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Angel Messages

Archangel Michael : The New Earth.



a new Divine Blueprint full of advanced creative ideas past the wildest desires of even the most superb,

superior minds of today is being beamed down through the powerful Rays of God cognizance upon Earth and humanity from the great central sun of this Sub-Universe.

an advanced Soul, treading the slim direction of ascension, need to learn how to take in and integrate the three predominant God Rays of the coming Age,

Why now not move into the center of the spiral of ascending attention, into the eye of duality and polarity wherein all is calm and peaceful full of natural cosmic life force substance,

Adamantine particles, simply ready to be molded into your vision of the future?

This very second, as you move into your Sacred heart center, you could experience the profound love and compassion of our God and the best creator.

Please accept this immutable fact: you’re a precious son or daughter on an vital mission, and nothing you can say or do can decrease that love.

it is time to dissolve the membranes of light protective your Sacred thoughts and Sacred heart so one can come up with get entry to to the higher frequency reminiscence Seed Atoms of your Over Soul higher Self.

balance is the constant alternate of homeostasis to imbalance to homeostasis to imbalance to stability. A dance to a rhythm is a linear syncopation of this reflection.

Time is both your willingness to align with the external rhythm and to feel the intensity of motion, the revel in of conscious interaction .

just as dancers should attune to the impulses and responses, so too should you attune to the impulses and responses from life.

relax into the knowing of your technique. you recognize the rhythm. you work with the energy and flexibility that supports more balanced movement.

You revel in the dance because it actions your Beingness into an expansion with the rhythms and opportunities of life.

that is Time, your associate inside the dance. It leads till you analyze the patterns of float. Direct your conscious choice.

The concept of ordinary, expected, everyday and common are limits put upon your true expression, your creativity, your genuine self.

How many of you’re hiding aspects of yourself, from small to huge, because you suspect that part of you isn’t what is anticipated? It’s not normal.

The idea of the new normal might seem to be a distortion, however we suggest you reclaim the seed of the idea.

There are new horizons within every one in every of you that wish to be expressed and explored.

You aren’t the old you, and you could never go back: have a good time in that by myself!

you have been freed. you are free to express, discover, revel in. you are divine creators, free ,this is your New everyday. that is your liberation and your reality. you are great.

you know in your hearts in which you yearn to develop and explicit a greater reality of who you are.

this is your present to Ascension and to humanity: to live and breathe the more version of you that is waiting to be birthed.

all through those wondrous, but attempting, times, you are being given a grand possibility to faucet into the cosmic library, which holds the mysteries of this Sub Universe.

You, the StarSeed Souls, are gradually turning into geared up to tap into the ones sacred storehouses, Pyramids of mild, in which the universal laws and information of the a while are stored.

In doing so, you’ll study that you can traverse any peak, surmount any obstacle, and your path of ascension may be discovered with truth.

you’ve got never misplaced your divinity or your godly intelligence. It has simplest been in safe maintaining, looking forward to the time when you would, another time, wake up to assert your birthright as a Divine toddler of our God.

Beloveds, we are asking you to cognizance on yourselves so you may also grow to be clear vessels for the delicate frequencies of light.

you have got the capacity to turn out to be a conduit for the Adamantine particles of creator mild, for you to permeate your physical vessel and drift out into the arena of shape.

but, you have to release the power of the Sacred fire from within your bodily vessel, the fireplace saved within your Root Chakra,

even as drawing forth a new supply via the great 6th Dimensional cities of light. The breath is the conductor of this vital existence force power.

lots of you ask what your assignment is in this lifetime, and we let you know, Your Soul’s best desire is which you reclaim the many sides of yourself so you can also, once more,

be the wondrous master of cocreation that you had been whilst you first embodied in the cloth planes.

The ascension system is an on going journey, no longer a destination. each day, undertaking to make the best choices stay inside the second,

for that is the best time you may access your God power now not focusing at the past and now not projecting into the destiny but in search of your highest ability in each and every moment.

See the challenges to your existence as opportunities as you learn to let go of old self proscribing ways. these are inalienable truths which you need to instill within till they come to be part of your human nature.

that is a balancing lifetime for you, the StarSeed, wherein you’re seeking to bring into harmony all the sides of your Being.

