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i’m saint germain. i come at the moment, in those opportune moments. these moments that seem to you, to many of you, to be the ones that are continuing on from the darkish forces.

however if you will be but logical for a second. suppose in terms of all that the darkish forces have tried to do over the numerous hundreds of years, and what is happening now. it is the equal. the same old, identical old, over and over. as you have heard earlier than, they continue to observe the same playbook. same plan.

however because they preserve to follow that equal plan, those of the forces of light recognise that plan, and they do everything now, and are doing the entirety now, to counteract all of their moves.

and if you will think about it once more logically for a second, how could a few, relatively-talking, across the planet be able to control and control an entire planet of people, an entire collective cognizance

and people everywhere are announcing no more! we will not be controlled! we will not go lightly into the night time! we will no longer cease without a fight! yes, that is a quote. however it is an apropos quote. because that is wherein all of you are now. all of you which are the light workers and warriors. you are all announcing, enough! we are taking control now. not of each different, however of ourselves. no person can control us except we allow them to accomplish that.

the answer is, they can not. they will appear to be doing so. because once more, they are following the equal plan. and those of the population maintain to comply with along side that plan. however many more and more throughout the planet are awakening to that plan, to their subterfuge, to their levels of control.

that mass population has all of the forces of light behind them: the ones right here on this planet, that you know of because the alliance, and those that are above the planet, the ones of the galactics, that are also part of the alliance, or that make up the whole alliance of the forces of light.

however the relatively small organization of beings across the planet have lost their way, have succumbed to the darkish side within themselves, as they maintain to try and manage the mass population.

and all are moving against the small force of darkness. not simplest does the pressure of light have the alliance, those above the earth and those below the earth as the agarthans, however universal god source, the top creator, has also said “enough is enough!” and is also behind the movement of the light forces.

so how can a highly small few have any chance of overcoming the forces of light when there is so much going against them?

i said a few weeks ago on one of your calls that a great announcement was coming. i additionally said there could be several small announcements as properly preceding the bigger announcement. they have been coming, and are going to preserve to return.

and at one point, you may expect a rather huge announcement to come forward. of direction, i cannot give you that announcement now, because the entirety is a lot in flux. a lot is depending on the collective consciousness of guy as to how and whilst these announcements and this assertion will arise. but realize that it shall.

and recognize that everything, even though it appears that your world is in turmoil, even though it seems to be so, realize that appearances are regularly deceiving. because as you look out and see the devastation, or you look out and see the despair, recognize that there’s additionally a silver lining. wherever you see ugliness, there’s beauty proper behind it.

however in case you attention on that beauty, not the ugliness, then you improve your vibration in that moment. and as you improve your vibration in that second, it raises the vibrations of these around you. and as their vibrations raise, it raises the ones round them as properly. and so forth, and so on. this is now the vibration of the entire planet is elevating now.

all of you, all of you which are right here, both having begun your missions, or but nevertheless to come on to those missions, a lot of you do not even realize what those missions may be yet at this point.

but if you observe the inner guidance, follow your better self, follow the steerage of these guides that work with you, let them deliver you into the ones higher vibrations with them. let them guide you not control you, however guide you.

if you do this, if you allow for that, then you will be, and stay, in the precise moment, in the precise place in those moments, where you want to be.

do now not permit the fear, do not let those that would tend to convey out that fear, do no longer let them gain manipulate back. even though they try and do so. they are making their closing gasp. taking their final breath. whether it’s far a breath closer to the light, or a breath toward the darkness, it’s far up to them. but it’s far the breath of life, regardless.

i am saint germain, and i go away you now in peace and love. and with the violet flame that has been brought back to this planet, to the earth, to the collective consciousness of man, to help you in purging out the old: the old approaches, the old memories, the old programming this is now not needed.

it isn’t about going along with the manage. it is about attaining out and achieving for the light within you. not allowing the control to come over you. no longer permit the darkish forces within you, within every of you, to take over.

trust your selves. trust inside the plan. because it’s miles all running out exactly because it needs to in every given second.

peace and love be with all of you.

i am saint germain

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Message From The Pleiadians | Huge Change !!!.



you are being made energetically equipped to play an important position within your heart in forming an alliance to these Grids.

You, your heart, are absolutely to play a transformed function by way of becoming a natural energetic extension of the multidimensional frequency community.

best you could obtain this ongoing constructing of reconnection within your heart through aware choice.

Your aware action of ‘choosing’ is exceedingly powerful and is an vital component to your awakening technique.

thru the multidimensional reconnection of your heart’s sacred chamber you turn out to be an initiator to set up a telepathic communion between your self and others.

that is a design for forming communities of light to keep this mirror of light regular on the planet.

This time heralds in the huge shift as you method the cease of your calendar year.

Waves of light are being set in movement during the earth plane growing new energetic forms being made occur on your planet.

you are requiring balance within your existence to help this fast exchange.

This stability thru stability can most effective be carried out thru a conscious desire method of building a deeper link inside your heart.

The heart is your central access point to the familiar God focus.

You keep a completely unique design sacred imprint inside your heart, and you’re obtained and diagnosed through this imprint.

these better vibrational forms are being established so one can help the birthing and then the stabilization of a higher order of multidimensional Grids. these Grids keep the sacred design for this time.

Your natural heritage is one in all being electric powered in nature.

As you end up a hyperlink inside the community vibration you are being lower back, recalibrated lower back into your natural state of being multidimensional.

