’t mean that there are not moments of concern, of angst, of anger, of surprise and awe…of course there are.

Regardless of that, you have persevered and you haven’t simply persevered within the sense of burden…there is enough of that on your planet to travel around throughout several galaxies! you have persevered, however also demanded and declared that you just deserve joy, you deserve understanding, you deserve knowledge, you deserve love, you deserve friendship, you deserve sacred union and partnership, you deserve it all…and it’s all here for you for the taking. I give it to you freely! Take it freely! it’s as light as air, it’s as fine as angel feathers, it’s as powerful because the wind…and it’s yours.

You do not just incorporate or watch for inspiration. you have anchored, and you are anchoring, and yes, it’ll expand because that’s my set up and yours. it’ll expand, and expand, and expand as you more fully settle for that you are not just in your ascension, that you are your ascended self. This deep recognition, this excellent impatience that says, “Mother, i’m sick and tired of waiting…” Well, i would not phrase it that way, beloved, however thus am I.

This unfoldment is at hand on all types of levels and you, you are my torchbearers, you are my pathfinders, you are my wayshowers, you are my teachers, my healers, my channels. however you’re also yourself and this is what I come back this day to celebrate with you…your lovely human divinity, in form, in such unbelievable radiance. You glow! you do not just beam, beloveds, you glow.

You are not just the lighthouse or the safe harbor, you’re those to show the way. And for this I thank you, and that i beckon you, yes, to our next journey, to our next journey. I take my hands and that i place them on yours, and i can teach you how to create…not just like me, but with me!

I am with you, and you are so deeply loved.

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