Deep inside, you are aware of how important it is for you to honor and integrate your female nature, the gentle, intuitive, creative, and inward centered energies, as well as growing and using your masculine attributes.

attempt to be strong, but gentle, outward centered as you tap into the treasure house of expertise inside.

Your Divine nature will grow in electricity and aware expression as you learn how to draw forth the information of your Sacred thoughts, OverLighted with the compassion of your Sacred heart.

You should examine to speak concisely, constructively, and confidently.

understand that in case you live centered and targeted inside your Sacred heart, the Universe should respond in a high quality way, and your success could be assured.

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Angel Messages

The Angel You Have Never Heard Of.



For some of us, sending love to Earth is successfully our day process and the primary thing we presently spend our attention on. but it’s also our highest pleasure and calling at this modern-day second.

some of us have honestly received great soul growth through looking at Earthlings. thanks so very lots for that. we like you deeply.

I recognize that life is tough there on earth. you’ve got my deepest empathy. but well, you are reworking the energies of lots of years of darkness and slavery and lies and rape and torture.

That Earthlings are able to do that at all is impressive. we love and respect you very a great deal. we’re helping you as plenty as we’re capable.

you’re being supported by many unseen loving arms. you’re being listened to by many unseen ears. you are being appreciated by many unseen hearts.

there is a powerful deepening happening, within the human family as the reference to Earth and these better fields of light present now, begin to operate in unity; becoming a foundation inside the new global.

Impulsed from the equal Oneness, they may be unknowingly benefitting from the amplification of those energies that is gift now on this planet and in humanity as a whole.

no longer all human beings are wide awake, but such a lot of more have come online because the may also Eclipse Cycle.

such a lot of that in mid-August, a huge cycle has finished; a collective momentum of better light is established, and that is establishing up new potentials for discovering the real you, the eternal You, the Sovereign Oneness because the true Self, right here.

You’re now entering into a wonderful time in which personal reflection and internal growth may be great, creative, releasing and existence changing.

Your inner current, more and more, is guiding you in methods that may show you, pretty explicitly thru the actions you’re inspired to take,

and the methods of being that sense true, sincere, and proper, a way to be the real you (the everlasting Self) here.

we can take note of every person and some thing we select. by deciding on our polarity and vibratory stage, we determine the quality of our personal experiences.

although we live in a world that we percentage with all of humanity, and with masses of negative power being expressed, we do no longer need to revel in any of that, even though it can be all around us.

It does not need to be within us, but due to the distractions all around us, we should exercise intellectual and emotional control and direction in every second.

This calls for sturdy purpose, but we’ve free will. Consciously or subconsciously, we choose the focus of our attention, constantly manifesting in our state of being.

We can be the masters of our inner understanding and our creative envisioning, guided by using our intuition, our connection with our supply-consciousness.

This energy is what we radiate all around us. We appeal to studies that resonate with our nation of being. although it can appear to be, this has nothing to do with our larger environment.

In our focus we can disengage from the area of duality and transform into a higher-vibratory size, unaffected by the energetic great of negativity.

because after all, actually the whole lot is either love, or lack of love. That chair you’re sitting on? It’s solidified love. That apple you’ll be having as a snack? It’s solidified love.

Your mind? commonly more love, except they’re for instance hateful and then they’re described through their lack of affection.

So yes, as one of your songs says: love actually is inside the air. Love genuinely is all round you.

There isn’t really this sort of thing as evil. There’s simplest a lack of love. There’s no such thing as bad ideologies. There’s simplest ideologies that lack love.

and the way do you clear up the hassle of ideologies existing that lack love? precisely, you supply the ones people love. You don’t remedy a hassle of lack of love, by means of treating those human beings in a non-loving way.

There’s only love, after which there’s lack of affection. That’s it. That’s all there’s.

that is additionally the cause why darkish beings can’t create anything themselves. after all, dark beings are defined by using their lack of love, and advent is just solidifying love right into a solid form.

Beings who lack and refuse love, can’t solidify love right into a solid shape. that is why dark beings are not creative and don’t create. They only destroy and corrupt.

Awakening, Beloveds, is a lot a direction of subtraction and the time you are in now, is indeed an in-between time.