The Magnetic center may be likened to being like a primary wheel with spokes. Shards of light will radiate outwards.

those spirals of light can be drawn into the individual frequency of the divine presence of your heart. you may be part of the introduction energy of Earth through this reconnection.

it’s going to radiate outwards this better order of light, that’s destined to wash the Earth, and infuse through all existence pressure energy existing in the world.

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The Pleiadians – See You Next-Week



My brothers, you may need us. those who do not want our assist, might also try to skip, but it will likely be a lot greater tough, because whoever is with us will skip to the 5th dimension in a completely clean and really natural way.

so you will want us. Of path, we can all respect each other’s free will. Whoever does not want our assist, we will now not insist, it’s far as much as every of you.

but what we’ve got attempted over time is to get nearer and closer to you; to emerge as friends, literally friends; that we can seem bodily by using your side, without inflicting you dread;

with out causing you astonishment; because we are by your facet, only you do no longer see us, because we’re in another measurement.

You want to open up, to trust, and agree with me, the moment will come while you may turn to the side and you will see us, out of nowhere, you may see us.

because some of you are already vibrating very incredibly, and the moment you remove any worry, dread on your hearts of what you may see, you will be able to see us.

Whoever says, I need your help. I need you by my side , the method accelerates, and also you have become more and more aware about how we are.

and then one stunning day, you will see us. we can even make physical contact, why now not? because we’re bodily bodies, just like yours.

We aren’t pure energy, we are Souls incarnated in physical bodies, unique from yours, but they are physical bodies. Then we are able to even change a handshake. Why now not?

Our frame vibrates in a higher dimension, so that you do not see us, but we’re there by your side, all the time. each of us, especially those who are of our race; that are from our origins.

some different races are on the planet too, taking care of those who are in your family. So, all of you’re surrounded by us, whether or not you want it or now not.

because our help is important to you; our strength, our understanding, our love, and that’s what we’re doing for you.

So we’re right here, beside every one of you, trying to improve and adjust these feelings. We had been trying to show ourselves to some of you.

a few have visible us, sure, but the large majority nevertheless can’t see us. Why does this appear? because deep down, very deep down, you continue to have that fear; you have not yet opened your hearts fully to see us.

this may simplest manifest while you open your self as much as pure unconditional like to realize what we’re like.

So, whilst we introduce ourselves, we constantly choose some of our race who are shorter, so you don’t feel this difference so much, till you get used to us.

and that i tell you, you will get used to us, because our coexistence could be for a long time, aspect by aspect. Then you can ask yourself, but why? you will realize.

you will understand that you’ll be wanting to have us by your side in order to make the transition; to be able to trade your power frequency to the fifth dimension.

this could occur to all of us, with all races, as they are all stunning, from their attitude; and find others, now not necessarily unpleasant, but special, ordinary.

So no, don’t worry, we absolutely apprehend this fear that you have to see us; this fear which you have of what you will see.

First, because we’ve got usually been shown in your movies, in your media, as terrible beings, beings of evil, beings which have usually achieved you harm. in no way as humanoids; constantly as monsters.

always. we’ve usually been here, but we needed to live a bit bit away from you, till you could accept us, apprehend us, and assist us through this entire system.

we’re working directly inside the hearts of each one in all you, because our technology are precisely to work the heart; all the spaces that you have to your heart, so that you can evolve,

you may improve, you could get rid of feelings that aren’t right for you; feelings that best lead you to bad things, to horrific decisions.

This is not a long way away, because you are handling to resonate with better dimensions.

So, in case you open your hearts, if you connect with us, from the heart, you’ll see us, because we will also make our vibration cross down a little to the third, and you will be capable of see us.

It isn’t clean for us either, as our bodies do now not vibrate well in 3D.

to expose ourselves we want to suffer a loss of power, so that our body can seem in the third dimension.

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May Control You



We stay in a world wherein links to better facts had been turned off by the controllers serving the negative alien schedule programs and are poisoning the human frame and Earth’s body.

As Humanity wakes up to this understanding about the herbal function of the human body we are able to then reverse-engineer this process.

If every person had a higher comprehension of ways thoughts control is used everyday in the mainstream media we would know its ultimate purpose is to sell divide and conquer perception systems.

What we’re seeing now with this human Awakening is that the floor populace is now beginning to refuse to take part on this divide and overcome recreation.

a primary purpose of this terrible alien time table is to engineer programs to situation Humanity into discovered helplessness.

essentially, this application is to promote victimization. while you’re a sufferer you’re helpless therefore easier to manipulate.

it is truly pretty sad what has occurred to us which means this learned helplessness program places thoughts inside the minds of either a human or animal that there may be no escape.

This mental software is accomplished towards the human population without their attention or consent.

Many people are beginning to recognize that some primary factors in mankind’s thoughts control are our diminishing access to sunlight through mass weather change.

there’s a effective agenda of social engineering to benefit control over your thoughts and benefit access to the human thoughts in order to prevent loose and open thinking.

as soon as these belief systems are held firmly in region as ideology it’s far then enforced by the energy and authority structure and is easier to control that precise species.

it is love it compartmentalizes the cognizance that means it puts you in a mental box or cage so to speak.

What it is honestly doing is boxing your focus into a very constrained frequency band of intellectual, emotional and spiritual exploration. It places an cease to our creativity and creativeness.

in the course of this time the Pleiadians and others driven a better frequency onto Earth this is wherein all the flower children and rock bands singing of area and starships took place.

This negative alien schedule have become aware about this and squashed this try at a human Awakening with war and here we are these days.

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