The old age is finished and the new age is rising. The Earth is ascending. permit the Earth preserve you and support you. allow it nourish you and manual you.

Breathe into your innate belonging and feel your abundance. realize how rich your existence is.

call light to your self and charge your area with golden power. sense your body becoming grounded and calm. focused and radiant.

Make peace with this time.

You’re getting into a frontier of Being embodied. change is the nature of this life experience and of this time.

Open to the unknown and permit it to be. Welcome existence as it comes and orient, usually to the center of your being, the heart, and that inner current of light that is your source.

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Angel Messages

Archangel Michael : It’s Soon.



there’s a war for manage of this planet and the human attention in addition to manipulate over the human body that means its dna, from a completely darkish entity.

The players are human and non-human and the strength and manipulate is going tons similarly than the energy elite of this planet.

they’re trying to suppress the human population from progressing to a better light. remember, light is facts and darkish is loss of statistics!

The darkness of the artificial intelligence is being threatened and that they’re preventing again.

most of these synthetic intelligence software systems which are established inside the planetary attention body depend on a low vibrational discipline of attention, vibrating at very low frequencies.

as the higher frequencies change the cognizance of the person, the dark agenda is becoming a whole lot more clean.

if you are a tree you are first dwelling within the roots and slowly moving upwards.

Then if you have labored a path through the trunk and come up you recognise that you now additionally live inside the crown of the tree, in every branch, and in every leaf.

And a bit later you comprehend that each little root is just as important. without the roots, you get no or little connection.

The roots represent that you can in no way forget who you’re, wherein you got here from and all of the work you’ve got finished to work your way through all the fears and hinderers.

It also represents your universal ancestry, as well as the connection to mother Earth with all her distinct souls that holds an immense information because the elves, trolls, and greater.

on the core of Oneness is a profound vibration and frequency of Divine Love.

This frequency is at the highest level of vibration. it’s miles worrying and exists with the purpose of highest top for all. it is pure loving energy.

At this stage, all Beings recognize the Oneness that connects every part of introduction.

This connection may be accessed through the heart chakra.

It first appears as a popularity inside your own Being that you are a part of the Oneness. when you focus for your heart chakra, you may attune on your Divine Spark, which connects you with All this is.

This connection carries a deep feeling of love and peace. It transcends all outward differences. everything is considered from a place of Divine Love and Oneness.

because you view the entirety from this perspective, you recognize and sense the Oneness and connection of all of advent.

The Divine Love flows from your Being to all different Beings. You recognize the Divinity within each Being and need the best precise for all.

some of you think ascension means escaping the process you came to do as a Lightworker.

the whole lot taking place in the world is the effect of the way each resident is using creator’s energy.

The light forces’efforts to remove all darkness still are occurring basically off-stage, so to say, and be assured that everything is moving apace to transform life during your world.

Our expensive sisters and brothers, your contributions are as vital on this moment as they have been all alongside.

let us tell you how Sol, the soul that embodied as the solar star for your sun system, is contributing.

you can rightly consider Sol, God and Gaia as the trinity that used creator’s power to position into movement their ideas that manifested the magnificent planet now called Earth.

Sol gives the light that enables lifestyles for your world, and solar flares are his power surges which might be including impetus to Earth’s ascension path,

releasing her humankind from the bondage of mass thoughts control, and strengthening all life forms that absorb the light.

Being assigned to a responsibility as a Lightworker method that you apprehend her, your mom Earth and you could relate to her as a soul, simply as you yourself is a soul.

it is tough to stay on the planet with all that takes place that isn’t always of the highest properly and gratitude, however turning a blind eye to it isn’t the way of a Lightworker.

you are a soul that came to do your sort of magic on earth and which means even if it is difficult to assimilate into the reality of life to your planet,

you’re a wonderful inventor and you could flip every negative situation around into some thing very wonderful, and this form of Lightworker are you, I know!

The Starseeds that have incarnated on the planet have been targeted by means of these dark entities artificial intelligence and technologies through the way of bad harassment.

The strength of a distinctly conscious person creates a better focus frequency signal that turns on a chance for this reason those darkish psychic attacks. lots of us have skilled them.

those dark beings will hold to annoy humanity until we forestall feeding them. Lose all fear!

those dark forces aren’t intellectual forces , they’re not anything however fallen angelics. those dark beings can hop into a human frame that has been weakened, and vibrate at a completely low frequency.

these satanic beings are not sovereign entities, they are parasitic and want human power to exist.

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Angel Messages

They Arrived – Help Came



we’re channels of the aware life pressure arising from the supply of our life. we are endowed with cognizance capable of control and direct our mind and feelings.

thru practice, we can achieve this. We are also endowed with a aware connection to the power of our creator.

once we’ve resolved our attachments to confined, negative ideals about ourselves, we can align with any degree of energy that we select.

we can understand divine energy and choose to align ourselves with it.

Our poor beliefs have saved us from knowing the wonderful vibratory stages of our supply power, which is at the extent of joyful ecstasy in Self-attention and creative power.

on this state we’re able to play freely in any way that aligns with the strength of our heart. via preserving this awareness,

we are capable of understand ourselves as pure aware presence of expansive awareness, having our own state of Being and energy signature.

we will take note of everyone and whatever we pick. through selecting our polarity and vibratory stage, we decide the pleasant of our private studies.

although we live in a world that we proportion with all of humanity, and with plenty of bad strength being expressed, we do no longer have to revel in any of that, even though it is able to be all around us.

It does no longer should be within us, but due to the distractions all round us, we must practice intellectual and emotional manage and direction in each second.

This calls for strong intention, but we’ve got free will. Consciously or subconsciously, we choose the focus of our interest, always manifesting in our state of being.

the approaching months will convey great change. The tendency, in case you’re now not orientated to this internal current of knowing and readability, is to feel less indecisive,

and to feel the ache and warfare of your mental body walking all over the place, searching for acquainted landmarks.

There are none.
The antique methods were finished. the brand new energy structures are in area, and the simple basis of latest life on the planet is right here.

now is the time to deepen into your internal practices and daily strategies of having targeted, calm, connected and aware about your own knowing.

now’s the time, to teach your mind a way to surrender and be of service in your heart and your Divine identity.

now’s the time to ask and open to Divine Will, letting yourself be lifted into Soul-based embodiment. Trusting in the joyful, fulfillment of being your proper Self here.

every of you’ve got inside you large, multidimensional connections which count now.

which can be coming forth on your embodiment and that you are emanating into collective experience informing existence on earth from the precise and critical lineage this is your personal vaster expression.

those changes are taking place organically, without the weight of aware attempt or the weight of self-improvement.

they may be happening because they are inside you, to your greater Self, and as you allow your embodiment to raise and amplify, the fuller harmonics may be integrated, embodied after which emanate radiantly from you, continually.

There are layers of communication happening now, from your own vaster wholeness, informing and contributing to the new world.

The elements of your personality that aren’t resonant along with your unfolding future, are being eclipsed by way of your vaster presence.

you would possibly enjoy this as a sense of not feeling so positive about who you are. If this is happening for you, grasp in there. recognize that things will fall into order and make experience soon.
Of course it in no way passed off! What you built does not and never may want to exist, because it is unreal.

consequently you remain endlessly safe and lovingly nurtured within Her infinitely loving and infinitely expansive divine embrace. you’re constantly and eternally at home! therefore, worry not, all is abundantly well.

As you spend those previous few hours days, weeks, months, even years! reputedly contained in the enormous environment that is the universe that you constructed however a moment cross,

and that you have collectively selected to dissolve as you wake up once more into the fact from that you have never departed, relax within the knowing that each one is not as it seems.

have a good time, therefore, rejoice, and pleasure inside the knowing deep inside yourselves where for the most component you pick no longer to delve for worry of disturbing or destroying the illusion of separation

which you are awakening, that your awakening is inevitable because it’s far already divinely accomplished.

you’re simply clinging to sleep like small children who do not desire to be awakened to head to school.

You are not children although as humans in form it does seem that very few of you have controlled to absolutely mature and grow to be sensible and loving adults

and consequently you are completely and absolutely free to make your own choices approximately what you want to experience in every now moment, after which to instantly alternate those choices if they now not please you.

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